Iraida Tarnawecky:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by James Kominowski
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Iraida Tarnawecky

Dr. Iraida Tarnawecky fonds


.96 m of textual records and other material; 113 slides; 88 negatives; 7 audiorecordings

MSS 213, Tc 112, Pc 189 (A.07-06)

English, Ukrainian

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Biography of Iraida Gerus Tarnawecky

Dr. Iraida Gerus Tarnawecky was born in Pochaiv, Volyn’, Ukraine in 1924. In 1949 she obtained her B.Sc. from the Georgia Augusta University, Goettingen, Germany. After immigrating to Canada in 1950, she obtained her M.A. from the University of Manitoba (1964); and her PhD. from the Ukrainian Free University (Munich, Germany, 1965). Dr. Tarnawecky was married to the late Professor Emeritus Michael Tarnawecky, and has two daughters, Marusia and Natalka. From 1963-1968, she served as a sessional and full-time lecturer with the Department of Slavic Studies (University of Manitoba); in 1968 she was appointed assistant professor with the department; promoted to the rank of associate professor in 1975; and to the rank of full professor in 1984. Upon her retirement from the Department of German and Slavic Studies, Dr. Tarnawecky was honoured with the title of Senior Scholar.

Dr. Tarnawecky is a renowned Slavic linguist and onomastist, who has a keen interest in Slavic philology and Cyrillic paleography. Her publications include 2 books and many articles pertaining to her research field, and is published both nationally and internationally. One of her most important publications is entitled, East Slavic Cyrillica in Canadian Depositories (1981), a monograph identifying Canadian collections, both private and public, containing cyrillic manuscripts and early books. In order to compile the material for her research, Dr. Tarnawecky visited 87 institutions and private collections throughout Canada. In 1974, Dr. Tarnawecky was the first Canadian academic chosen in an agreement between the Canada Council, and the former U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences, to carry out a research program in the history of Slavic languages at the Linguistic Institute in Moscow and Kyiv. She has remained active throughout her career in various associations and committees, including: vice-president, Canadian Society for the Study of Names; chairperson, Humanities Section, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Canada (UVAN); member of the senate for St. Andrew’s College Library; editior of the Onomastica series; and a former member of the Canada Council Selection Committee for Doctoral Scholarships in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of the following series: i) Biographical ii) Correspondence iii) Research Material iv) Publications by I. Tarnawecky v) Miscellaneous vi) Audio-recordings vii) Photographs.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged seven series:

  • 1. Biographical
  • 2. Correspondence
  • 3. Research Material
  • 4. Publications
  • 5. Miscellaneous
  • 6. Audio-recordings - Tc 112
  • 7. Photographs - Pc 189

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Restrictions on Access

No restrictions on access.

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Restrictions on Use

No restrictions on use.

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Custodial History

The material was donated by Dr. Iraida Tarnawecky to the Department of Archives & Special Collections in 2007, accession number A.07-06.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Iraida Tarnawecky Biographical Information []
11 Curriculum Vitae, 1988
2 Career/ Biographical Information, 2001
3 Certificate awarded to I. Tarnawecky for her work in Ukrianian Studies from the Ukrainian Foundation of the Ukrainian Free University. Munich, Germany, 1986
4 Evening honouring Professor Volodymyr Janiw, 1978
5 Biographical sketch and information on research for the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, 1983
6 Statute of the Ukrainian Free University = Ukrains'kyi Vil'nyi Universitet (UVU) and ballot for election to the Secretariat of the UVU.
7 Newspaper clippings re: the Ukrainian Free University, 1992-1997

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18 International Congress of Onomastic Sciences. Viena, Austria, 1969
9 Alvarez-Altman, 1973-74
10 American Name Society, 1971
11 Dr. J. Bojko-Blochyn, 1972
12 Correspondence from Various Professional Associations, 1969-1970
13 Correspondence re: various projects of I. Tarnawecky (onomastics), 1968-1987
14 Correspondence related to various conferences, 1984, 1990
15 Department of Education. Province of Manitoba, and Winnipeg School Division #1, 1984
16 Fink, Wilhelm, 1965-1984
17 Granger, Byrd, 1973-1974
18 Haas, Myrna, ca 1980
19 Harder, Kelsie, 1966, 1974
20 Harrassowitz, Otto, 1967
21 Magner, Thomas, 1979
22-a Research Council of Canada, 1983-84
22-b Rozumnyj, Jaroslav, 1995
22-c Sab, E., 1985
23 Schultz, Joseph, 1967
24 Sebeok, Thomas A., 1973-74
25 Shevel'ov, Iurii, 1982
26 Slavutych, Jar, 1969
27 Stohryn, Dmytro, 1982
28 Ukrainian Free University, 1965-1986
29 Ukrainian Free University, 1990-2003
30 Conference related to I. Tarnawecky's publications
21 University of Manitoba related, 1964-1987
2 Veder, William, 1979
3 Various Colleagues, 1969-1980
4-a Zabowskyj, W.Z., 1969

