Leonard H. Shebeski:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Bruce N. Pennington
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(April 1990)

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Leonard H. Shebeski

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Biography of Leonard H. Shebeski

Chronology of Events

1914 -- Born, Aubigny, Manitoba

1941 -- B.A., University of Manitoba

1941-45 -- Observer and Pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force

1946 -- M.Sc., University of Manitoba

1947 -- Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan

1953 -- Professor, Department Head, University of Manitoba

1954 -- Initiates Research on Triticale Project

1965 -- Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Manitoba

1967 -- Received Centennial Medal

1972 -- Received Honorary Doctorate from University of Warsaw

1974 -- Received Honorary Doctorate of Science from Queen's University

1976 -- Received Honorary LL.D. from University of Saskatchewan

1977 -- Invested Order of Canada (Officer)

1979 -- Retired from University of Manitoba

1981 -- Appointed as Dean Emeritus University of Manitoba

Biographical Sketch

Leonard Hylary Shebeski was born in Aubigny, Manitoba, August 5th, 1914. Shebeski, the son of Polish emigrants, grew up in the rural environment of the Canadian prairies. His family farm life was both a positive and permanent influence. In his early twenties, Shebeski entered into the University of Manitoba where he received his Bachelor of Science Agriculture (1941) and Master of Science (1946) degrees. Shebeski was an outstanding student who excelled in his studies. He received numerous scholarships and awards, including the prestigious Lieutenant Governor's Gold Medal in Agriculture.

Shebeski's academic career was disturbed, as were so many others of his era, by the Second World War. Shebeski enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Force in March 1941 and in his typical manner excelled in training, first as an Observer and later as a Pilot. He was Mentioned in Despatches in 1944. Shebeski was discharged (Honorable) in October, 1945.

Shebeski immediately returned to his academic work, studying for his Doctorate at the University of Minnesota in 1946-47. His reputation as a skilled scholar preceded him and he was sought out by the University of Saskatchewan for its Department of Field Husbandry. In 1947, Shebeski accepted the University of Saskatchewan's offer of an Assistant Professorship. Within the year he was promoted to Associate Professor.

Shebeski's long and distinguished association with the University of Manitoba began in 1953, when he left the University of Saskatchewan to take up full Professorship and to become Head of the Plant Sciences Department. In 1965, Shebeski became the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, a position he held until his retirement in 1979. During his tenure, Dean Shebeski personally guided the development and direction of the faculty which resulted in a growth rate of unprecedented proportions.

Dean Shebeski has received honorary degrees from the University of Warsaw (Russian is his second language), Queen's University and the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Shebeski was brought out of retirement to take the seat as Dean Emeritus at the University of Manitoba. In addition to these academic honours, Dr. Shebeski was invested into the Order of Canada (Officer) in 1977.

Dr. Shebeski is a renowned leader in the Canadian agricultural development field as witnessed by his participation in agencies such as the National Research Council; the Canadian Agricultural Research Council; and the Association of the Scientific, Engineering and Technological Community of Canada. However, Dr. Shebeski's sights were not restricted to only Canadian issues. He actively sought out and participated in numerous international committees and agencies. Notable amongst these was his work on the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; the World Bank Rural Development Committee; and the Commonwealth Advisory Group on Food Production and Rural Development.

Dr. Shebeski's research activities have been of international consequence. His research efforts have been greatest in the area of wheat breeding. His initial work was undertaken at the University of Saskatchewan where he focused on barley, oat and rye improvement techniques. One year following his move to the University of Manitoba he initiated what became his single most significant contribution to agriculture -- the triticale breeding program. Under Dean Shebeski and others, notably Doctors Jenkins, Welsh and Larter, the triticale program flourished and received international acclaim as the 'superseed' of the future.

Dr. Shebeski married his wife Laura on May 26th, 1945. They have four children: Janice, Elaine, Peggy and Kathy. Dr. and Mrs. Shebeski reside in Victoria, British Columbia.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The papers contained within this collection cover, in part, the years from 1946 to 1988. Included are such items as minutes of various committees, correspondence, research proposals, annual reports, and research reports.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 8 series.

