Stella Hryniuk:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba

Inventory prepared by Vladimira Zvonik
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
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Stella Hryniuk

Hryniuk-Stambrook-Mychalchyshyn fonds


0.5 m of textual records and other material.

Mss 388 (A.12-18)

English, Ukrainian

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Biography of Stella Hryniuk

Dr. Stella Hryniuk is a professor of History at the University of Manitoba. She was born in 1939 in Brandon, Manitoba where she obtained her elementary and secondary education. Her father, Walter Michalchyshyn, was born in Ukraine and came to Canada as a young boy with his parents, George and Kateryna Michalchyshyn. They settled in Manitoba and lived in Brandon, Portage la Prairie, and Shoal Lake.

From a young age, Stella Hryniuk wanted to understand and know more about her Ukrainian roots. She enrolled in University of Manitoba and received a B.A. (1971) and M.A. (1974). Her Ph.D. dissertation (1985) dealt with the Ukrainian peasant society in Eastern Galicia.

Since 1978, except one year (1986-1987) when she taught courses at the University of Toronto, she held teaching appointments at the University of Manitoba in the Departments of History, Education, and German and Slavic Studies. In 1997, she became an International Liaison Officer at the University of Manitoba, and helped students from foreign countries establish themselves at the University of Manitoba. Stella Hryniuk delivered many lectures and presentations on multiculturalism and Ukrainian history for which she received the University of Manitoba Outreach Award and the Dr. & Mrs. Campbell Outreach Award in 1991. She was also named YM-YWCA Woman of Distinction (1993) and received awards for Excellence in Research (1991). To further her studies, Stella Hryniuk made many trips to Ukraine, Poland, and Brazil.

For her extensive research, she received many grants from the Canadian government and various Ukrainian institutions and organizations. Stella Hryniuk wrote five books: Peasants with promise: Ukrainians in southeastern Galicia, 1880-1900 (1991), Canada's Ukrainians: negotiating an identity, The land they left behind: Canada's Ukrainians in the homeland (with J. Pickinicki as co-author), Holy Family Home: the first 50 years, and To pray again as a Catholic: the renewal of Catholicism in Western Ukraine. She was also the editor of three books: Twenty years of multiculturalism, Canada's Ukrainians: negotiating an identity, and Minutes of the Chair of Ukrainian Studies Seminar, Toronto. She also published numerous articles and reviews, many of them co-authored with Dr. Fred Stambrook, Dr. R. Yereniuk, Prof. L.Luciuk, and J. Pickinicki. Stella Hryniuk serves on many committees including the Canadian Association of Slavists, Canadian Conference on Ukrainian Studies, Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre in Winnipeg, and Ukrainian Professional and Business Club in Winnipeg. She has organized and raised funds for conferences held in St. John's College, University of Manitoba. She was an advisor for Partners for Civic Society, Canada - Ukraine Partners Programs for ESL Program in Ukraine (1995-1997).

Stella Hryniuk's academic research in Ukraine and her work in the Ukrainian community greatly enhanced the study of the Ukrainian Canadian experience

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Biography of Frederick G. Stambrook

Dr. Frederick George Stambrook was a longtime serving faculty member of the Department of History, University of Manitoba. He was born Frederick Sternberg in Vienna, Austria on November 16, 1929. Following the untimely death of his mother (Edith, 1932) and while his father (Karl) managed various industrial concerns, he was raised by his maternal grandparents (Weiss) in Vienna, and subsequently exiled to Prague in 1939. He became part of the Kindertransport which allowed him to seek safety in England from the Nazi regime. Having been sent alone to England to the care of his eventual stepmother Mimi, he was later reunited there with his father. He was evacuated from London in 1940 to the town of Lincolnshire (Willoughby), where he attended the local village school, learned English, and won a scholarship to Alford Grammar School. He spent youthful summers with his parents and stepbrother (Peter) and performed his post-war military service as an Education Officer, Royal Air Force (1950-1952). Having attained academic success, he was awarded scholarships at Oxford, St. Catherine's College (B.A. Hons-History) and the London School of Economics (B.Sc. Hons-Economics, PhD). While completing a PhD in International History in London, Dr. Stambrook worked in the British Foreign Office on the translation of captured German Foreign Office war documents at Whaddon Hall (Bucks).

