Dysart Memorial Collection Virtual Exhibition
The following is a sampling of the items found in The Dysart Memorial Collection of Rare Books and Manuscripts.  Click on item number to view larger versions of the images plus brief descriptions of the items as found in the catalogue The Dysart Memorial Collection of Rare Books and Manuscripts: An Exhibition Held at the Gallery 1.1.1., University of Manitoba, April 23-May 11, 1973.  This virtual exhibition features only one plate from 8 of the 69 items comprising the Dysart Memorial Collection.  Of these 69 items, 9 are manuscripts, 13 are incunabula, and 47 are rare books.  For more information on these and other items in the Dysart Memorial Collection, search the Libraries BISON catalogue or refer to the collection catalogue in the Archives.


 #4 - Manuscript of Caesar's Commentaries  #7 - Padua University, Doctor's diploma presented to Gaudentius Carnerius (January 31, 1684)  #8 - Spanish Manuscript (1569)
 Item 4  Item 7  Item 8
 #13 - Hypnerotomachia Poliphili  #16 - Jacobus de Voragine  #21 - Chronicon Nurembergense
 Item 13  Item 16  Item 21
 #22 - Sebastian Brant  #33 - Livre d'Heures (Vostre-Pigouchet)  
 Item 22  Item 33  

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