John P. Friesen:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Derek Persson
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(September 1998)

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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2

John P. Friesen

John P. Friesen fonds


60 cm textual records.

MSS 131


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Biography of John P. Friesen

John P. Friesen was born in 1912. He was the son of Peter J. Friesen and Anna Heinrichs. He received a few months education in a private classroom and later attended Houston School District No. 214. In 1932, he married Mary Neufeld. In 1933, they inherited 80 acres of land near Letellier, Manitoba. They rented 40 acres more and farmed this area for 12 years. In 1945, they bought a farm three miles west of St. Joseph, Manitoba. They were involved in mixed-farming in the early years and slowly went into cattle-feeding after 1950. By 1977, the area which he farmed had grown to 1200 acres. John's farming records, especially in regard to sugar beet farming, included him in a book by American historian Hiram M. Drache on successful farming in the twentieth century. John served on the local sugar beet board for 17 years and on the Provincial Sugar Beet Board for 6 years. He was also a school trustee from 1945 to 1966. John and Mary had four boys, William, Edwin, Clarence, and Jack. In total, John farmed for 45 years. He farmed with his son Clarence for sixteen of those years. He retired to Altona, Manitoba, where he died in 1998.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The fonds consists mainly of financial records in the form of farm account books. These account books were made available to farmers by various sources over the years, including the John Deere company, United Grain Growers , the Division of Agricultural Economics at the University of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Department of Agriculture and Conservation. There were a number of miscellaneous documents stuffed inside the account books; a few have been left where they were found but the larger groups of documents have been placed in separate folders. There are also computer printouts in this fonds from 1976 and 1977 from the CANFARM farm accounting system, which has a computerized program in which all financial transactions were coded and sent in by the farmer to the regional CANFARM office. These transactions were then compiled and sent out to the farmer in the form of printed summaries. There are also some newspaper clippings which were collected by Mr. Friesen which discuss income tax issues.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 1 series.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged chronologically.

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on this material.

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Restrictions on Use

Users must abide by relevant copyright legislation.

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Custodial History

Donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by John P. Friesen on October 5, 1995 (A. 95-44).

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Detailed Description of the Collection

John P. Friesen fonds 1933-1977
11 Article re: John P. Friesen
2 Farm Account Book 1933
3 Farm Account Book 1935
4 Farm Account Book 1936
5 Farm Account Book 1939
6 General Ledger 1939-1941
7 Farm Account Book 1940
8 Farm Account Book 1941
9 Farm Account Book 1942
10 Farm Account Book 1943
11 Farm Account Book 1944
12 Farm Account Book 1947
13 Farm Account Book 1950
14 Farm Account Book 1956
15 Farm Account Book 1957
16 Farm Account Book 1958
17 Farm Account Book 1959
21 Farm Account Book 1960
2 Miscellaneous Documents 1960
3 Farm Account Book 1961
4 Miscellaneous Documents 1961
5 Farm Account Book 1962
6 Miscellaneous Documents 1962
7 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings re: Income Tax Issues
8 Farm Account Book 1963
9 Miscellaneous Documents 1963
10 Farm Account Book 1964
11 Miscellaneous Documents 1964
12 Farm Account Book 1965
13 Miscellaneous Documents 1965
14 Farm Account Book 1966
15 Miscellaneous Documents 1966
31 Farm Account Book 1967
2 Miscellaneous Documents 1967
3 Farm Account Book 1968
4 Miscellaneous Documents 1968
5 Farm Account Book 1969
6 Miscellaneous Documents 1969
7 Farm Account Book 1970
8 Miscellaneous Documents 1970
9 Farm Account Book 1971
10 Miscellaneous Documents 1971
11 Farm Account Book 1972
12 Miscellaneous Documents 1972
41 Spicial Swine Enterprise Account Book 1966
2 Spicial Swine Enterprise Account Book 1967
3 Spicial Swine Enterprise Account Book 1968
4 Spicial Swine Enterprise Account Book 1969
5 Spicial Swine Enterprise Account Book 1970
6 CANFARM Printouts 1975
51 (Jan - May) CANFARM Printouts 1976
2 (Jun - Dec) CANFARM Printouts 1976
3 (Dec - Jul) CANFARM Printouts 1977
4 (Jun - Jan) CANFARM Printouts 1977
5 Miscellaneous Financial Documents 1977
6 CANFARM Printouts 1977

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