Sheila Rabinovitch:

An Inventory of Her Tape Collection at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Richard E. Bennett
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by Julianna Trivers (November 2002)
Finding aid written in English.

Revision History

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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2

Sheila Rabinovitch

Sheila Rabinovitch Tape Collection


118 audio cassettes. -- 184 audio reels.

TC 74 & 74A (A87-24)


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Biography of Sheila Rabinovitch

Sheila Rabinovitch attended the University of Manitoba and the University of Toronto. Married with a son and two daughters, she has always been deeply interested in artists and art history in Winnipeg and has been an active supporter of the Winnipeg Art Gallery most of her adult life. She served as chair of the "Winnipeg Show" - one of Canada's largest juried art exhibitions. She has taught painting and other art forms in Winnipeg public schools and was art consultant to the Toronto Dominion Bank for a period of time.

Sheila has also had a life-long interest in writing and broadcasting, working for a period of time with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Fascinated with the history and culture of the Canadian West and of Manitoba particularly, she was awarded first prize by the Media Club of Canada for her free-lance documentary on "Cora Hind--Woman of the West" which was produced and narrated for CBC Radio. Many of her other interviews have also been turned into award-winning broadcast programs including "Ralph Connor--The Man from Glengarry" which was nominated for an Actra Award for documentary excellence. During her career, she produced many documentary profiles of prominent Manitoba personalities which constitute the bulk of the present collection. She produced episodes of series including CBC Tuesday Night, Between Ourselves, Concern Five Nights and This Country in the Morning. She often performed as narrator, reading her own scripts.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The Sheila Rabinovitch Tape Collection is the work of one of Winnipeg's better known free lance writer, interviewer and broadcaster. It consists of some 70 interviews and 90 hours of recordings, mostly with Winnipeg residents, conducted between 1970 and 1981. Mrs. Rabinovitch conducted most of these interviews either on her own initiative or by request with the intention of using part or all of them for broadcast on various CBC radio programs of cultural and artistic interest to Canadians. Most of her works were aired on radio. Only three or four of approximately fifteen full-length, completed programs are to be found, however, in their entirety in the collection. The rest are preparatory in nature, offcuts and excerpts of various personalities on a wide range of topics.

As one might expect, there is an uneven quality to the collection. Some of the interviews are the finished product, i.e. comprehensive, insightful, and informative--ready for broadcast. This is particularly so of those on John W. Dafoe, Ralph Connor, John MacAulay, and Judge Lewis St. George Stubbs. Some of these have won awards for their excellence.

Many of the rest tend to be short excerpts, disjointed and relatively undeveloped. The very range of Mrs. Rabinovitch's interests makes for a somewhat eclectic collection, broader than it is deep. All of her own recordings are exceptionally clear and easy to listen to. A few of the early voice recordings of various personalities, however, are hard to hear. Thanks to recently-announced funding from the John W. Dafoe Foundation, many of the tapes of pertaining to John W. Dafoe will soon be transcribed. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the interviews will not be transcribed for the foreseeable future. (At the time of preparing this register, a grant application was being made for funds to transcribe the John W. Dafoe tapes.)

The interviews were originally recorded onto 5" or 7" reel-to-reel tapes. A few were produced on 10" broadcast tapes. The entire collection of these original recordings has been preserved and is listed and described herein under the call # 74A. Most, but not all, of these tapes were duplicated onto cassette tape recordings for ease of use and preservation purposes. Stored separately from the reel-to-reel parent collection, the cassettes are under the call # 74. Each individual interview is described later in this register whether reel-to-reel or cassette. Missing from her original collections are #s 11, 29, 34, 38, 46, 48, 49, 50 and 52.

The collection is a rare and unique oral presentation, if not oral history, of many of the personalities and events that figured prominently in the history of Winnipeg. Since radio stations and broadcast corporations seldom keep such programs for archival purposes, this collection takes on more than passing interest. To a Department that already houses the papers of John W. Dafoe, Ralph Connor (Rev. William Gordon), and Judge Stubbs, the work of Mrs. Rabinovitch takes on special value.

