Lorene Francis Milliken:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Debbie Caseburg
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(April 1990)

Finding aid encoded by Julianna Trivers (September 2002)
Finding aid written in English.

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Lorene Francis Milliken

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Biography of Lorene Francis Milliken

Chronology of Important Dates

1907 Born Humbolt Saskatchewan, Lorene Francis Ritz
1915 Moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba
1928 Bachelor of Arts, University of Manitoba
1932 Married David Milliken
1952 Published first chapbook, "White Orchids"
1953 Published "A Morning Mood"
1955 Published "My Soul Sings"
1956 Published "Princess of Aune"
1957 Published "Interludes", a book of Prose.
1958 Published "New Poems and Prose Pieces"
1958 Published first and only novel, The Street of the Red Coat

Biographical Sketch

Lorene Francis Milliken was born in Humbolt, Saskatchewan as Lorene Francis Ritz. She moved to Winnipeg in 1915. She graduated with her B.A. from the University of Manitoba in 1928. After receiving her degree, she taught in rural schools in Manitoba, and worked as the Secretary-Librarian for Winnipeg Normal School. Lorene married David Milliken in 1932, and gave birth to two sons somewhat later; William Dawes and David Erskine.

She began writing, and during the 1950's came out with some chapbooks for publication, as well as a novel. She used the pen-name Sylvia Dawson from time to time, and published a series of chapbooks. They are; "My Soul Sings", "White Orchids", "A Morning Mood-", "Manitoba Landscape", and "Princess of Aune". As well, she published two books of prose pieces, "New Poems and Prose Pieces". and "Interludes", and a novel, entitled The Street of the Red Coat .

Lorene Francis Milliken maintained membership in the Women's Canadian Club, Women's Musical Club, the Inner Wheel club, the University Women's Club, -United College Women's Auxiliary, St. Andrew's United Church, the Winnipeg Poetry Society, and the Canadian Authors Association. Mrs. Milliken was involved with the Women's Auxiliary to the Shriner's Hospital, and the Women's Committee of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

This collection contains the personal writings, prose and correspondence of the Manitoba author, Lorene Francis Milliken. The documents date from 1949 to 1978, and are not inclusive. The collection also contains some of her published chapbooks and prose pieces.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 10 series.

  • I. Journals 1957-1978
  • II. Correspondence (incoming and outgoing) 1947-1962
  • III. Personal Materials 1950-1959, n.d.
  • IV. Notebooks 1961-1963, n.d.
  • V. Thoughts for the day. 1957-1965
  • VI. Essays [195?]-1962, n.d.
  • VII. Poetry 1951-1968
  • VIII. Short Stories 1957-1963
  • IX. Manuscripts/Novels/Plays 1958, [19-?]
  • X. Miscellaneous

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The papers were not received in any order except for the journals, and have been arranged in chronological or alphabetical format, except for the essays, which have been listed by title.

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Restrictions on Use

The Milliken Collection is open to anyone willing to abide by departmental rules of use. Materials must be used in the Reading Room of the Archives & Special Collections and cannot be removed from the library. No part of the collection has been restricted from use. Users of this collection must adhere to pertinent copyright laws.

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Custodial History

The papers were donated by Lorene Francis Milliken (nee Ritz) in April 1989. No deed of gift has been signed as of yet in regards to this collection.

The papers were not received in any order except for the journals, and have been arranged in chronological or alphabetical format, except for the essays, which have been listed by title.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Journals 1957-1978

The journals in this collection are presented chronologically. They contain poetry, prose and drawings throughout the text. Some have more than one entry per day, written at separate times.

11 November 1957 - May 1959
2 September 1959 - December 1959
3 January 1960 - October 1960
4 February 1961 - June 1961
5 July 1961 - December 1961
Two journals were written for 1962, and will be referred to as (a) and (b). Both journals are independent and separate from each other.
16 January 1962 - March 1962 (a)
7 April 1962 - December 1962 (a)
8 January 1962 - March 1962 (b)
9 April 1962 - September 1962 (b)
21 October 1962 - December 1962 (b)
2 January 1963 - June 1963
3 July 1963 - December 1963
4 July 1963 - December 1963
5 January 1965 - December 1965
6 January 1966 - December 1966
7 January 1967 - March 1967
31 April 1967 - June 1967
2 July 1967 - August 1967
3 September 1967 - December 1967
4 January 1968 - February 1968
5 March 1968 - December, 1968
6 May 1977 - February 1978
7 March 1978 - June 1978