His first academic appointment was as Lecturer in History at Sydney University (Australia). This was followed in 1968 by being appointed Assistant Professor of History at the University of Manitoba. It would be at the University of Manitoba where he would spend his academic career as an historian. His research interest in inter-war European diplomacy soon became secondary to his increasing administrative roles at the University of Manitoba where he served as Head of the German Department (1976-1977), Associate, Dean of Arts (1975-1977), Dean of Arts (1977-1982) and Vice-President, Academic (1982-1991). Following his administrative retirement, Dr. Stambrook was asked to fill-in as interim departmental head of Political Studies (1995-1997) and Native Studies (1998-1999). In May 2004, he was recognized as Dean Emeritus of the University of Manitoba. Later in his career, he and his wife, Dr. Stella Hryniuk, began doing extensive research on the immigrant experience to Canada, and the multicultural diversity of Hapsburg-Galicia. Much of his later research focused on the Ukrainian province of Bukovyna (Bukovina).

Besides being an academic, he loved sports. As a university student in England, he played cricket, rugby and football (soccer). His passion for soccer and his administrative talent were soon combined in his founding role with the Manitoba Minor Soccer Association. This led to his long-term contributions as President, Canadian Youth Soccer Association (1975-1979), President, Manitoba Soccer Association (1980-1986), and President, Canadian Soccer Association (1986-1992). His lifelong commitment to soccer was recognized with a Life Membership, Canadian Soccer Association (1999), Life Membership, Manitoba Soccer Association (2002), and induction as sports-builder into the Manitoba Jewish Sports Hall of Fame (1999) and Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame (2003). Some of his many achievements in sports were the championing of rural soccer in Manitoba, and of women's soccer in Canada, Host-President for the FIFA U-17 World Cup (Toronto, 1982), Chair of FIFA, Appeals Committees for soccer at the Los Angeles Olympics (1984) and World Cup (1994), involvement in Winnipeg Pan-Am Games bid (1999), and Chef de Mission for numerous traveling Canadian National Soccer Teams. He loved and supported the arts: ballet, opera and theatre, especially the Prairie Theatre Exchange. He also served as a Board Member of the Jewish Heritage Centre.

Dr. Stambrook passed away on July 15, 2005.

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Biography of Michalchyshyn Family

The Michalchyshyn family is one of many Ukrainian pioneer families who have shaped the history of Ukrainians in Manitoba. Walter Michalchyshyn was born on June 24, 1909 in Byczkiwci (Chortkiw), Ukraine. In 1923, he came with his parents, George (Yurii) and Kateryna Michalchyshyn to Canada, and settled in Portage la Prairie. His parents were deeply religious and were very active in the Church of Assumption in Portage la Prairie. They inspired their children and Walter followed his father’s footsteps, and became a cantor in theUkrainian Catholic churches.

In 1935 Walter married Catherine Kuzyk and worked as a baker in Brandon. Catherine was a devoted member of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League and other Ukrainian women’s organization. In 1948, the couple bought a bakery in Shoal Lake and worked there until 1959. When they moved to Winnipeg, Walter got a position as a supervisor at the Donut House. Walter was a member of Parish Council of St. Josephs Ukrainian Catholic Church, and the St. Nicholas Mutual Benefit Association. Walter and Catherine Michalchyshyn had five children: Irene (Gajecky), Stella (Hryniuk), Joseph, Ivan, and Ray. They are all educated professionals who followed their parents’ example in their love for Ukrainian culture and history. Catherine Michalchyshyn died on October 8, 2009 predeceased by Walter Michalchyshyn, who died on September 1, 2000.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of Stella Hryniuk's material on the Ukrainian Catholic Students Union "Obnova", the University of Manitoba; Andrey Sheptytsky Institute, St. Paul University, Ottawa; St. Vladimir's College, Roblin, Manitoba, and Ukrainian Art and Odessa Theatre posters. This fonds also consists of Michalyshyn Family material regarding St. Joseph's Church and Frederick Stambrook's FIFA and Canadian Soccer Association documents and memorabilia.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into 4 series:

  • 1. Stella Hryniuk fonds
  • 2. Mychalchyshyn Family fonds
  • 3. Frederick Stambrook fonds
  • 4. Soccer Pins and Artifacts

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Restrictions on Access

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Restrictions on Use

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated to University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by Stella Hryniuk in 2012.