  • General Education, 1946-1947
  • Academic Career, 1947-1969
  • Research Projects, 1954-1979
  • Provincial Interests, 1979-1982
  • National Interests, 1960-1987
  • International Interests, 1975-1988
  • Papers and Publications 1948-1981
  • Photograph Collection (PC 77)

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Arrangement of the Papers

The organization of the collection follows, as closely as possible, the original order of Dean Shebeski's personal filing system. On the rare occasion when complete disarray was encountered, the chronological method of arrangement was utilized. On occasion Dean Shebeski employed an alphabetical system of filing and this also has been maintained when required. The portion of this collection entitled Papers and Publications, follows the exact filing system of Dean Shebeski.

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Related Papers

Shebeski's work as dean of the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Agriculture is documented in UA 21, the Faculty of Agriculture fonds.

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Custodial History

Donated by Professor Shebeski in 1988.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

General Education, 1946-1947
11 University of Minnesota - Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics, 1946-1947

Correspondence relating to Ph D. work at said institute, future employment inquiries. Covers period Aug 1946 - Apr 1947.

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Academic Career, 1947-1969
University of Saskatchewan
12 Department of Field Husbandry - Associate Professor, 1947-1953

Correspondence as Professor covering period May 1947 - May 1953. Includes numerous congratulatory letters on promotion to Professorship at University of Manitoba.

3 Radio Lectures 1949-1956

12 lectures from the University of Saskatchewan (Jun 1949- Oct 1951), One from the University of Manitoba (Jan 1956), subject matter Agriculture.

University of Manitoba 1960-1979
14 Head of and Professor in Department of Plant Science - Correspondence, 1953-1965
Academic exchanges to East European Nations
15 USSR - Agricultural Exchange Visits - General Correspondence, 1960-1970
6 USSR - Agricultural Exchange Visits - 6 General Speeches/Reports, 1960-1970
7 USSR - Agricultural Exchange Visit - June 6-July 31, 1960

Itineraries, typed drafts of diaries.

8 USSR - Agricultural Exchange Visit - June 6 - July 31, 1960

Hand written notes on foolscap.

9 Poland - Correspondence, 1962-1979

Regarding numerous visits to Poland over period 1962-1979. Speeches made in Poland and in Canada to Polish-Canadian audiences.

Dean of Agriculture - Congratulatory Correspondence
110 Austenson - Funt
11 Gibbings - Morton
12 Olson - Woodward

On promotion to Dean of Agriculture. Filed alphabetically;

Dean of Agriculture - Correspondence, 1965-1979
21 1965-1973
2 1974-1975
3 Jan - Jun, 1976
4 Jul - Dec, 1976
5 1977-1979
26 Dean of Agriculture - Messages, speeches and Convocation addresses.
7 University Grants Commission 1969-1972

Annual reports 1969-1970, agenda and minutes for meetings between Oct 1969 - Jan 1972.

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Research Projects, 1954-1979
Fall/Winter Rye Project , 1954-1972
28 Correspondence

Federal Department of Agriculture 1954-72, University of Minnesota, Saskatchewan Research Council.

9 Reports and Bulletins, 1961-1972
Triticale Project , 1958-1979
Research Oriented Correspondence,
31 1958-1966
2 1967
3 1968-1979
34 Draft Review - "Triticale: A Promising Additions to the World's Cereal Grains. Includes hand penned corrections.
5 Grant Request

"Request for a Grant in support of International Triticale Development & Improvement," submitted to the International Development Research Center by the Plant Science Department of the University of Manitoba, undated."

6 'Efforts to inform the public'
7 General Inquires - Correspondence
8 NRC Operating Grant
9 Newspaper Clippings
10 Magazine Articles
11 Academic Reports, reviews and developments
Winter Wheat Cooperative Tests
41 Correspondence, 1959-1964

Federal Department of Agriculture, Federal Research Station Lethbridge Alta.

Hybrid Wheat Project
42 Correspondence
3 General Papers/Reports, 1961-1969
4 Media - Newsclippings
Wheat Breeding Project
45 Correspondence, Nov. 1966 - Mar. 1967
6 Returned Questionnaires

Questionnaires returned to Shebeski from international sources, includes hand penned notes.