Those interviewed or discussed are, on the whole, prominent western Canadians in the fields of agriculture, literature, journalism, education, the law and, above all, the arts. The development of art, education, journalism, and literature are all well detailed. There is also much of interest here to the student of women's literature and art and of the expanding role of women, generally, in modern Canadian society.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 2 series

  • Audiocassettes
  • Reel-to-Reel Tapes

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

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Restrictions on Use

The stipulations laid out in the deed of gift and agreed to between the donor, Sheila Rabinovitch, and the University of Manitoba, are as follows:

1. Access to the collection is to be granted to all who exercise proper care of the material and who abide by departmental restrictions on use. Access may be denied anyone who disregards departmental policies protecting and safeguarding its collections.

2. To the extent possible under law, copyright to the entire collection belongs to the donor or her heirs and assigns. As with all collections, it is the responsibility of the user to abide by all copyright laws and regulations as passed by Parliament from time-to-time.

3. Any excerpts or quotations from the completed programs, unedited tapes, offcuts, scripts and transcripts of the recorded material must not be used without acknowledgement and attribution to the source.

4. The material is not to be used for broadcast without the written consent of the copyright holder and the donor.

5. Unless permission is otherwise granted, for ease of use and to preserve the originals, patrons will have access to the audio cassette recordings rather than to the original reel-to-reel tapes.

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Custodial History

Archives & Special Collections first became interested in the works of Sheila Rabinovitch in the spring of 1987. Thereupon, after several on-site visits and consultations conducted by the Head Archivist, Dr. Richard E. Bennett, her extensive collection of some 70 reel-to-reel tape recordings (approximately 90 hours) of her free-lance interviews (and some completed programs) was transferred to the University of Manitoba in three instalments. The first and by far the largest portion of the collection arrived May 6th of that same year followed by two other, much smaller transfers on May 19th and the 4th of July. The formal deed of gift, which legally transferred ownership of the tapes from the donor to the University, was signed December 21st, 1987.

The collection was then appraised by members of the National Archival Appraisal Board for possible income tax deduction purposes by the donor on 12 January 1988. Two months later, on 30 March 1988, it was certified as Cultural Property ("Gift to Canada") by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Audiocassettes [19-?]-[19-?]

** NOTE: This Cassette Collection, TC 74, was produced from the more extensive reel-to-rrel collection TC 74A--see page xii below. Approximately 90% of the originals were re-recorded. Wherever possible, researchers are to use the cassettes for both ease of use and preservation purposes.

1 Art and the Establishment
Conference of the Arts
Canadian Artists' Representation Conference 1971
See #75
Hugh Garber, fashion designer
"John Dafoe - Statesman of the Press"
John Dafoe - 6th Bi-annual Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations
John Dafoe - "Of Things to Come"
John Dafoe - William L. Morton
John Dafoe - Maurice Smith
John Dafoe - Albert Booth
John Dafoe - Leslie Hall
John Dafoe - William H. Metcalfe
John Dafoe - Hugh H. Saunderson
John Dafoe - John Cameron
John Dafoe - Dorothy and Margaret Dafoe
John Dafoe - Graham Spry
John Dafoe - Murray Donnelly
John Dafoe - James H. Gray
John Dafoe - Richard S. Malone
John Dafoe - Peter Low
John Dafoe - Reg Shellford
"A Personal Profile of John W. Dafoe"
"Of Things to Come - Inquiry on the Post World War" 1945
2 "The Double Standard of Women in Aging"
"The Double Standard of Women in Aging"
Sontag, Susan
Callahan, Daniel
Skelton, David
Calvert, Geoffrey N.
"Ralph Connor - The Man from Glengarry"
Ralph Connor - John Thompson
Ralph Connor - Ramsay Cook
Ralph Connor - Walter Swayze
Ralph Connor - Ed Rea
Ralph Connor - Brian Fraser
Ralph Connor - Frank Watt
Ralph Connor - Jack McLelland
Ralph Connor - Ken Hughes
Ralph Connor - Janet Scarfe
Ralph Connor - Clara Thomas
Ralph Connor - Gordon Atholl
Ralph Connor - Mrs. Bowman
Ralph Connor - Anne Crocker
Ralph Connor - John Marnock
The Role of the Rural Newspaper in Manitoba
3 "The Rebel Judge - Lewis St. George Stubbs"
Judge Stubbs - various interviewees
Bridge Playing - Sam Kahela
Bridge Playing - Eric Murray
Bridge Playing - Diana Gordon
Bridge Playing - Ruby Warlick
Bridge Playing - Igor Kuszsyn
Bridge Playing - Ralph Cohen
Bridge Playing - Anthony Ching
MacAulay, John A.
MacAulay, John A. - Phyllis MacAulay
MacAulay, John A. - Carol MacAulay
MacAulay, John A. - Heinrich Beer
MacAulay, John A. - himself
MacAulay, John A. - Samuel Freedman, Robert Hubbard, Brian Dickson, John Matheson
Sharpe, Eric J.
Selye, Hans - Lecture "From Dream to Discovery"
Salye, Hans - interview
John's Day (Latvian Celebration)
4 Ukrainian Pop Art
3 Gardenton, Manitoba
4 Rusalka Dance Ensemble
Ukrainian Folk Stories
Ukrainian-Canadian Country Music
Jewish Funeral Rites
Thiessen, Jack - Yiddish is a dying language (Harry Gutkin)
Lander, Judy - poet
Dobias, Charles - cellist
Gaelic in Manitoba
Ethnic Recording Industry
Morden, Manitoba
Ritter-Folk (Icelandic singers)
Skills Unlimited
Coupon Clippers
Clem Blakeslee - The Unmet Needs of the Blind
5 Retirement - Harvey Moats, Nels Thiebault
Druxman, Joan - Fashion Editor
Decter, Una - social activist
Remple, Ursula - musician
Sylvester, Kim - art historian
Barsky, Percy - poison prevention
Bowman, John M. - Rh Blood Laboratory
Brigden, Beatrice - historian
Robertson, Heather - writer
Richardson, Kathleen - philanthropist
Boutal, Pauline - painter, dramatist
Bharata, Naytam - dance instructor
Blofeld, John Eaton C. - author
4 Creative Job Search Technique Program
5 Conference on Business and Art
Smith, Roger - editor
Chicago, Judy - artist
Burton, Dennis - artist