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II. Correspondence (incoming and Outgoing) 1947-1962
41 A-C 1951-1961

Archibald, Professor R.C. 1952-54

Arts Council of Great Britain 1953

Art Galleries and Associations 1952-57

Bourinot, Arthur S. 1951-54

Bradshaw, Thecla 1955-56

Brigden, Miss B. 1951-52

Canadian Author's Association 1952-59

Canadian Broadcasting Corp. 1952,1961

Canadian Poetry Magazine n.d.

Carillon Poetry Chapbooks 1951-57

Correspondence re: Chapbooks 1952-57

Chatelaine 1952-53

City of Paris Dept. Store 1957

Correspondence re: Consideration of Work 1952

Crawly, Alan 1952

42 D-P 1947-1965

Dalhousie Review 1952-53

Delta Epsilon Newsletter n.d.

Eaton Co. Ltd. 1952-55

Globe and Mail 1952

Hudson's Bay Co. 1952, 1955

Larson, Mr. 1955

MacKay, Alice 1955

Milliken, Christine n.d.

Milliken, David Jr. 1965

Newspaper Institute of America 1947-53

Northern Review 1952-55

Perry, Grace (The Poetry Mag.) 1962

Poetry Society, The 1952, 1955

43-4 R 1949-1957

Ridley, Hilda M., (The MacNab Historical Association of Canada) 1949-52

Ridley, Hilda M., (The MacNab Historical Association of Canada) 1953-57

44 R-W 1951-1961

Reviews on "White Orchids" 1953

Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) 1952-57

Ryerson Press 1951-54

Seydell, Mildred n.d.

Strange, Kathleen 1956

Thank-you Correspondence

MacLean Hunter Publishing Co. 1952, 1960

Masonic Hall 1956

Unknown Person

'George' 1952

'Margaret' (incomplete) 1960

Wheeler, Dr. a. Lloyd 1951-52

Winnipeg Free Press 1952-61

Winnipeg Tribune 1952-55

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III. Personal Materials 1950-1959, n.d.
46 Drawings/Rough Sketches
7 Published Chapbooks 1952-1958

'A Morning Mood' 1953

'Princess of Aunel 1956

'My Soul Sings' (signed) 1955

'White Orchids' (signed) 1952

'New Poems and Prose Pieces' 1958

'Interludes' 1957

8 Writer's Group of the Poetry Society of Winnipeg 1950-1955, n.d.

Minute Book (contains drafts of prose) n.d.

Minutes Jan.1950, Oct. 1951

Report Feb.1955

Coffee Party Lists 1952,1953

Shriner's Bazaar List 1954

Phone List of Members

Minutes 1955

Poetry Publications available in Manitoba

9 Newsclippings

Poem 'Sleep' by L.F.M. n.d.

Special Subscription

Prospectus, John Masefield, O.M. 1959

Copy of John Masefiled poem n.d.

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IV. Notebooks 1961-1963, n.d.

The following were presented by the author in chronological form, and contain her writings in journal format. Most are on various topics and events the author has experienced. They are presented in chronological order. and are incomplete.

410 1961 and 1962
11 January 1963 - February 1963
51 March 1963 - December 1963
2 No Dates

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V. Thoughts for the day. 1957-1965

Similar to Essays on various topics, the author herself has called these "Thoughts for the Day". They have been arranged chronologically, and parts of these essays can be cross-checked with the author's journals. Contains poems and prose throughout the text as well.

53 1957-1958
4 1959
5 1960-1965

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VI. Essays [195?]-1962, n.d.
56 (i) In regards to people

The Governor General (incomplete)

Tom Thompson Memorial Art Center at Owen Sound

Grandmother and her first Grandchild-stillborn-Still Born?

Leif Ericson Continued

Lynn Sissons

Autobiography of Thomas Walter Scott (2 drafts, 1 incomplete)

The Honourable Walter Scott (3 drafts) David Hume, 1711-1776

Christopher Marlow, 1564-1593

The Art of the Book - E.A.Taylor

Schoffer - Author of "Five Finger Exercises" (incomplete)

Scott - His Contemporaries Dufferin

Scott - notes on

Governor General (Scott?)