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Provincial Interests, 1979-1982
47 Manitoba Agricultural Museum - Correspondence Jun 1979 - Mar 1982
8 Manitoba Agricultural Museum - General Info/Publishing project
9 Manitoba Agricultural Museum - Financial Statements, 1980-1981
10 Manitoba Agricultural Museum - Board of Directors - Minutes and Notes

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National Interests, 1960-1987
National Research Council (NRC)
51 Associate Committee on Radiation Biology (ACRB) - Correspondence

Correspondence covering the period Apr 61 - Jun 65 involving agencies such as NRC, NDHQ, Atomic Energy Canada, and Canadian Universities.

2 ACRB - Radiation Biology - Correspondence - Dr H.B. Newcombe. Apr 1961 - Mar 1965.

Newcombe was Secretary of the ACRB, and Head of the Biology & Health Physics Division Atomic Energy Canada.

ACRB - Minutes
53 Jan 1961-Jul 1961
4 Aug 1961-Oct 1962
54 Canadian Council of Resource Ministers (CCRM) - Correspondence, 1964

Letters and inter-governmental memo's covering period Jan - Apr 1964.

5 CCRM - General Information

Newsletters, briefing papers, Agricultural Rehabilitation and Development Act (ARDA).

6 Special Prairie Regional Committee (SPRC) - Correspondence - Chairman Shebeski, Oct 1961 - Mar 1965
61 SPRC - Minutes
Science Council Committee of Agricultural Research in Canada (SCC of ARC) - Correspondence, 1967-1970
62 Sep 1967 - Jul 1969
3 Aug 1969 - Jan 1970
64 SCC of ARC - Minutes
SCC of ARC - Related Presentations/Papers
65 Volume I
6 Volume II
67 SCC of ARC - Submitted Reports

Mid - and Final-reports.

71 SCC of ARC - Draft copy of "The Challenge Facing Agriculture" The 1970 SCC of ARC final report.
2 SCC of ARC - 2nd Draft - "The Challenge Facing Agriculture," incomplete, missing first three chapters.
3 SCC of ARC - Questionnaires

Replies from Canadian Universities (BC, Man, Guelph, Laval, Alberta ect...) to SCC of ARC questionnaire of agricultural research.

4 SCC on Resources Overview

A Seminar on the contribution of the Resource Industries and Resource Dependent Industries to the National Economy. Correspondence between Nov. 1970 - Jan. 1971, briefing papers, and seminar guidebook.

Resources for Tomorrow Conference (RFTC)
75 RFTC - General Correspondence, 1960-1985

Covering the period May 60 - Aug 85, involving Provincial and Federal Government agencies, Canadian Universities, and Private Businesses.

6 RFTC - Conference Material

Including participation lists, background briefs, conference organization, and press releases.

7 RFTC - Presented Speeches and Papers

15 speeches and papers presented at the RFTC; including Prime Minister Diefenbaker, Rene Levesque, and other prominent politicians and academics.

8 RFTC - Background Papers

Six papers circulated in preparation for the RFTC. Of particular technical and scientific interest.

9 RFTC - General Academic Papers

Papers and handouts, co-located with the RFTC files, that relate in general to agricultural, scientific, and technical aspects of the subject.

A national conference which examined the role of renewable resources in Canada's natural resources development.

Royal Society of Canada
81 Correspondence 1974-1978
2 Minutes, Notices, Bulletins
Canadian Seed Trade Association
83 CSTA sponsored Chinese Visit, 1985

Correspondence including contract to set up visit, timetable, impressions and final report of visit.

84 The Association of the Scientific, Engineering & 4 Technological Community of Canada.

Executive Committee Minutes, Roster, General Bulletins, and Routine Correspondence.

Canadian Agricultural Research Council
85 Make or Buy Committee

Canadian Agricultural Research Council, an ad hoc committee to review and report on experience of Canadian universities conducting Government sponsored agricultural research.

