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Title: [ Biblia Latina ].

Uniform Title: Bible. Latin. Vulgate. 10 Nov. 1478.

Online Access: See fol.i with mss Ex Libris [supplied by Prof. Watt]

Edition: Fourth Ed. --
Published: Nurnberg : Anton Koberger, 10 Nov. (IV Id. Nov.) 1478.
Description: 2 v. in 1 ([469 leaves (i.e., ca. 978 p.], or: [1], cccclxj, [10] leaves ; 40 cm. (fol.)

Note: A reprint of the same printer's THIRD edition of Apr. 14, 1478. Cf. Brit. Mus. Cat. (XV cent.). --
This so-called "Fourth Koberger Latin Bible" follows the famous printer Koberger's more rare editions of 14 April 1478, 1477, & 1475 which were all based on Fust & Schoeffer's 1462 ed. --
Includes, on 10 unnumbered leaves, Menardus' "Generalis et compendiosa librorum Bibliae notitia." -- This summary & study-guide of the books of the Bible was first printed in ca. 1474 by Bernhard Richel of Basel. --
References: Hain-Copinger 3069; BM 15th cent. II, p. 416 (IC. 7180); GW 4234; Goff B-559.
Rubricated. Large initial supplied in red and blue on leaf i (recto).
First leaf: recto blank; on verso: Locus libro[rum] [= librorum] numerus dinoscitur ordo.
Leaf i (recto): Incipit ep[isto]la sancti Hieronymi ad Paulinum ...

Imprint from Colophon (leaf cccclxj, verso): "Anno incarnat[i]onis d[omini]ice. Millesimo quadringentesimo septuagesimo octavo. Nove[m]bris v[e]r[o] ydus quarto ... In oppido Nurnberg[e]n[si]. per Antoniu[m] Coburger pre fati oppidi incolam industria cuius q[uam] diligentissime fabrefactum. finit feliciter." -- [Anno incarnationis dominiice. Millesimo quadringentesimo septuagesimo octavo. Novembris ve[e]ro ydus quarto ... In oppido Nurnbergensi. per Antonium Coburger pre fati oppidi incolam industria cuius quam diligentissime fabrefactum. finit feliciter]. --

Prof. David Watt has supplied the following information (along with a beautiful photograph of fol. 1 recto, with the mss Mertz "Ex Libris"): "Contents: Begins with table of contents on verso of fol. 1. [fol. 1v]. -- The printed catalogue includes the following [mss.] additions at the bottom of col. a.: Machabeorum lib. 3 in hoc libro non reperitur. / Historicam de Susanna invenies in capitulo Decimo tertio libri Danielis Propheta. / Historiam de Bael Babiloniae jdolo reperies in cap. 14 libri Danielis eiusdem. -- There are some, but very few, marginal notes added by hand later in the text." --
Binding: [contemporary] blind-tooled pigskin; the panel stamp has worn away mostly on the front cover, but is visible on the back; leather is on boards (there is the suggestion that they are oak, but I cannot confirm this). -- Parts of two clasps are visible, but no longer functional. -- Scenes of the passion, the baptism, and one other (depicting the trinity?) are visible. -- There are three words interspersed. SPES MEA (with the passion, although M and E would be biting here); IOH:Bab with the baptism, and TRINIT with the third. -- 'Bibl lat.' visible on spine. Number 14 appears on a sticker on the spine as well. -- Decoration: Opening letter is blue with red outline. Capitals throughout are in red and blue (not alternating). There is no gold leaf. There is no vineation." [Prof. Watt]. --

Copy of www.liveauctioneers.com Lot 1030, with 5 ills., is described such: Author: [Bible in Latin] [1], 461, [6] leaves (i.e.; 936 pp.). Text printed in double columns of 51 lines. First leaf with manuscript outline of contents to recto and printed table of contents on verso. Many decorative initials in red and blue, some with flourishes; text rubricated throughout. (Folio) 16x10l, period full calf stamped in blind over heavy wooden boards; boards ornamented with rosettes and other ornaments within a tooled lattice center panel and ruled borders. Third Edition of Koberger's Latin Bible. -- Dated in the colophon "Millesimo quadringentesimo septuagesimo octavo. Maiu[e]r[o] . . . octavo decimo" i.e.; May 18, 1478. Text includes the Old Testament apocrypha and the Epistle of Menardus and the Table of Canons (last 6 leaves). ... Anton Koberger's third Latin Bible [was] issued just 3 years after his first folio Bible of 1475. One of the earliest works from one of the most important presses of the 15th century, producing some 236 separate works in 50 years. The binding is in the German style and original, likely from Koberger's own bindery. Goff B-557. --