Biographical Study

7-8 (ii) Essays on travel

(Essays contain poetry throughout text)

I hate Toronto

Kingston con.

Notes en route con.


New York

Portland, Maine


Mount Vernon

Notes en Route 1958

Sainte Anne de Beaupre 1960

Regina (4 drafts, 1 incomplete)

Re: Winnipeg, the City 1958

Untitled-Victoria Beach Victoria Beach 1958

Victoria Beach 1960 as July lst approaches 1960

Folder 8

Vancouver (2 drafts) 1957

My Notebook Concerning Motoring in Canada and the U.S. 1961

Detroit 1958

Re: Washington, D.C. 1958

Orillio 1958

Pioneering North America (2 drafts) 1957

Black Hills of South Dakota (2 drafts) 1959

Untitled-Trip 1960




Capital Building; Washington, D.C.


(iii) Essays - On Themes 1957-1961

My first convention 1957

Les Montes (2 drafts) 1957

Roman Catholicism 1961

On Slavery (Incomplete)

On Evolution (2 drafts) 1959

Concerning the 1st Conference of the Alumni University of Manitoba (2 drafts) 1959

A Comment 1959

Puppets or the Living Dead (2 drafts) 1958

Bits and Pieces - On Health (2 drafts) 1958

The Meaning or Mystery of the Russian Revolution (2 drafts)

Bits and Pieces re: Living


Notebook Thoughts 1958

This Idiotic World (2 drafts) 1959

Empire or Commonwealth of Nations 1957

Setting-3 bedroom apartment

On Happiness 1958

On Jewry (2 drafts)

P.S. On Jewry

After Christmas Thoughts 1959

Rewriting - Pre-natalism (2 drafts) 1959

On Easter Monday Morn

A Fall Discourse

The Oldest Apartment Block in America Re Money 1959

Poetry at the turn of the Century Poetry and the Poet 1952

The creation of Poetry 1952

Problem 1963

Canadian Poetry 1850 - 1952

Canadian Poetry 1880 - 1920 (2 drafts)


Poets News

Guideposts - A column for seniors 1961

Christian Ideology (2 drafts)

Church Union

The Importance of Railroads

Illness, Recovery and the Power of Prayer

My Dear Phantom


Vitamins or Intellect

The Worst Massacre in the History of America (2 drafts)

An Opinion (3 drafts) 1958

Nicene Creed

What are Head Aches? 1962

Venus - Roman Goddess

Modern Art


Healthful Manitoba

The Road to Nationhood

The Story of Our Prairie Provinces

The Making of a Nation Education


Change of Life. What is it?

The reading of gallop poll re: Religion


The Psychiatrist

Piercing the Veil

What is .... series

Bathrooms vs. Libraries

Oh! My Head!


A Soliloquy

Those Women in Pageant. Sept. 1959

History of Minuting 1959

Mother's Day

Lower Fort

Fossils Re: Lower Fort Garry

Soapstone or Steatite (?)

The Norsemen

Con. (The Norsemen?)


Gypsy - what of it?

Alumni Conference

Untitled-"Germany is an instigator of war". 1958

Untitled “ "The Most wonderful thing about the Christmas Season"

CBC on Library Work 1959

About the thing of touch 1959



A Philosophical Interpretation of the Countries of the World

Is Canadian Culture a Static thing

Re: French Canada

Conflicts in Canadian Art 1959

On Bigamy 1959

Untitled-"Yesterday we began a discussion about the animal.."


About Food 1959

War and Peace

The French Language

Regarding a Poet

On Luxury 1959

Untitled-"In Germany, Augustus the Strong" (incomplete)

Literature Re: Genius

Untitled - "All of a sudden snow is fascinating me"

More thoughts on cities

Publishing cont.

Science vs. Religion

Communism 1960

Re: Abstract Art

Canada's national Sport-Hockey

Of Cause and Effect (David Hume)

______?a Brain

Capital Punishment


Existentialism 1960

More on Education 1960

The Winnipeg Symphony

Cause and Effect

Protestantism and Catholicism 195?