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International Interests, 1975-1988
Commonwealth Advisory Group on Food Production and Rural Development (CAG FPRD)
86 Agendas - member list including advisory group, notes and letters relating to meetings. Dec. 1977
7 Opening remarks, notes and letters, and press releases, May 1978
8 Minutes - includes Draft minutes, notes and speech, Dec 1977
9 General Correspondence - Chairman, Sep - Nov 1977

With agencies such as Department of External Affairs, Commonwealth Secretary General, and individual members of the advisory group.

10 General Correspondence - Chairman, Nov 1977 - Feb 1978.

As above, also includes the 1978 CAG FPRD Report.

Canadian Executive Service Overseas
91 Consultation Visit to Brazil, Mar - Dec 1976

General Correspondence, contract, and trip diary.

2 Post Brazil Visit Report, 1975
Canadian International Development Agency
93 India Dryland Agricultural Project, Aug - Nov 1979
4 Zambia-Canada Rainfed Wheat Project, May 1980 - Sep 1981
5 Sri Lanka-Canada Dry Zone Project, Nov 1981 - Feb 1982.
6 Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Oct 1984 - Jan 1985
7 BRRI - Wheat Program

No copy of final report, Jan - Mar 1985

101 Pakistan - Barani Agricultural Project (BARD), Apr - Jun 1986
2 BRRI - Review Mission - Contains a special review for Phase 3 funding, Feb - Mar 1987
3 International Centre for Maize & Wheat Improvement (CIMMYT) - Eastern Africa Cereal (EACP), Mar 1988

Unless otherwise stated each file contains; correspondence, contracts, terms of reference, and either the mid- or final-report submitted.

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
104 IITA - DGSC - General information on IITA
5 IITA - Director General Search Committee (DGSC) - General Correspondence

A committee, chaired by Dr. Shebeski to locate and engage a replacement for Director General Dr. WK Gamble, due to retire Aug 1980. This correspondence covers the period Sept 1979 - Feb 1980, and identifies the main competitors. Also included is the organizational material covering the final selection interviews of Jan 13 - 18, 1980.

6 IITA - DGSC - Correspondence regarding Recommendations/Nominations for the DG position
7 IITA - DGSC - Invitation to Compete

Correspondence made, based on the above recommendations, inviting entrance into the IITA DG competition. Filed alphabetically.

IITA - DGSC - Voluntary withdrawal
108 Jun - Jul 1979
9 Aug - Sep 1979
10 Oct - Feb 1980

Correspondence, filed chronologically, of those competitors whom withdrew voluntarily.

1011 IITA - DGSC - Administration - Financial correspondence for DGSC.
111 IITA - DGSC - Table of Primary Competitors - Correspondence
112 IITA - DGSC - Table of Primary Competitors - Correspondence

Baier, W

Blumenschein, A

Dagg, M

Duncan, AA

3 IITA - DGSC - Table of Primary Competitors - Correspondence

Furtick, WR

Goldsworthy, PR

Hartmans, EH

Johnston, JE

4 IITA - DGSC - Table of Primary Competitors - Correspondence

Norman, MJT

Olcese, O

Oram, PA

Prawl, WL

Rowe, PR

5 IITA - DGSC - Table of Primary Competitors - Correspondence

Ruthenberg, H

Schaefer-Kehnert, W

Steppler, HA

Taylor, TA

Winkelman, D

6 IITA - Deputy Director General for Research - Correspondence
7 IITA - Maize Grain Study

Correspondence and reports dealing with the international maize study, sponsored by IITA.

