Janice D. Hamilton:

An Inventory of her family's papers, books and photographs at the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Samantha Booth
University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections
330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Finding aid encoded by Samantha Booth (6 January 2016)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections
330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library

Janice D. Hamilton
James Drummond Hamilton
Lillian May Hamilton
Thomas Glendenning Hamilton

Janice D. Hamilton fonds

1771, 1902-1959, [ca.1978]

0.19 m of textual records and 123 photographs

MSS 323, PC 272 (A2010-01, A2013-43)


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Biography of Lillian May (Forrester) Hamilton

Lillian May Forrester was born in 1880 to Samantha Rixon and John MacFarlane Forrester in Melrose, a tiny farming community in Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County, Ontario, near Belleville. The family moved to southern Manitoba in 1881, settling on a farm in the Aux Marais district, near the town of Emerson and the U.S. border. She served for a while as a school teacher, and in 1905 graduated from the Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing (now the School of Nursing of the University of Manitoba). She was an active member of King Memorial United Church for many years and was a life member and past president of the Women's Missionary Society. Mrs. Hamilton was also a past president of the Medical Faculty Women's Club, University of Manitoba, and was a member of the Women's Musical Club.

In 1906, she married Dr. Thomas Glendenning (T.G.) Hamilton in Elmwood. In 1909, their daughter Margaret Lillian was born; in 1911, their son Glen Forrester; and in 1915, their twin sons Arthur Lamont and James Drummond. The loss of Arthur in 1919 to the influenza epidemic encouraged the Hamiltons to engage with questions of life after death, and eventually establish the well-known Hamilton experiments in psychic phenomena, including the holding and recording of séances at their home, and other psychical research. Starting in the 1920s, Lillian not only helped organize and participated in the séances, but also carried out a large part of the secretarial work of researching, filing and analyzing the records; she also helped to prepare many of Dr. Hamilton's papers and articles. After T.G. Hamilton’s death in 1935, she carried on the séances and psychical research. From 1939-1940, she conducted two series of experiments with Hugh Reed, including several previous members of the Hamilton group, notably the medium Mary Marshall (aka “Dawn”). Lillian Hamilton brought the Hamilton investigations to a close in 1944, by which time the group had largely dispersed.

With her youngest son James D. Hamilton, Lillian completed the manuscript about the T.G. Hamilton research which was published as Intention and Survival in 1942. Until Lillian's health began to fail in 1955, she continued study of psychic matters and undertook the indexing and care of the Hamilton records. In the early 1950s, she and her daughter Margaret Hamilton Bach began collaborating on the work that was eventually published by Margaret as Is Survival A Fact? in 1969. Lillian died on 18 September 1956 in Concordia Hospital in Winnipeg.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds is comprised of two accessions. The first contains a photograph album with photos, newspaper clippings, programs from school events in the 1930s and other documents, as well as loose photographs and baby books for T.G. and Lillian Hamilton's twins, Arthur Lamont (1915-1918) and James Drummond (1915-1980). It also includes the Forrester family prayer book (printed in 1771). The second accession derives from Lillian Hamilton and James D. Hamilton’s personal records, including psychical research publications, photographs and files pertaining to some of T.G. Hamilton’s psychic experiments.

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on access to this material.

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Restrictions on Use

There are no restrictions on use of this material.

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Related Materials

This collection is closely related to and supplies complementary information for the Hamilton family fonds.

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Custodial History

This fonds was donated in two separate accessions, one in 2010 and one in 2013, to the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections by Janice Drummond Hamilton, daughter of James Drummond Hamilton and granddaughter of Thomas Glendenning and Lillian May Hamilton.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

A2010-01 (James Drummond Hamilton personal records) [ 1771, 1902-1959 ]

11 Hamilton family photograph album belonging to James Drummond Hamilton - in Winnipeg & Victoria Beach + newspaper clippings, school programs, condolence cards, 1 letter, 1 drawing interfiled loose 1902-1959 predom.
2 Photograph: James & Arthur Drummond, Victoria Beach 1918
3 Photograph: Night nurses, Winnipeg General Hospital 1902
4 Arthur Lamont & James Drummond’s baby books (compiled by Lillian Hamilton) 1915
Geley, Gustave. “From the Unconscious to the Conscious” [annotated by T.G. Hamilton] [1921]
Prayer book [correspondence and annotations: [18-]; 1905; 1935] 1771

carbon copy of letter from F.N. Drummond to D. Forrester re: common ancestors (1905) affixed to inside cover; autographed by various family owners (up to 1935), including Margaret (Drummond) Forrester and Lillian (Forrester) Hamilton

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A2013-43 (Hamilton psychical research) 1918-1950, [ca. 1978]
Photographs 1928-[195-]
11 Enlargements of T.G.Hamilton photographs (2) 1930, 1931
  • Group IX #34b “Katie’s Shining Garment” (25 February 1931)
  • Group VIII "The SHIP, August 3, 1930")
2 “Some excellent prints secured in 1949 & 1950” - 17 photographs reprinted in 1940s-1950s from 1928-[194-] + list of photographs 1928-[195-]
3 “Final teleplasm – Feb. 28, 1940” (2 photographs) 1940
Typescripts and articles 1925-1938, [ca.1975]
14 Typescripts by Lillian Hamilton for sittings, 1918-1927 [after 1927]
5 Chapter 20 of “The Margery Mediumship” (Psychic Science) + plates – annotated by Lillian Hamilton 1925-1926
6 “Quarterly Transactions of the British College of Psychic Science” (BCPS) - 10.3 (Oct. 1931), 14.4 (Jan. 1936), 16.2 (July 1937); single articles from Oct. 1928 and Jan. 1938 1928-1938
7 Lodge, Sir Oliver. “The Outline of Science” (Psychic Science XVI) 1922
8 Bond, Frederick Bligh. “The Pragmatist in Psychical Research.” (Clarke University symposium) 1927
9 “Ectoplasmic Threads” (Mediumship of Fran Ideler) [incl. 1 plate] – C. Blacher, trans. from German Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie 1931
10 Reading list & book review of “Intention and Survival” [ca. 1978]
Miscellaneous nd
111 Janice Hamilton – miscellaneous (annotated envelope; partial gift/shipping tag) nd

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