What is Society

Thought on the longest suspension bridge

Modern Art and the Subject of Framing

Government in Saskatchewan

Untitled-"If a man...knowledge of Power"

Untitled "The elements of truth"

Hark! Come Cree Symphony!

Thoughts on the Child Psyche

Academics of Art in Transition 1959

On Art Collection - Building One

Re: Baseball - World Series 1959

Why must radio have a ground wire?

Untitled-“There is a cure for dissatisfaction"

Untitled "This I must Write"

European Common Market

Untitled-"I don't like what's happening to me"

Essays contain poetry and prose throughout the text at random.

(iv) Essays in response to events/book/articles.

On returning from an opening concert of the Winnipeg Symphony October, 1958

About Lady Chatterly's Lover by D.H. Lawrence (# drafts)

After Reading the Vinland of the Sagas? by Maurice Western (2 drafts)

In answer to Evelyn Hamilton's article in the February, 1958 issue of Chatelaine magazine "You can be younger on your next birthday than you are today!" 1958

On reading extracts from Author Lower's Book, 'Canadians in the Making'

On listening to 'Belief' on TV, March 5, 1959

On reading 'Death is not inevitable' by Dr. Hans Salye in McLeans, August 1959


On reading the philosopher David Hume 1959

CBC Programming in the arts is grounded

An Answer to Dr. Marion Hilliards article in the Feb. 1958 issue of Chatelaine Magazine on the difference between Love and Passion 1958

Untitled-"Dr. V.B. Rhodenzier"

An answer to B.H._____? Canada

On reading Churchill - WWII

Re: The Hollywood Strike of the Screen Actors Guide 1960

Essays contain prose and poems at random throughout the text.

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VII. Poetry 1951-1968

Poems have been arranged alphabetically where ever possible. Some pages contain more than one poem, and both names are then given in succession to each other.

71 A-C



Age of Doubt 1963

Ali! Morning (2 drafts) 1964

Air Disaster, Nov. 29, 1963

All Hallow's Eve


At Easter

At the Carlton Beach, Bermuda

The bagpipes

A Ball

Be my Valentine (2 drafts)

Before hearing Dr. W.B. Hardie



Blaikjon (3 drafts)

Bonspeil 1963


A Broom

Browning 1960


But Diet!

At Christmas


Camping Out


Carlton Beach Hotel

The Cat and the Owl

Cause and effect



A Child

Ar Christmas 1965

A Christmas Quotation

Christmas Spirit

Church and State 1961

Churchill 1790's 1955


A City- A Symphony

Cleaning Day 1963


Communication Day 1962

Communion Day 1964 Complexion A Concerts Message 1963

Congratulations 1965




Croaking 1968


The Cure

72 D-F

The Dance of Life

The Dagger

Daybreak 1962

Death on the March

December (2 drafts)

Determinism 1959



The Duchess and Maria

Duomo (2 drafts) 1951

An Easter Poem

An Editor Speaks

Edward Lear

The Electric Eye 1962

Elizabeth Schneider's Story 1962

The Employer

Enumerator Calls (2 drafts) 1962

Epitaph (2 drafts) 1959


Experimente Moderne 1 (2 drafts)

Experimente Moderne II

Faith, Hope and Charity

A Falling Leaf in June




A Fiesta

Fine Clothes do not the Woman Make

First Raindrops of Spring

Fish Day

The Fishermen

The Flaming Torch

Florence Nightingales Tea 1962

The Flower Lady 1968

Following a Visit to St. Boniface Cathedral (2 drafts) 1959

The fountain of Life

The four Seasons

The fourteen Stages of the Cross

A Fragment

Freedom (2 drafts)

Friday the Thirteenth



Friendship Tea (2 drafts)

From a Grandmother

73 G-K


George Pelleas Vanier's Funeral Day

Golden Wedding


Good and Evil

The Governor's Ball

The Graduate 1963

Culture 1963

The Ceremony

Graft Becomes No Graft

The Grasshopper (2 drafts) 1961

Have Human Two of Souls? 1960

The Heads of State

A Hero's Hell

His Brief Case

Hoar Frost 1964

Holiday Time

Home thoughts


Honeymoon Point

The Hoodoos

A Hospital 1962

Hot Seat

The Ides of March 1961

If-With 1965


Is it Poetry?


