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As You Like It

Shakespeare, William. As You Like It. The Plain-Text Shakespeare. London and Glasgow: Blackie and Son, 190?.

Book of Glasgow Cathedral

Eyre-Todd, George. The Book of Glasgow Cathedral; a History and Description. Glasgow: Morison Brothers, 1898.

Call of the Homeland

Scott, R. P. and K. T. Wallas. The Call of the Homeland. Vol. 1. 2 vols. London, Glasgow: Blackie and Son. 190?.


Lytton, Bulwer. The Caxtons. London: Gresham Publishing, 1900.

Christian Year

Keble, John. The Christian Year. Red Letter Library. 3rd reprint, 1908 ed. London, Glasgow: Blackie and Son, 1903.

Concise English Dictionary

Annandale, Charles. The Concise English Dictionary: Literary Scientific and Technical with Pronouncing Lists of Proper Names and of Foreign Words and Phrases - Key to Names in Mythology and Fiction - and Other Valuable Appendices - Also a Supplement of Words of Recent Occurence. London, Glasgow: Blackie and Son. 1920?.


Plato, and A. S. Owen. The Crito of Plato. Blackie's Illustrated Greek Series. London: Blackie and Son, 1903.

Cruise of the Midge

Scott, Michael. The Cruise of the Midge. London, Glasgow, Dublin, Bombay: Blackie and Son, 190?.


Cooper, J. Fenimore. Deerslayer or the First War-Path: A Tale. Blackie's Library of Famous Books. London and Glasgow and Dublin: Blackie and Son, 1908?.

Der Gerade Weg Der Beste

Kotzebue, August von. Der Gerade Weg Der Beste. A First German Play for Boys and Girls. London, Glasgow: Blackie and Son, 190?.

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