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Reel-to-Reel Tapes

NOTE: Wherever possible, researchers are encouraged to use the audio-cassette recordings that have been made of the majority of the reel-to-reel collection. See listing to TC 74, page vii.

Tape size and number of tapes are given for each item, for example, 7" (1).

1 Cora Hind

7" & 10" broadcast tape

Art & The Establishment

2a Gus da Rosa 5" (1)

2b Ken Loughhead 5" (3)

2c George Swinton 5" (3)

2d Jacqueline Fry/Joanne Bryers 5" (1)

2e Alex Bruning 5" (1)

2 Beardy, Jackson

7" (2)

Onley, Toni

7" (3)

Warkov, Esther

7" (1)

Swinton, George

7" (1)

Etrog, Sorel

7" (2)

Greenberg, Clement

7" (1)

Kantaroff, Marion

7" (1)

Dean, Max

7" (1)

Conference of the Arts

5" (2)

3 Canadian Artists' Representation Conf.

7" (1)

Canadian Artists' Rep. Conf. - M. Snow/ R. Allen

7" (1)

Canadian Artists' Rep. Conf.

7" (1)

Women as Viewers

7" (1)

Garber, Hugh

5" (1)

4-6 John Dafoe - Statesman of the Press 10" broadcast tapes (3)

17a Pacific Relations Conf. 7" (1) 5

17b Of Things To Come 7" (1)

17c Morton, W.L. 5" (1)

17d Smith, Maurice 5" (1)

17e Booth, Albert 5" (1)

17f Hall, Leslie 5" (1)

17g Metcalfe, Bill 5" (1)

17h Saunderson, Hugh 5" (1)

17i Cameron, John 5" (1)

17j Dafoe, Dorothy & May 7" (1)

17k Spry, Graham 7" (1)

17l Donnelly, Murray 7" (1)

17m Gray, James 7" (2)

17n Malone, R.S. 7" (1) 6

17o Low, Peter 5" (1)

17p Shelford, Reg 5" (1)

17q Missing

17r Missing

6 Double Standard of Women in Aging

10" broadcast tape (1)

18a Washbourne, Penny 7" (1)

18b Sontag, Susan 7" (1)

18c Callahan, Daniel 7" (1)

18d Skelton, David 7" (1)

18e Calvert, Jeffrey 7" (1)

7-8 Connor, Ralph - The Man From Glengarry

10" broadcast tape (1)

19a Thompson, John 7" (1)

19b Cook, Ramsay 7" (1)

19c Swayze, Walter 7" (1)

19d Rea, Ed 7" (1)

19e Fisher, Brian 7" (1)

Box 8:

19f Watts, Mark 7" (1)