An agency whose major objective is "the solving of problems associated with the transition from traditional shifting cultivation to more productive land-use systems in the lowland humid tropics." (letter Shebeski - Panton, Sept 25, 1979)

International Development Office
118 Minutes and Correspondence
World Bank
119 Agriculture & Rural Development Department - Correspondence
10 Country Reports I, 1985
11 Country Reports II, 1986
121 Agricultural Consultant - Correspondence Oct 1985 - Jan 1987
2 West Africa Agriculture Research, 1987
3 Resume and Curriculum Vitae - LH Shebeski
4 Dr. Shebeski - Personal Correspondence including appointment to the University of Manitoba as Dean Emeritus, 1980-1987
5 New Canadian Encyclopedia - Consultant Work - Correspondence
6 Awards and decorations
7 Order of Canada - Correspondence, 1977

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Papers and Publications, 1948-1981
128 Papers by L.H. Shebeski

"The Consistency of OAC-21 as a Quality Standard for New Malting Varieties" - Proceedings of the Barley and Linseed Flax Committee - 1948

"Nature and Losses due to Weeds" - Radio Lecture, June 8, 1949

"Types of Weeds and General Recommendations for Weed Control" - Radio Lecture - June 10th, 1949.

"What Variety of Grain should a Farmer Grow" - Radio Lecture - December 5, 1949.

"Cereal Variety Recommendations" - Radio Lecture - December 28, 1949.

"Choice of Parents in Breeding for Malting Quality in Barley" - Proceedings of the Barley and Linseed Flax Committee - 1950.

"Control of Annual Weeds" - Radio Lecture - May 17, 1950.

"Control of Perennial Weeds" - Radio Lecture - May 31, 1950.

"Cultural Practices for Annual and Perennial Weed Control" - Radio Lecture - June 13, 1950.

"Cereal Variety Recommendations" - Radio Lecture - December 27, 1950.

"The Control of Wild Oats" - Radio Lecture - May 28, 1951.

"Post Seeding Tillage for the Control of Annual Weeds Radio Lecture" - June 1, 1951.

"The Comparative Merits of Crops and Varieties under Adverse Harvesting Conditions" - Radio Lecture - October 3, 1951.

"Prepare Next Year's Seed" - Now - Radio Lecture - November 26, 1951.

"Weed Competition as Affected by Time of Spraying"

"Search for New Germ Plasm in Cereals" - An address given to the Biological Sciences Association, April 11, 1951.

9 Papers by L.H. Shebeski

"New Development in Plant Breeding" - 1953.

"Species Building and Related Research" - CBC address January 19, 1956.

"After 100 Years -- The Atomic Era and the Origin of Species" - presented at the Seventy-fifth Anniversary Convocation and Faculty Conference of the University of North Dakota. 1958.

"Research on Disease Resistance in Cereals." Plant Science in the Sixties - (Conference Week) - Theme - Agriculture in the Sixties - 1960.

"Directing Evolution in Cereal Crops" - University Lecture Series.

"New Species and their Potential" - Cereal Chemists and Canadian Institute of Technology, January 19, 1960.

"Paper presented at Moscow in June 1960 at the Botanic Garden" - (On a visit as one of the first exchange research workers) 1960.

"Food for a Hungry World" - Presented at the Winnipeg Council of Women, October 22, 1962.

"New Crop Species and Future Research" - Conference 12 9 Week March, 1962.

The Scientist - Food Production - Surpluses - Farm Conference Week, 1963.

"Hybrid Wheat" - March 1964.

"The Population Explosion" - 1966.

"Man the Provider - Presented at the Barley and Oil Seeds Conference at the Royal Alexander Hotel," Winnipeg, February 18, 1966.

"Man the Provider" - Presented at the Barley and Oil Seeds Conference at the Royal Alexander Hotel, Winnipeg, February 18, 1966.

"One Man's Hunger is Every Man's Hunger" - University of Manitoba Lecture Series, Tache Hall, January 13, 1967.

"One Man's Hunger is Every Man's Hunger" - Presented at the United Church, Sunday, February 4, 1968.

"Trends and Capacity of Canadian Agriculture" - 1968.

131 Papers by L. H. Shebeski

"Research as an Aid to the Effective Production and Utilization of Natural Resources - The University Responsibilities and Role" - Presented at the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Canadian Research Management Association, October 10, 1968 in Edmonton, Alberta.

"Communications Between Government, Industrial and University Research Groups" - Royal Society of Canada Meeting, July 3, 1969.

"Basic World Food Production Potential" - Canadian Hunger Foundation Seminar, April 23, 1970, Winnipeg.

