Olga Kuplowska:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba

Inventory prepared by David Perlmutter
University of Mantitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Olga Kuplowska

Olga Kuplowska fonds


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Biography of Olga Kuplowska

Olga (Olya) Kuplowska was born and raised in Montreal, Québec. She studied at McGill University (BA, Major in Psychology) and at the University of Toronto (MA, Applied Psychology).

Recently, she has taken early retirement from TVOntario, Ontario’s educational broadcaster, where she worked for over 32 years in several capacities, starting as a Research Officer testing program concepts and pilots with children and students, then as Director of Policy, Research and Planning and finally as the Board Secretary and Director of the Board Secretariat.

While at TVOntario, she represented the organization at various international forums, participated in international research ventures, and guest lectured at different universities. Her research activities included not only broadcast television but also television based learning systems and new technologies. Throughout her life, Olya has been an active member/supporter of the Ukrainian-Canadian community.

Growing up in Montreal, she was a member of the Ukrainian Youth Association (SUM) and the Poltava Dance Ensemble. Moving to Toronto in the early seventies, she became active in SUSK (Ukrainian-Canadian Students Union) and served on various defence committees such as the Committee in Defence of Soviet Political Prisoners, the Plyusch Tour Committee, and Action for Women’s Rights in the USSR. Later on, she became involved with the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association and served on its Board for many years. She has also served on other community boards, including those of St. Vladimir Institute and the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre. In addition, she has volunteered hundreds of hours as needed to numerous activities and projects over the years.

Currently, she is President of the Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies. Now that she is in semi-retirement, Olya is in the process of determining where next to channel her energies. Her key interests remain: women’s and human rights, multiculturalism, education, and the environment

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of material published by the Ukrainian Canadian University Students' Union and the Committee in Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners (press releases; minutes of the meetings; articles, correspondence, posters; and newspaper clippings).

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into four series:

  • 1. Committee in Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners (CDSPP)
  • 2. Action for Women's Rights in theUSSR
  • 3. "Student" - Canada's Newspaper for Ukrainian Students
  • 4. Posters

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Restrictions on Access

No restrictions on access.

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Restrictions on Use

No restrictions on use.

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Related Materials

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated to the University of Manitoba by Olga Kuplowska in 2007.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Committee in Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners (CDSPP) []
11 Ukrainian Canadian University Students' Union (SUSK), 1968-1973
2 Ukrainian Canadian University Students' Union (SUSK), 1973-1975
3 Committee in Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners (CDSPP), 1976-1977
4 CDSPP - Financial Statements, 1976
5 CDSPP - Financial Statements 1979-1980
6 CDSPP - Plyushch Tour Committee, 1976
7 CDSPP - Plyushch Tour Committee, Finances, 1976
8 CDSPP - Press Releases, 1971-1976
9 CDSPP - Political Prisoners, 1976
10 CDSPP - Plyushch Tour (1977), 1977-1981
21 CDSPP - Press Releases, 1977
2 CDSPP - Human Rights in USSR (Valentyn Moroz, Leonid Plyushch), 1976-1980

newspaper clippings, articles

3 CDSPP - Political Prisoners, 1975-1976

newspaper clippings

4 CDSPP - Political Prisoners, 1977-1978

newspaper clippings

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Action for Women's Rights in theUSSR,
25 Women's Rights in USSR 1974-1981

newspaper clipping, surveys

6 Addresses and Contacts
7 Articles and Speeches of Action Group, 1975
8 Chronology of Activities, 1975-1976
9 Correspondence (Incoming), 1975-1976
10 Correspondence (Outgoing), 1975-1976
11 International Women's Year (1975), 1974-1975
12 Action Committee - Minutes of Meetings, 1975-1976
13 Press Releases, Info on Women Political Prisoners, 1974-1975
14 Action Committee Leaflets, 1974-1975

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"Student" - Canada's Newspaper for Ukrainian Students 1970-1985
31 [ 1970-1974 ]
2 [ 1975-1977 ]
3 [ 1978 ]
4 [ 1979-1980 ]
5 [ 1981-1985 ]

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41 "The Abuse of Psychiatry in the USSR" - a meeting in defense of Soviet Political Prisoners Mykola Plakhotnyuk, Semyon Gluzman and Vladimir Bukovsky, New York City, [ 1975 or 1976 ]

Speakers: Andrei Amalrik with Daniel Berrigan, David McReynolds, Pavel Litvinov,

Sponsor: Committee for the Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners

2 Helsinki (Human Rights Code) - call to demonstrate in Ottawa, 1975

Sponsors: SUSK and Amnesty International

3 SUSK Poster, 1972

Quote from Ivan Drach's poetry

4 Rally in defence of Soviet Political Prisoners, Toronto, 1976

Key Speaker: Leonid Plyushch

Other Speakers: Terry Meagher, Michel chartrand, Joe Meslin, Jan Dukszta,

Sponsor: Plyushch Tour Committee

5 Free Ukrainian Women Political Prisoners: Nina Strokata, Iryna Stasiv-Kalynets, Iryna Senyk, Madia Svitlychna-Shumuk, Odarka Husyak, Toronto, 1975 or 1976

Sponsored by: Action for Women's Rights in the USSR

6 "The Left and the Soviet Union", New York City, 1976

Principal Speaker: Leonid Plyushch,

Panelists: I.F. Stone, E.P. Thompson, Grace Paley, Victor Gotbaum, Daniel Berrigan,

Sponsor: Committee for the Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners

7 Meeting with Leonid Plyushch, New York City, 1976

Sponsor: Committee for the Defence of Soviet Political Prisoners

(in Ukrainian)

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