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Research Material
24-b Information re: conferences attended, and papers presented by I. Tarnawecky
5 Material pertaining to the Pomianyk
6 Newspaper clippigs,etc. re: the Pomianyk of Horodyshche, 1951
7-a Material & notes re: the Ostromir Gospels, ca. 1970
7-b Ostromir Gospels, research material.
8 Photos of the Pomianyk
9 75th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Free University - article, 1996
10 Material pertaining to Ukrainian Orthography, 1976-1993
11 The Millennium Collections of old Ukrainian Books at the University of Toronto - booklet, 1984
112 Articles on Ukrainian orthography and Old Slavic writing, 1956
13 Articles re: printing and Cyrillic Orthography - with personal notes,
14 Papers re: printing, Pt. 1
15 Papers re: printing, Pt.2
31 Photocopies of various journal articles, 1974-1983
2 Articles about Ukrainian women by Professor Natalia Polons'ka-Vasylenko
3 The Slavonice - Part of the Oxford Heptaglot Lexicon published by UVAN, 1956; and Poklin sv. Pochaivs'kyi Lavri by Arsen Shumovskyi, 1962
4 3 manuscript leaves written in Persian and Sanaskrit, 1695 - ca.1890
5-a Notes and drafts of articles by I. Tarnawecky, 1980
5-b Research notes by I. Tarnawecky
6 Personal notes, 1984
7 Book titles on note cards

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38 -11 I. Tarnawecky Publications, 1967-1983

See also Box 3. Fd. 12 - List of Publications by I. Tarnawecky

12 List of publications by I. Tarnawecky, 1967-1983
41 I. Tarnawecky's drafts of publications articles, ca 1971
2 I. Tarnawecky's articles cited by other international academics, 1975-1983
3 Draft and revise copies of I. Tarnawecky's Obraz zhinky v ukrains'komu kanads'komu fol'klori , 1988
4-a Ostromir Gospels
4-b Artistic design of Cyrillic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books, ca.1985
5Ukrains'kyi pravopys v retrosektsii ta posterezhennia nad pravopysnoiu praktykoiu v Kanadi, ca.1992
6 Articles by I. Tarnawecky pertaining to Ukrainian orthography in Canada,
7 General history of writing by I. Tarnawecky
8 Article celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Free University - "Visnyk", October 18, 1996
9 Article by I. Tarnawecky from " Ukrains'kyi istoryk", vol. 28, issue no.1-2, 1991
51-2 Publications by I. Tarnawecky (both drafts and final copies)
3 Conference publication with paper contributed by I. Tarnawecky - 7th International Congress of Slavists, Warsaw, Poland, 1973
4 Article by I. Tarnawecky - "Litopys Volyn = Chronicles of Volyn, no.13-14, 1992
5 Conference Publication with paper contributed by I. Tarnawecky - 10th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences. Viena, Austria, 1969
6 Paper delivered at the IX International Congress of Slavists, Kyiv, Ukraine, 1983

includes personal notations and corrections

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61 Collection of postcards - caricatures of village life in Ukraine
2 Brochures, cards and other publications from the Free Ukrainian University in Munich, 1994-2001
3 Draft copy of Ozernyi viter by Iurii Pokal'chuk, 1989-1990
4 Image magazine, Christmas '65 - published by Manitoba Hydro,
5 SlideRule 1971 - University of Manitoba Engineering Yearbook

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Tc 112 (A.07-06) Audio-recordings
11 Maria Jaszczyk: interviewing students about speaking Ukrainian at home, ca.1990
2 Interviews with 7th graders, ca.1990
3-4 Engineering Conference attended by Professor Michael Tarnawecky, n.d.

(I. Tarnawecky's husband)

5-6 Engineering Conference attended by Professor Michael Tarnawecky, 1977
7 CBC Radio program focusing on the history of Multiculturalism in Winnipeg, including the founding of Folklorama

(recorded from radio)

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Pc 189 (A.07-06) Photograph Collection
11 88 negatives of photographs from I. Tarnawecky's trip to Ukraine, 1993
2 113 slides taken during I Tarnawecky's trip to Ukraine, 1993

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