Hluschak Family:

An Inventory of Hluschak Family Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Vladimira Zvonik
University of Manitoba Archives & Speical Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by Vladimira Zvonik (2006)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hluschak Family

Hluschak Family fonds


0.05 m of textual records and 26 photographs

Mss 236, PC 230, A.06-54, A.10-75

English and Ukrainian

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Biography of Hluschak Family: John, Wasyl, Ella and Eugene Hluschak

Biographical Sketch: John and Wasyl (Bill) were brothers who immigrated to Winnipeg from Ukraine as young men. Ella (nee Kolytolo) was born in Winnipeg of immigrant parents. John and Ella met and married in Winnipeg. Eugene was their only child. John emigrated first in the late 1920’s and worked as a blacksmith in the CPR yards. He was also an extremely talented gunsmith and inventor. In his retirement years he worked at Assiniboia Downs as a masseur for jockeys. Wasyl came later to Canada and established a tailor shop on Selkirk Avenue. His shop became a favorite gathering place for men in the neighborhood. In the 1940’s he contracted Tuberculosis and spent several years in a sanatorium in the South Western United States. Ella developed skill as a seamstress and sewed wedding dresses for a local dress shop. In later years, she became a dietary supervisor at the Victoria General Hospital. Eugene spent his formative years in the North end of Winnipeg. He went on to study History and Anthropology at the University of Manitoba. Upon graduation, he was employed in the correctional system in Manitoba, and later in Social Work in Winnipeg, before embarking on a career in travel writing. His travels took him all over the world –South East Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, Africa and the Caribbean. Wasyl died in the early 1970’s; Ella in 1983 and John in 1989. Eugene met an early death at the age of 54 in 2004. The family set a remarkable example of hard work, ability and determination to succeed.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of Cloakmakers' Union correspondence (International Ladies' Garment workers' Union), material related to the Ukrainian Mutual Benefit Association of St. Nicholas and St. Peter, a program of the First Ukrainian Canadian Congress (1943) and various programs of Ukrainian cultural events (1939) and a photograph collection (1920).

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Restrictions on Access

No restriction on Access.

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Restrictions on Use

No restrictions on Use.

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Custodial History

The accession A.06-54 was donated to the Archives & Special Collections by Dr. Cynthia Cameron in 2006.

The accession A.10-75 was donated to the Arhcives & Special Collections by Dr. Cynthia Cameron in 2010.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Mss 236 (A.06-54)
11 International Ladies' Garmet Workers' Union - Correspondence, [ July 3, 1939 - Jan. 7, 1944 ]

includes "Fifth Anniversary - Cloakmakers Union, Local 216" booklet, October 5th, 1940

2 Ukrainian Mutual Benefit Association of St. Nicholas of Canada, 1934-1943
3 Ukrainian Mutual Benefit Association of St. Peter, 1943
4 Post Cards (Avramenko Film Company), 1975-76
5 Programs, 1939
6 First Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Program, 1943
7 Prayer book - "Anhelyk: molytvennyk", 1919
8 Confirmation of Baptism - Basilius Hluszczak (Brody, Polonia), 1931
9 Ukrainian Business Directory, 1944
10 Charter and Constitution of the Ukrainian Mutual Benefit Brotherhood of St. Peter, 1941

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Pc 230 (A.06-54)
11 Bill Hluschak (Gene Hluschak's uncle), 1920's

(14 photographs)

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Mss 236 (A.10-75)
11 Ukrainian Business Guide (Winnipeg) - Telephone Directory, 1936
2 Vasyl Hluschak's Ukrainian Mutual Benefit Association of St. Nicholas Membership, 1926-1946
3 Ukrainian Events - Announcements, 1937-1945
4 John Hlushchak's ID Cards (Ukrainian Bookstore, Winnipeg - USSR Post Service), 1956
5 Eugene Hluschak's Report Card from Ukrainian School in Winnipeg, 1962
6 "Kushnik's New Suit" by Eugene Hluschak

(a short story)

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Pc 230 (A.10-75)
11 Wasyl Hluschak, 1920

(2 photographs)

2 Ukrainian Dance (Choir) Group - Wasyl Hluschak, 1920's

(1 photograph)

3 Wasyl Hluschak, March 10, 1948

(1 photograph)

4 John Hluschak, 1950's

(2 photographs)

5 Hluschak Family

(3 photographs)

6 Post Cards, 1920's - 1940's
2 Oversize Photographs:

  • 1. Wedding: Ella and John Hluschak
  • 2. Ukrainian Dance (Choir) Group - Wasyl Hluschak
  • 3. Wasyl Hluschak in uniform (Ukraine)

(located in the map cabinet)

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