"Hybrid Wheat" - Presented at Fifth International World Cereal and Bread Congress at Dresden, Germany, May, 1970 and USSR June 1970.

"Centennial Corporation Luncheon Address" - Winnipeg, October 15, 1970.

2 Papers by L. H. Shebeski

"Striking a Balance Between Environmental Quality and Economic Need" - Manitoba Resources Seminar, Brandon, January 15-17, 1971.

"The Green Revolution and Saskatchewan Agriculture" - Presented at the 39th Farm and Home Week, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask. January 12, 1971.

Symposium on Agricultural Research - Welcome presented by Dean LH Shebeski at Research Evaluation Conference, University of Manitoba, January 20, 1971.

University and Community Council - paper presented at the meeting held at the University of Manitoba, February 18, 1971.

"he Green Revolution -- The Population Explosion -- A Point of View" - Presented at the Chemical Institute of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 18, 1971.

"Public and Private Plant Breeding - Competitive or Complimentary - Prospects for public and private plant breeding in Canada as viewed by Industry and Plant Breeders" - presented at the Plant Breeder's Rights in Canada Conference, Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, June 15-16, 1971.

"Food and the Environment" - presented at the Canadian Institute of Food Technology 14th National Conference, Winnipeg Inn, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 15-18, 1971.

"Values of University Training and the place of the University in the Vegetable Industry" - presented by Dean LH Shebeski to the Vegetable Growers Association of Manitoba, January 26, 1972 in the Agriculture Auditorium at the University of Manitoba.

"The Population and Food Crisis" - presented at Westminster United Church, March 18, 1973.

"Early Generation Selection for Wide Range Adaptability in the Breeding Program." Fourth FAO/Rockefeller Foundation Wheat Seminar, Teheran, Iran. May 21 - June 2, 1973.

"Early Generation Selection for Wide Range Adaptability in the Breeding Program - Fourth International Wheat Genetics Symposium." Shebeski and L. Evans. Columbia, Missouri, August 6-11, 1973.

3 Papers by L. H. Shebeski

"Grain Breeding around the World - Canadian International Grains Institute" - Winnipeg, September 21, 1973.

"Future Role of Triticale in Agriculture - CIMMYT" - University of Manitoba International Triticale Symposium, El Batan, Mexico, October 1-4, 1973.

"Fababeans" - National Fababean Conference - Marlborough Hotel, February 21, 1974.

"Food Costs - The Producer and Processor - A Professional Viewpoint, Foods and Nutrition Day," The University of Manitoba, March 7, 1974.

"Wide Crosses - CIMMYT - World-wide Maize Improvement in the 1970s and the Role for CIMMYT," El Batan, Mexico, April 22-26, 1974.

The Dilemmas of Modern Man - A World Perspective - Presented at "Dilemmas of Modern Man," Winnipeg Centennial Symposium, October 27, 1974.

Convocation Address - Honorary D.Sc. Degree, Queen's University, November 9, 1974.

"The Food and Population Enigma" - presented to the Women's Club of Winnipeg, Hotel Fort Garry, Winnipeg, February 17, 1975.

"Canada's situation in relation to the World Food problem" - presented at Canadian Association for the Club of Rome, Ottawa, Ontario, May 16, 1975.

"The Next Fifty Years - The Global Food Situation" - presented to the Ninth National Convention, United Church AOTS Men's Club, Carleton University, Ottawa, August 22, 1975.

"The Global Food Situation - What can we do about it?" Presented to the Ninth National Convention, United Church AOTS Men's Club, Carleton University, Ottawa, August 22, 1975.

"Agricultural Resources - The Limits We Face" - presented to 13th Pacific Science Congress, Vancouver, August 25, 1975.

"Potential Applications of Agricultural Technology in Developing Countries" - presented to Annual Meeting "Human Life in Arid Lands: Food and Agriculture" Session, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Boston, Massachusetts, February 19, 1976.

Convocation Address - Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree, the University of Saskatchewan, May 21, 1976.

"The Triticale Story" - Presented at Faculty of Agriculture Conference Day, Winnipeg, February 17, 1977, and Brandon, February 18, 1977.

