Dysart Memorial Collection Virtual Exhibition - Item 21
Chronicon Nurembergense

Dysart Memorial Collection of Rare Books and Manuscripts - Item 21

Hartmannus Schedel, 1440-1514.  [Chronicon Nurembergense]  Nuremberg, A. Koberger, 1493.

The fame of the German humanist and historian Hermann Schedel rests upon his monumental Nuremberg Chronicle, a history of the world from the creation to the time of the Emperor Maximilian, and the most lavishly illustrated book of the fifteenth century.  It was published by the celebrated printer and publisher Anton Koberger of Nuremberg.  Between the years 1473 and 1513 more than two hundred titles came from his presses, many of folio size, of which this chronicle is the most magnificent.  The eighteen hundred woodcuts by the two designers, Michael Wolgemut (the Master of Dürer) and Willhelm Pleydenwurff, are of saints, martyrs, popes, emperors and kings, biblical events, various cities and include a double-page map of Europe.  Although interesting, they have little historical accuracy when it is found that in some cases a single wood block has been used to depict as many as eight distinguished persons.

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