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Other Finding Aids

  • Mss 285 (A.08-21) - Stella Hryniuk fonds
  • Mss 360 (A.11-75) - Michalchyshyn Family fonds
  • Mss 295 (A.08-64) - Frederick Stambrook fonds

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Stella Hryniuk fonds []
11 Obnova - Ukrainian Catholic Students, University of Manitoba - Minutes, Reports Brochures, 1956-1961
2 Members of "Obnova" - Photograph
3 Ukrainian Theatre - "Titka" - Program, Play, 1965
4 Obituaries - Friends, Ukrainians, St. Josephs Parish - Newspaper Clippings, 1980's-2000's
5 Adrey Sheptytsky Institute, St. Paul University, Ottawa - Press Releases, 1993-1995
6 Ukrainian Cultural Events, 1982-1992
7 Ukrainian Cultural Events - Newspaper Clippings, 1960's-1970's
8 St. Vladimir's College, Roblin, Manitoba - Seminars, Newsletters, 1957-1996
9 Posters - Located in the Map Cabinet
  • Odessa Theatre Posters (24)
  • Centennial Posters - Manitoba, Ukrainians in Canada (2)
  • Ukrainian Art Posters (11)

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Michalchyshyn Family fonds
21 Correspondence, 1944-2003

(includes ID's and biographical info)

2 Correspondence, 1939-1962
3 St. Joseph's Church - Documents, Annual Reports, Ukrainian Catholic Women's League Roster, 1960-2008
4 St. Joseph's Church - Membership lists, 1971-1980
5 Ukrainian Bishops, Church Anniversary Ribbons, 1950's -2006
6 Rev. Peter Romanyshyn, Shoal Lake - Photographs, 1954

(15 photographs)

7 Postcard from Metropolitan Michael Bzdel, 1987
8 Vintage Postcards
9 Deceased friends of Catherine Michalchyshyn - Memoriam Cards
10 Religious Pamphlets, 1951-1984
11 Religious Newsletters, 1060's - 2000
12 Calvary Cooks Creek, Manitoba - Marian Rally - Newsletter

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Frederick Stambrook fonds
31 Multiculturalism - Proposal to Establish a Centre Studies in Ethnicity, University of Manitoba, 1982
2 Holocaust - Kindertransport 60th Anniversary, 1999
3 Events participated in 1990's - Oxford Drama Group

(includes one photograph)

4 Peter J. Stambrook, CV, 1999
5 Library notes, Fisher Library, University of Sydney, 1962
6 Canadian Soccer Association and Manitoba Soccer Association - Life Memberships, 1999, 2002
7 Books
  • Manitoba Sports 25 Years: 25th Annual Induction Dinner, November 13, 2004, Winnipeg, MB
  • FIFA World Cup Italia 90
8 FIFA - Name Tags, Passes, Memorabilia, 1990's
9 President of the Canadian Soccer Association - Correspondence, 1966-1992
10 Manitoba Soccer Association - Constitutional By-Laws, 1990-2002
11 Manitoba Soccer Association - Correspondence, FIFA Regulations, 2004-2005
12 XIII Pan-American Games: Venues, Winnipeg, 1999
41 Soccer - Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, 1980-2006
2 Continental Qualifying Championship, Edmonton, 1996
3 Memorabilia of Soccer Tournaments, 1984-1988
4 1999 Pan-Am Games - Soccer Committee - Administrative Manual
5 FIFA Standard Statutes, Regulations, 1997
6 15th FIFA World Cup, 1994
7 Frederick Stambrook, Head of Delegation Report, Tour of East Asia, April 1991
8 Mexico 1986 World Cup of Soccer
9 FIFA World Cup USA 1994
10 Soccer - Newsletters, 1970's
11 FIFA - Technical Reports, 1989, 1992, 1995
12 Soccer Posters - Located in the Map Cabinet

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Frederick Stambrook - Lapel Soccer Pins, Artifacts
5 Soccer pins

(144 pins)

  • 1. Canada, CYSA, MSA, CSA, MYSA, FIFA (21)
  • 2. P.E.I., Nova Scotia, Quebec, N.B. (13)
  • 3. Ontario, BC (13)
  • 4. Alberta, Saskatchewan (28)
  • 5. Pan-American Games, 1999 (7)
  • 6. Manitoba Provincial Pins (9)
  • 7. Canada, CSA, SYSA, MSA, Manitoba Vince Leah (17)
  • 8. Olympics, Olympic Bids, Atlanta, Toronto 96, Calgary 88, Calgary 2010, Athens, USA, Argentina, Canada (15)
  • 9. Manitoba Games, Canada Games 89 Saskatoon, City of Winnipeg (9)
  • 10. FIFA World Championships, World Cup Pins, CSA AGM 2005 Medal, FIFA - SSSR 1985 Medal (12)
6 Miscellaneous artifacts - Flags, Tags, Post Cards, etc.

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