"The Triticale Story" - present at Centennial Lecture Series, University of Manitoba, April 21, 1977.

"Canada's Agricultural Potential" - presented to Symposium on Canada and World Food (The Royal Society of Canada and the Agricultural Institute of Canada), Carlton University, Ottawa, August 24, 1977.

"Food From Land II. Non-Animal Protein General Overview", presented to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, November 30, 1977.

4 Papers by L. H. Shebeski

"The World Food Situation - Facts, Myths, & Paradoxes" - presented to Westminster United Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 19, 1978.

"Problems and Opportunities in Western Canadian Agriculture" - Presented to Saskatchewan Science Council Meeting, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, March 28, 1978.

"The World Food Problem and the Universities" - Production Potential, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Twelfth Commonwealth Universities Congress, Vancouver, B.C. 19-26 August, 1978.

"Food and Agriculture" - presented at seminar, "Impact of Science and Technology on Government and Departmental Policies and Legislation," Executive Education Program, The Public Service Commission, Gatineay (Touraine), Quebec, April 8, 1979.

"Triticale - In retrospect and prospect" - presented to EUCARPIA, meeting of the Cereal Section on Triticale, Radzidow, Poland, July 2, 1979.

"Agricultural Institute of Canada Policy Statement on Agricultural Research and Development" - prepared for AIC, April, 1981.

The Financial Implications of Agricultural Education for the Nineties - presented at seminar, "Agricultural Education for the Nineties," sponsored by the Faculty of Agriculture, Ramada Inn, Winnipeg, March 27, 1981.

5 Papers by L. H. Shebeski

Thesis - Inheritance of Resistance in Wheat to Stem Rust - Race 15 B.

6 Scientific Publications

"Inheritance of Resistance in Wheat to Stem Rust -Race 15B" Thesis by LH Shebeski submitted to Committee on Graduate Studies for M.Sc. Degree, University of Manitoba, April 1946.

"Oat Varieties and their production" - Agricultural Extension Bulletin No. 104, JB Harrington and LH Shebeski Department of Field Husbandry, University of Saskatchewan, January 1948.

"Barley Production in Saskatchewan" - Agricultural Extension Bulletin No. 99, JB Harrington and LH Shebeski, Department of Field Husbandry, University of Saskatchewan, February 1948.

"The Effect of Frost on Germination and the Vitality of Seedings from Frosted Wheat" - Agricultural Extension Bulletin N. 128 LH Shebeski, J Banting and YS Wu, Department of Field Husbandry, University of Saskatchewan, February 1951.

"Inheritance in Wheat of Stem Rust Resistance Derived from Agropyron Elongatum" - Sci. Agr. 32: 26-35, LH Shebeski and YS Wu, January 1952.

"The Production of Beneficial Mutations in Barley by Irradiation" - Canadian Journal Agricultural Science 34: 1-9, LH Shebeski and T Lawrence, January - February, 1954.

The Inheritance of Rachis Strength in Barley - Canadian Journal Agricultural Science 34: 152-155, ML Kaufmann and LH Shebeski, March - April 1954.

"Speculations on the impact of the D Genome" - LH Shebeski, Proceeding of the First International Wheat Genetics Symposium , August 1958.

"Recent Developments in Chemical Weed Control" - Agricultural Institute Review 14(1): 26-30 1959, LH Shebeski, and G Friesen.

"Fertility of Barley Autotetraploids - 1. Fertility in successive generations for four autotetraploid barley varieties and the effect of selection for fertility in the OAC 21 autotetraploid" - E. Reinberg and LH Shebeski. Canadian Journal Plant Science 39: 98-107, January 1959.

"Economic Losses Caused by Weed Competition in Manitoba Grain Fields - I. Weed Species, their relative abundance and their effect on crop yields." G Friesen and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal Plant Science 40: 457-467, 1960.

"Economic Losses Caused by Weed Competition in Manitoba Grain Fields - II. Effect of weed competition on protein content of cereal crops." G Friesen, LH Shebeski and AD Robinson, Canadian Journal Plant Science 40:652-659, 1960.