A Keepsake Keys

A Kiss in the Dark

74 L-N

A La Henry Drummond 1967


Le Pain


Lent and the Drama of the Crucifixion

Letter from Heaven Life

Life and Death 1964

Special Delivery 1964

Life's Goal

Life is Precious and Precarious


Lines About..........

A Lost Ghost from Paradise

Lover's Lane and the Milky Way,

Low Burns the Wick



Male and Female

A Mascot



The Maypole


Miracle Child (2 drafts) 1965


Money Bags

The Moon - La Lune


Mother of the Groom (2 drafts)

Moraine Lake

Museum Visit

My Last Lord

My Typewriter

The Mystery and the Miracle of Victory


New Baby 1962

A New Score

News Item

The New White Race

Notes for Posterity 1956

Northern Blizzard


Nuptials (2 drafts)

75 O

O Art (2 drafts) 1963

The Ocean 1967

October, 1960

Of Human Flesh

Of Waists and Such 1963

No Title 1963

Off to School

The Omnibus

On Aging 1964

On a New and First Grandson

On Beauty (2 drafts) 1962

On Brands

On Company

On Drugs

On Gibb's Lighthouse, Bermuda

On Governess’

On Hats

on Heroes 1967

On Pers? and Pillows

On Pets

On Radio

On Reading About Robert Frost

On Skirts

On Stairs

On the Death of Canada's 19th Governor General

On the March of Dimes

On Towels



Opening Day of a One man Show by Lynn Sissons


Orion from a Vanguard

At Ottawa in 18__ ‘s Our Ballet

Our Barking Dog (2 drafts) 1963

Our Daschund, Browning

Our Spectacular Canadian Rockies

Over and After

76 P-R

The Paintbrush of God

Painting Time (2 Drafts) 1962


The Patience of Job

The Pearly Gates (3 drafts) 1968

The Penpushers


A Poem-Musings

The following are all entitled "Poem", and can be identified by first lines, arranged alphabetically.

"Poem" - A living cell (2 drafts) 1964

"Poem" - He who can relate to Noah's kind

"Poem" - I sailed today on a fine cruiser

"Poem" - I saw a brilliant pure white light

"Poem" - If 'twill be fame

"Poem" - Il n'y a pas de guern

"Poem" - Just roam the world of words

"Poem" - Lest we forget domestic time

"Poem" - On land or sea “ So! The sun is shining after all

"Poem" - Somehow today, it's really wonderful (2 drafts) 1962

"Poem" - Subject oneself to criticism?

"Poem" - The song is the win always

"Poem" - The wink of an eye

"Poem" - Tho! the bell that tolls

"Poem" - Transfusion or confusion

"Poem" - Twas from the hall of fame Program

"Poem" - Your Majesty 1963

Poetic Invasion

The Poetic Muse

Praise be to the Atomic Bomb

A prayer for a New church

Provate Enterprise

Property's Infatuation

The Purser

The Queen of Summer Skies

Rainbow Stage

Random Thought

The Red River

Relationships (2 drafts) 1963

Rendevouz with Fate


Rhyme Master

Robert Lee Frost

The Robin's Call



Rose Latulippe

The Royal Birth

77 S-T

The Sabbath



Saturday (2 drafts) 1963


Sensical Nonsense

The Simple Life




Someone's Birthday

Spring 1959

Spring 1960

Sprucing Up 1963

The St. Lawrence

St. Valentines Day

Still Life


A Swag Lamp

Summer Vacation

The Sun

Symphony Night

Symphony Night 1967

Talking Pages

A Task

There is an Ocean 1961

A Thought


Thoughts on April Fool's Day

Thoughts on April Fool's Day Time

To a Stillborn Child 1963

To a Symphonist

To Browning

To Browning, Our Pet Daschund

To Deborah Leanne 1965

To Lynn Sissons

To Spring

To Stanley Burke

To Theresa Stratus (2 drafts) 1963


The Tree Estate

A Trousseau Tea

78 U-W

Ultra Violet 1964

Un Poeme

Un Tour

Untitled-"Out of Atoms came Molecules"

Untitled-"For Whom the Bells tell"

Untitled-"The handyman with his gleaming smile"


