George Knysh:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by V. Zvonik
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by V. Zvonik (2009)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

George Knysh

George Knysh fonds


24 cm of textual records and other material

MSS 305 (A.09-52)

English, Ukrainian, Russian

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Biography of George (Yurii) Knysh

George Dmytro Knysh, a professor in the Department in Political Studies at the University of Manitoba, is a son of the prominent Ukrainian political and community activist Zinovii Knysh and a journalist Irena Knysh, the author of many books on Ukrainian Women's movement. He was born in Cracow, Poland on October 8, 1940 and received his Canadian citizenship in 1955.

George Knysh graduated from the University of Manitoba with BA (1959) and MA (1962). In 1968 he obtained his PhD from the London School of Economics. He is a recipient of Snider Memorial Fellowship (1962) and Canada Council Fellowship (1970-71).

George Knysh is well known for his book Combat correspondence: selected epistolary confrontations on the question of Ukrainian identity published in Winnipeg in 1971. He also published many books on Ukrainian Christianity and Ukraine in Mediaeval times: Eastern Slavs and Christian millennium of 1988 (1987); Mediaeval times (1991); Biographical rectifications concerning Ockham's Avignon period (1986). By publishing a book U 90-littia Zynoviia Knysha (1996) he honoured his father's Ukrainian patriotism. His book Michael Shervinin and his philandthropic work in Winnipeg, 1904-1911 paid tribute to the well known Winnipeg philanthropist, scholar, and theologian Michael Sherbinin. George Knysh has also written many articles for various Ukrainian newspapers and Ukrainian Historical Association.

As a well known historian and political analyst, he is a member of many academic institutions including: Canadian Political Science Association, Mediaeval Academy of America, and New York Academy of Science. Dr. George Knysh is fluent in many languages: Ukrainian, French, Polish, Russian, and Latin. He is currently working on Irena Knysh's correspondence regarding her numerous publications.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and research material re: Rev. Michael Sherbinin, well known Winnipeg philanthropist and friend of Tolstoy, who spent three years with Doukhobors in Canada.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged three series:

  • 1. Michael Sherbinin - Manuscripts
  • 2. Michael Sherbinin - Correspondence
  • 3. Michael Sherbinin - Research material and notes

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Restrictions on Access

No restrictions on access.

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Restrictions on Use

No restrictions on use.

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Custodial History

The accession was donated by George Knysh in 2009.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Michael Sherbinin - Manuscripts, [ 1992-1994 ]
11 Michael Sherbinin in Winnipeg: a preliminary study by G. Knysh, 1994
2 Michael Sherbinin and his philanthropic work in Winnipeg (1904-1911), 1992

(includes correspondence)

3 Michael Sherbinin and his philanthropic work in Winnipeg (1904-1911), 1992

(final version)

4 5th Annual History Conference - Michael Sherbinin and his philanthropic work in Winnipeg (1904-1911), 1992

( includes research material)

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Michael Sherbinin - Correspondence, 1991-1997
15 G. Knysh's correspondence, 1992-93

(includes research material)

21 G. Knysh's correspondence, 1994-1997

(includes research material)

2 G. Knysh's correspondence - R.I. Sherbinin, M.A. Sherbinin, Betty de Sherbinin, 1992-1993
3 G. Knysh's correspondence - Betty de Sherbinin, 1991-1995
4 G. Knysh's correspondence - Betty de Sherbinin, Michael J. de Sherbinin, 1993

(includes research notes and material)

5 G. Knysh's correspondence - Thalia de Sherbinin, 1992-1994
6 G. Knysh's correspondence re: Elena Muller, 1993-1997

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Michael Sherbinin - Research material and notes
27 Research notes and correspondence, 1992-1994
8 Research notes, 1992-1994
9 Research material and notes, 1992-1994

(photocopies from the Winnipeg Public Library)

10 Research notes, 1992
31 Research notes and material, 1991
2-3 Research material - Michael Sherbinin's biographical information
4 Research material - Michael Sherbinin's correspondence (1902-1906)
5 Research material - Michael Shervinin's correspondence (1940-1941)
6 Research material - articles by Vira de Sherbinin
7 Research material from Michael J. de Sherbinin
8-9 Research notes and material from the Shervinin's Family Archives (biographical info and correspondence)


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