"The Seed Value of Frost-Damaged Wheat as Determined by its Commercial Grade, Bushel Weight and Seedling Development" - JD Banting, YS Wu and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal Plant Science 41:137-152, 1960.

"Sterility in Interchange Heterozygotes of Barley" - CS Shi and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal Genet. Cytol. 2:429-434, 1960.

"Chromosome Pairing and Sterility in the F1 of Interchange Stocks Involving the same Chromosomes in Barley" - CS Shi and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal Genet. Cytol. 3:1-6, 1961.

"Fertility of Barley Autotetraploids - II The Relationship of aneuploid, dwarfs and fertility in four autotetraploid barley varieties" - E Reinbergs and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal Plant Science 41:124-133, 1961.

"The Influence of Temperature on the Germination of Wild Oat Seeds" - G Friesne and LH Shebeski, Weeds 9:634-638, 1961.

141 Scientific Publications

"How the Plant Breeders and Directing Evolution" - LH Shebeski, Agricultural Institute Review 16(2):57-60, 1961.

"Polyfatherhood and the Mentor Effect" - LH Shebeski, Sixteenth Meeting of the Associate Committee on Plant Breeding , N.R.C. February 20, 1961.

"Early Generation Testing as a Means of Predicting the Value of Specific Chromosome Substitutions into Common Wheat" - LH Shebeski and JM McEwan, Seventeenth Meeting of the Associate Committee on Plant Breeding , N.R.C. February 20, 1962.

"Triticale as a Potential component of Chick Rations" - JL Sell, GC Godgson and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal Animal Science 42:158-166, 1962.

"Implications of Technical Change for Agricultural Productivity" - LH Shebeski. Resources for Tomorrow Conference. Queen's Printer, Supplementary Volume, 1962.

"Synthesis of Homozygous Interchange Stocks in Barley Involving Twelve Chromosomes in a Single Complex" - NS Sisodia and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal Genetics & Cytol. Vol. 6, No. 4, 1964.

"Synthesis of Complete Interchange Stocked in Barley" - Canadian Journal Genetics & Cytol. LH Shebeski and NS Sisodia, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1965.

"Nutritive Value of Triticale for Growing Swine" - Journal Animal Science - SC Stothers and LH Shebeski, Vol. 24:905, 1965.

"Quality and Yield Studies in Hybrid Wheat (Triticum Aestivum)" Canadian Journal Genetics & Cytology - LH Shebeski Vol. 8, No. 31, 1966.

"Implications Concerning the Frequency and its Relation to Plant Breeding Procedures" - KG Briggs, W Bushuk and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal of Plant Science , Vol. 49, 21-28, 1969.

"Variation in Breadmaking Quality and its Relation to Plant Breeding Procedures" - KG Briggs, W Bushuk and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal of Plant Science , Vol. 49, 21-28, 1969.

"Wind Pollination of Male Sterile Wheat" - D Zuzens, M Grant, DS McBean, LH Shebeski and EA Hurd, Canadian Journal of Plant Science , Vol. 49, 98-99, 1969.

2 Scientific Publications

"Protein Quantity and Quality as Factors in the Evaluation of Bread Wheats" - W Bushuk, KG Briggs and LH Shebeski, Canadian Journal of Plant Science , Vol. 49, 113-122, 1969.

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3 General Publications

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4 General Publications

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145 H. vulgare L - Synthesis of homozygous interchange stocks in barley (H. vulgare L) involving twelve chromosomes in a single complex.\
6 Triticum aestivum
7 Fertility of Barley Autotetraploids
8 Sterility in Interchange Heterozygotes
9 Chromosome Pairing & Sterility in F1 (Barley)
10 Seed Scoop - Hybrid Wheat
11 Beneficial Mutations (Barley)
Academic exchanges to East European Nations
1412 USSR - Diaries - Visits to Eastern Europe

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Photograph Collection (PC 77)

The collection has not yet been processed. However, it includes photographs of Dr. Shebeski at various stages of his academic career. The collection also includes photographs of specific agricultural projects such as Triticale and other wheat breeding ventures. (About 30 photos - 10 are duplicates - In last box)

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