Victoria Beach Early Morning

Victoria Beach is rightly named

Victoria Beach - Late June 1960


A Village of Lost Souls


A Voice from the past

Washed in the Blood of the Lamb

We Humans

Welcome Back Little Robin (2 drafts) 1962

What's in a name 1962

What the South Wind Blew in Today 1962

The White Man Came

The Wilderness

The Wind's Breeze

To Winnipeg



Women's Club

A Wonderful thing happened on the way to the forum (2 drafts) 1967

Worried (3 drafts)

A Wounded Constable (2 drafts)


Possibly intended as little books for publication.
79 Remembering by L.F.M. [ 1967 ]

(contains 6 pages, incomplete)


"Land of the Four Leaf Clover"

"Beautiful Isle of Bermuda"

"Sunshine on the Atlantic"

"The Duchess and Maria"

9 Adagio by L.F.M. contains n.d.,

(contains 15 pages)

"Clear Lake"


"A Brides Prayer"


"On immortality"

9 Two poems by Kathleen Rein

"Incantation, Part L"

"Spell of Creation-Year One"

Untitled Poems

A baby floating on a cloud

a falling leaf 1960

And the voice of a song whispers about 1959

Baseball and bat 1964

Bedrock bottom 1963

Come One (2 drafts) 1961

Crack went my right ear each poem is a skyline

Falling, Folling 1959

Flowers hear, did you know.

Go-old 1964

Hawling something out (2 drafts) 1962

How little knew lie of his crime

I am a puppy proud

I am here for you all 1961

I've been asked to appear on TV (2 drafts)

I'll have 20 more of those please 1957


Je fais un tour a Kingston

Knighthood is an lionor granted

My uncle, the son of an uncle's uncle

Now-maintenent (2 drafts) 1961

Once a heart is broken

Our precious grandson William Ross 1964

Right temple pains-pin prick like 1966

Rung by rung 1959

Sins of omission 1960

So many are born

So we managed to keep the ball rolling

The color of spring is grey

The waves are rollicking today

The word is obey 1960

Think how proud you'd be

Time will come

Today I've heard the word

Twas dreams we did not want

We had a little quarrel one day

We've Teen Talk 1959

What is the thought that dawns this day 1961

What meaning has a funeral service

Woodsman chopped 1959

Yet greater power than hath this earth

The good queen reigned so very long (incomplete)

Standing shapes of brilliant color


Footnote to the poem spring

Register of who received what poems

Index to Songs of Jupiter-a book of poems (2 drafts)

Forward and title page to "Songs of Jupiter"

Poems have been arranged by first line. Poems also contain some prose and personal anecdotes.

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VIII. Short Stories 1957-1963

Some short stories also contain poetry throughout the text.

81 By Title

A Magic Workshop

A Treatise on Modern Morals 1963

An Island in the Sky (2 drafts)

Ferd Porter's Ride (2 drafts)

Friday Night Club (2 drafts) 1956

Home (2 drafts) 1959

Island in the Sky (2 drafts, 1 incomplete) 1962

Nadia and her Goat (2 drafts) 1959

Of Greatness (3 drafts) 1959


Scene (2 drafts)

The End of a Hook (2 drafts) 1959

The Meeting (2 drafts)

The See Suns and their Relative Ties 1962

Closing a Deal (incomplete)

Twelve (2 drafts)

3 Untitled Short Stories identified by first line.

She took the youngest one on her lap, brushed her hair ... (2 drafts) 1957

They met in February, 1961 on a Saturday. 1961

You can say that again (2 drafts) 1961

One chance in a hundred they would be alive 1962

The telephone rang 1962

We'll be out of business in 3 months .....

I was wondering what there was .......

Don't go out tomorrow after-stay .....

And what does madam wish today? 1959

Junior held his head high

John stood before the long mirror (incomplete)

Mary stood beside the family plot.

The holier than though attitude ..... 1960

Be careful what you do (incomplete)

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IX. Manuscripts/Novels/Plays 1958, [19-?]
84 The Street of the Red Coat Original Draft (1958)
5 The Street of the Red Coat Second Draft
5 Introduction to Book and Author
6 The street of the Red coat - Play
7 Characters for "The Soundless Life" - Play

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X. Miscellaneous
86 Personal notes, and notes for prose and poetry

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