Dysart Memorial Collection Virtual Exhibition - Item 33
Livre d'Heures (Vostre-Pigouchet)

Dysart Memorial Collection of Rare Books and Manuscripts - Item 33

Catholic Church.  Liturgy and Ritual.  Simon Vostre.  Ces Psentes heures a lusaige de Romme toutes au long sans regrir; avec les lignes de lapoca lipse ... faites a Paris pour Symo Vostre libraire: demourat pres la grand eglise.  [Philippe Pigouchet.  c. 1515]

This Livre d'Heures was published in Paris by Simon Vostre, who was associated with the printer-illustrator Philipe Pigouchet.  As it has a calendar for the years 1515-1530, its publication must have been around 1515.  Vostre's famous device appears on the upper part of the title page.  There are fourteen full-page woodcuts, two of which, the Annunciation and the Visitation, are illuminated in gold and colors.  They are derived from various sets of woodcuts designed by Pigouchet.  All other pages have historiated woodcut panels or single small cuts with separate description, some in French.  There are twenty-five large and thirty-six small cuts.  The letters are Gothic and the small initials are of gold on blue or red grounds.  The binding is of contemporary brown calf, with a double border of formal tools and in the centre, longitudinally, the motto "Prene en gre."

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