Eileen Sykes:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Jeff Long
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Eileen Sykes

Eileen Sykes fonds


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Biography of Eileen Sykes

Eileen Sykes was raised on a farm in La Vallee, Ontario, but spent most of her adult life in Winnipeg. Her farm childhood is credited as the source of her fantasies of forest animals and the world of nature. Her imagination, when coupled with her literary abilities, led her to publish several short but fairly popular books of children's literature including The Gay Garland (1954) and Fanella and the Forest Folk (1978). She has also written short stories and poetry.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The collection consists of literary manuscripts to her books, poems, tape recordings of her interviews, and some scattered correspondence. As a participant in Dr. T. Glendenning Hamilton's experiments on parapsychology, Syke's few notes on those studies are included here.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 6 series

  • Personal
  • Children's Books
  • Other Literary Works
  • Correspondence
  • Other
  • Tape Collection (TC 71)

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on this collection.

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Restrictions on Use

Users must abide by relevant copyright legislation.

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Custodial History

Donated by Mrs. Sykes between 1984 and 1991

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Detailed Description of the Collection

11 Personal résumé, volunteer award; bazaar invitation.
2 Photograph of Eileen Sykes, [19-?]

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Children's Books
13 Résumé of children's book; business card re: Eileen's books, list entitled books by Manitoba Authors, 1960, Catalogue of Library Books, 1959-60 (Dept. of Education Library).
4 Two autographed copies of The Gay Garland , 1954.
5 "How the Book The Gay Garland was Written"
6 "How the Book The Gay Garland was Written"
7 How Fanella Book I and Fanella Book II became Published.
Fanella and the Forest Folk , Book I (Drafts):
18 Chapter I.
9 Chapter II.
10 Chapter III.
11 Chapter IV.
12 Chapter V.
13 Chapter V.
14 Fanella and the Forest Folk , Book II, (autographed).
Fanella and the Forest Folk , Book II, (autographed).
115 Chapter I.
16 Chapter II.
17 Chapter III.
18 Chapter IV.
19 Chapter V.
20 Typewritten draft.
21 Final Typewritten draft.
22 Penultimate draft from publisher.
23 Last draft from publisher.
24 Galley Proof.
25 Publisher's last shiny proof.
Fanella and the Forest Folk , Book III (Drafts):
126 Chapter I.
27 Chapter II.
28 Chapter III.
29 Chapter IV.
30 Chapter V.
21 Chapter VI.
2 Chapter VII.
3 Chapter VIII.
4 Chapter IX.
5 Draft of Book III, chapters 1-7.
6 Book III, miscellaneous.
7 Illustrations by Andrew Valko for Fanella and the Forest Folk , # 33, # 36 and no #.

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Other Literary Works:
28 "The Uninvited Christmas Guest", 5 versions, 1979 & 1992.
9 "Autumn Leaves", Vol. VI, 1979-80.
10 "Autumn Leaves", Vol. VII, 1981-82.
11 "Autumn Leaves", Vol. XII, 1991-1992.
12 "Musings", by the Silver Plumes, 1984, see pp. 7, 30, 106-7 & 115 for Sykes' work.
13 Riverview Reflector, May 1992

(see pp 6-7).

14 Brooklands School Poetry & Story Writers, 1990-91.
15 "Flight To Jupiter".
16 "Scraps" and "Reminiscing - Bits & Pieces".

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217 1955-1961.
18 1970-1979.
19 1980-1987, 1992.
20 [19-?]
21 Letters from Eileen Sykes to Lillian Hamilton, [ca. 1954]
22 Letter to Lillian Hamilton, 1946-1948.

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223 Invoices re: book publications, 1954-1982.
24 Sitting notes of seances with and without ouija board, 1946, 1954-56, 1958, 1962, 1982-86.
25 Newspaper clippings, 1948-1982.
27 Reviews and replies on various works

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Tape Collection (TC 71)
Biographical interview conducted by Tom Ashmore.

Includes some brief references to Eileen Sykes' time as a secretary to Thomas Glendenning Hamilton. 1 side blank.

Interview with Dr. R. E. Bennett, Archives & Special Collections, University of Manitoba, April 6, 1984.

Biographical and literary interview. References to her time as Thomas Glendenning Hamilton's secretary including comments on psychic work of the Hamilton group. Refer to side 2.

Lecture/workshop re: the effects of sound upon the human healing process.

Second side contains biographical interview conducted by Mike Ward of CKRC radio, "In Touch with Today", 1979.

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A02-30 (1946 -1992)

The collection consists of literary works, her scrapbooks, illustrations from Fanella and the Forest Folk books and correspondence. It also contains collection of her photographs and tape recordings of her interviews.

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11 Family Tree, Biographical Information
2 Canadian Authors Association (announcements, membership)
3 Manitoba Writing and Publishing Awards (announcements)
4 Meritorious Service Award (Department of Agriculture, Province of Manitoba)
5 Articles about Eileen Sykes
6 Copyright registrations

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Literary Works
17 Scrapbook (articles, letters, reviews) no.1
8 Scrapbook (articles, letters, reviews) no.2
9 Gay Garland B complete copy
10 The Story of Fanella B continued (excerpts from chapter 4, 9..)
11 Stories, poems
12 Illustrations from Fanella books

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21 Correspondence 1946-2001
2 Sitting Notes (minutes) taken for T.G. Hamilton, Lillian Hamilton's letters
3 Letters from Shrine Hospitals, 1956-57 (re: Gay Garland)

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24 Eileen Sykes photos (23 photographs)
5 T. Glen Hamilton, Family photos, friends etc. (23 photographs)
6 Rev. E.G.D. Freeman (2 photographs)
7 Eileen Sykes portrait (1 photo)

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28 Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sykes' Trip Diary - Entries: June 28-July, 1964; June 1970.
9 T. Glen Hamilton note book (blank); mini poker cards
10 Alberta Poetry Year Books, 1957,1967,1978,1982 (Canadian Authors Association)
11 Miscellaneous

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Tape Collection (TC 71)
3Tape 1

A:Hypnosis, Eileen Sykes by Al Srigley

B: Eileen's first 5 min. speech for which she won the Best Speaker of Week Award.


A: Self-Healing: music and colour in healing

B: CKRC Radio November 1978 Interview


A: Interview with E. Sykes by Richard Bennett, Apr. 16, 1954

B: Interview with E. Sykes by Richard Bennett, Apr. 16, 1954


A: Channel 13 interview (Dec. 4, ?) Gertrude Whether, Eileen Mary Higham, Marg Cantelon (15 min)

B: Practice tape: Alton Oct. 30-31 and last part of Brian MacKenzie talk CKJS Nov. 30, ?


A: Eileen Sykes B People Show, January 1984 (45 Min)


A: Improving memory & concentration (Hypnosis) by Herb Tozeland

B: Improving Memory & concentration (Sleep Program)


A: Deep Relaxation (Hypnosis program) by Herb Tozeland

B: Stress Management (Sleep Programmer) by Herb Tozeland


A: Discovering Past Lives (Flying) by Herb Tozeland

B: Discovering Past Lives (Gate) by Herb Tozeland (488-2055)

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A13-45 (undated)
11 Ouija Board

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