Copy held at the American Bible Society is described as follows: Spine title: Biblia sacra. / On spine: Nuremb. 1478./ The Holy Bible in Latin, including the O.T. Apocrypha. / Title from incipit, f. 1 recto. Imprint from colophon: "Anno incarnat[i]onis d[omi]nice. Millesimo quadringentesimo septuagesimo octauo. Noue[m]bris v[e]r[o] ydus quarto ... In oppido Nurnberg[e]n[si] per Antoniu[m] Coburger pre fati oppidi incolam industria cuius q[uam] diligentissime fabrefactum. finit feliciter."/ Leaf facing 1st leaf: "Locus libror[um] nume", followed by list of contents and folio no./ The fourth edition of the Latin Bible by Koberger. ABS copy is missing Ezekiel 36:7-40:29./ At end: 6 unnumbered leaves, containing the Epistle of Menardus and the Table of Canons./ ABS copy rebound in red morocco, with coat of arms on both covers in gold. Feathered end papers. Gilt edges. Spine title, place, and date in gold on spine./ Text printed in Gothic letter, double column, 51 lines to a column, solid paragraph form, without verse numbers. Title at top of page centered over each column. First initial in gold on a blue ground inside a border of red, green, and mauve. First initial to each book in red, blue, green, and magenta. Other initials in red or blue. First page decorated with floral design down center of page in gold, red, green, blue, and purple. Marginal references in the Gospels. Without signatures. MS notes./ On inside of ABS copy front cover there are two bookplates: "James Norman"; "Ex libris John A. Murphy."/ United Bible Societies language: Latin.

A description of the 14 April 1478 THIRD ed. offered by Christie's reads: "Royal 2° (412 x 2879m). -- Collation: [1/12 ; 2-22/10 ; 23-24/6 ; 25-36/10 ; 37-38/6 ; 39-41/10 ; 42-43/8 ; 44-48/10 ; 49/6]. -- (1/1r blank, 1/1v contents, -- 1/2r Genesis-Psalms, -- 25/1r Proverbs-Maccabees, -- 39/1r Gospels, -- 44/1r Pauline Epistles, Acts, Catholic Epistles, Apocalypse, -- 48/10v colophon, -- 49/1r treatise of Menardus, -- canon tables). -- 468 leaves. 51 lines and headline, double column, canon marginalia in the Gospels. -- Type: 3:110G (text), 4:160G (headline, chapter incipits). 3- to 13-line initial spaces. -- Major initial spaces left blank, others with alternating red, blue or magenta initials, red, blue or magenta paragraph marks, red capital strokes. ... [BINDING]: Contemporary German blindstamped calf over unbevelled wooden boards, sides with central panel of foliate tool within lattice compartments, border of alternating rosettes and a different foliate tool (tools not in Kyriss or Schwenke-Sammlung), two chased brass catchplates on upper cover, ... endpapers from a printed edition of Persius with commentary of B. Fontius [57 lines of commentary, type 81R, bull's head watermark] ..." -- References: HC *3068; BMC II, 415 (IC. 7168); BSB B-429; GW 4232; IDL 826; IGI 1655; Pellechet 2296; Goff B-557. -- (http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/lot_details.aspx?intObjectID=2069081)

Local Note: St. John's College Rare Book.

Provenance: St. John's College (now a part of the University of Manitoba) acquired this book in June 1897 from the Rev. Dan Greatorex, B.D., Vicar of St. Paul's Whitechapel. -- A book plate appears inside the front pastedown to this effect: 'Presented by the Rev. Dan Greatorex. B. D. Vicar of St. Paul's Whitechapel. To St. John's College , Winnipeg. June 1897.' -- Other marks of ownership: Possible signs of cataloguing or sale inside front cover. -- [fol. 1r] The following names appear on this folio, which is not printed: Andreas Tomanykl ; Andreas Tomanykl Ciuis Visconien me pos[unreadable] ; Ex libris L. P. Mertz de Vils in Schmidmuhln et Pilsheinib. p. -- [fol. 2r] Ex libris Johannis Merrz [sic! for Mertz] de Vils. -- There is also a watermark on the pastedown at the end of the volume. (Prof. Watt). --

Subjects: Printing Germany Nuremberg History To 1500.
Incunabula Germany Nuremberg.

Other Author(s):
Koberger, Anton, a. 1440-1513,
Menardus, Monachus. Generalis et compendiosa librorum Bibliae notitia.

Other Title(s):
Biblia Sacra Latina .
Incipit epistola sancti Hieronini ad Paulinum...

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