19g McLelland, Jack 7" (1)

19h Hughes, Ken & Gordon King 7" (2) & 5" (1)

19i Scarfe, Janet 5" (1)

19j Thomas, Clara 5" (1)

19k Gordon, Atholl 7" (1) 8

19l Bowman, Mrs. 7" (1)

19m Crocker, Anne 5" (1)

19n Marnock, John 7" (1)

19o Cook, R.; Rea, E.; Watts, F.; Swayze, W. 7" (1)

9 Hometown Newspapers

20a Blakeslee, Clem 7" (2)

20b Group Interview 7" (1)

20c Tuckwell, Ron 7" (1)

20d La-Libertie 7" (1)

20e Wood, Dan 7" (1)

20f Friesen, Eric 7" (1)

20g Group Discussion 7" (1)

10 Stubbs, Judge Lewis St. George

21a Readings 7" (1)

21b Newspaper Readings 7" (1)

21c Zuken, Joe 5" (1)

21d Rhodes-Smith, Cecil 7" (1)

21e Several commentaries 7" (1)

21f Samson, Joseph 7" (1)

Bridge - An Obsession - Mind Games - body games

22a Kahela[?], Sam 7" (1)

22b Murray, Eric 7" (1)

22c Gordon, Diana 7" (1)

22d Warlick, Ruby 7" (1)

22e Kuszsyn[?], Igor 7" (1)

22f Cohen, Ralph 7" (1)

22g Hong Kong 7" (1)

11 MacAulay, John A. - Interview

7" (2)

23a Interview/Stories 7" (1)

23b Interview/Stories 7" (1)

23c Beer, Heinrich 7" (1)

23d His Law Career 7" (1)

23e Several commentators 7" (1)

The Changing Role of Women in Aging

7" (2)

24a Hauptman, Judy 7" (1)

24b Priesand, Sally 7" (1)

24c Truzman & C. Stern 7" (1)

24d Rose, N. & Stern, M. 7" (1)

24e Rosmarin, Trude 7" (1)

12 Klostermaier, K.

10" broadcast tape (1)

Sharp, Eric - Sweden

7" (3)

Watts, Allan

10" broadcast tape (1)

Schacter, Zalman - Kabbala & the New Liturgy

7" (2)

Ross, Anne - Mt. Carmel Clinic

7" (3)

13 Satir, Virginia - General interview

7" (2)

31a Ebby & Bert - session 7" (1)

31b Therapy - New religion 7" (2)

31c Warren & Marilyn 7" (3)

31d Personal reflections 7" (2)

31e Forrester, Roland 7" (1)

Selye, Hans - Lecture

7" (2)

32a Interview - Canadian Identity 7" (1)

14 John's Day - Latvian

7" (3)

#35 Ukrainian Pop Art - Ethco

7" (1)

Gardenton, Mantioba

7" (2)

Rusalka Dancers

7" (2)

Ukrainian Folk Songs - Flying Ship et al

7" (3)

Ukrainian-Canadian Country - V Records

7" (1)

Jewish Funeral Rites

7" (1)

Yiddish - A Dying Language?

7" (1)

15 Lander, Judith - General interview

5" (1) & &" (1)

Dobias, Charles - Cellist

7" (1)

Gaelic in Manitoba

7" (1)

Ethnic Recording Industry in Canada

7" (2)

Morden, Manitoba

10" broadcast tape (1) & 5" (1)

16 Ritter Folk - Icelandic Music

7" (1)

Skills Unlimited

5" (3)

SUSK Convention - Multiculturalism

7" (1)

Coupon Clippers

5" (1)

Blakeslee, Clem

- Guaranteed Annual Income 5" (3)

- Unmet Needs of the Blind 5" (2)

Retirement at 65

7" (3)

Druxman, Joan

7" (1)

Decter, Una

7" (1)

17 Remple, Ursula - Musician

7" (1)

Sylvester, Kim

7" (1)

Barsky, Percy

7" (1)

Bowman, John M.

7" (1)

Brigden, Beatrice

7" (1)

Robertson, Heather

7" (1)

Richardson, Kathleen

7" (2)

Boutal, Madam Pauline

7" (1)

Natim, Barat

7" (1)

Blofeld, John

7" (1)

Creative Job Search Technique

5" (1)

Conference on Business & Art

7" (1)

Smith, Roger - St. Anne

7" (1)

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