Julius Degen:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Jeff Long
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Julius Degen

Julius Degen fonds


0.39 m of textual records. -- 37 photographs. -- 5 negatives.

MSS 94


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Biography of Julius Degen

Julius Degen was born April 7, 1876 in Worms, Germany. At the age of nineteen he emmigrated with his two half brothers to the United States, eventually settling at Sibley, Iowa. It was in Iowa where he met the Schreiber family, becoming well acquainted with Albert, (A.G.). Albert Schreiber soon moved to Manitoba to work for the wealthy banker, H.L. Emmert, as a farm manager. When Albert heard of a second vacancy in Manitoba, he recommended Julius Degen. So, from Iowa, Degen moved to Manitoba whereupon he was given charge of the La Salle Farm, one of the three Emmert farms.

The H.L. Emmert Land Company was established by the wealthy Sibley banker, H.L. Emmert. He bought vast holdings in the Red River and Assiniboine River valleys in hopes of selling to American farmers. Within the Macdonald municipality, Emmert owned three experimental farms: the most prominent and experimental, under the guidance of Schreiber, was situated at East Oak Bluff; the second was a stock farm at Oak bluff which was famous for its shorthorn cattle, Berkshire hogs and registered thoroughbred horses, all of which fared well at the various Agricultural exhibitions; the third, a mixed farm, was run by Degen. These experimental farms were visited by faculty from the Manitoba Agricultural College, E. Cora Hind, American farmers on educational tours and by local and district farmers. Through these experimental farms, Manitoba farmers gained a richer knowledge of their trade, benefiting from new crops and from new procedures, such as summer fallowing.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The collection is arranged into three series. First and foremost are the personal and business papers and diaries of Julius Degen. A second, smaller portion contains material relating directly to the Emmert Land Company, for whom Degen worked. The third contains various materials relating to land, as well as farm receipts.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 3 series.

  • Biographical/Personal: 1895-1914, [19-?]
  • Ledgers: 1910-1943
  • Miscellaneous 1910-1927, [19-?]
  • Photograph Collection (PC 91)

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Restrictions on Use

There are no restrictions on this collection. However, users must abide by copyright laws.

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Custodial History

The Julius Degen collection was donated to Archives & Special Collections by Emma Degen, daughter of Julius Degen, on two separate occasions; the first bequest was made on February 25, 1993 with the remainder of the collection given in July of the same year.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical/Personal: 1895-1914, [19-?]
11 The Story of Julius Degen
2 Testimony - 2 Letters of reference: one in German, dated Worms, 1895 from Wilh. Schmalz. Approximate translation by Michelle Long appended. The second from H.E. Stanley of the H.L. Emmert Land Agency, 1914. 1895, 1914

Approximate translation of the contents of Box 1, Folder 2.

Evidence (Testimony)

Julius Degen, from here (i.e a local) has stayed (stood) at my place from June 1, 1892 until June 1895 as an apprentice. I certify (confirm in writing) that well, that he always accepted any assigned task with diligence and enthusiasm and also showed great interest for the business. As a sales person or storesman, I can well recommend Degen, especially as I hold him to be very honest...

3 Julius Degen's U.S. "Minor's Naturalization" certificate, n.d.
4 Certificate of Special Game Warden status - 1909:

North Dakota.

5 Certificate of Canadian Naturalization, 1914.

Includes Alien Investigation Card.

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Ledgers: 1910-1943
16 Julius Degen's bank books:

Merchants Bank of Canada, 1910 -

National Trust, 1920 -

Bank of Montreal, 1931 -

Royal Bank of Canada, 1932 -

Pocket Diaries:
17 Pocket Diary, 1929
8 Pocket Diary, 1930
9 Pocket Diary, 1931
10 Pocket Diary, 1932
11 Pocket Diary, 1933
12 Pocket Diary, 1934
13 Pocket Diary, 1935
14 Memoranda Booklet, 1932/1935?,

w/ Great-West Life logo.

15 Memoranda Booklet, 1937,

w/ Holland Binder Twine logo.

16 Milk Weight Record Memoranda Booklet, 1938,

w/ Royal Bank logo.

17 Memoranda Booklet, 1940,

w/ Holland Binder Twine logo.

18 Memoranda Booklet, 1943,

w/ Plymouth Binder Twine logo.

Farm Records:
119 Farm Labourers Account Book prefaced by address book, [ca. 1911-1914.]
20 Workman's Time Book, 1911-1912.
21 Monthly Time Book, 1913-1915.
21 Julius Degen's Farm Expense Ledger, [ca. 1916-1945],

includes letter from 1917, (see p. 200).

2 Day Book - Expenses, n.d.
3 Expense Ledger - La Salle Farm, 1910-1914.
4 Expense Ledger - La Salle Farm, 1910-1911, 1935, 1937 and 1940.

Includes farm plan and crop plan.

5 Miscellaneous Expense Booklet - 1912
6 Miscellaneous Expense Booklet, n.d.
7 Farmer's Pocket Ledger - catalogue - some expenses included, n.d.
8 Miscellaneous Expense Booklet, n.d.

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Miscellaneous 1910-1927, [19-?]
29 Letter from T.L. Wiper to Julius Degen, 1910.
10 Various receipts for the purchase of land/sale of wheat, 1913-1927.
11 Grid map of land available through the H.L. Emmert Land Agency, on obverse; map of La Salle Farm on reverse, n.d.
12 Miscellaneous farm receipts.
13 Business cards:

one of Horace C. Webb of the American Land and Loan Co.;

the second from H.L. Emmert Land Agency in the name of Julius Degen.

13 Newspaper clipping announcing the death of H.C. Webb.

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Photograph Collection (PC 91) [ca. 1895]-[19-?]

This series consists of the following subseries:

General Holdings: [19-?]

La Salle Farm: 1910-1914, [19-?]

Other: [ca. 1895], [ca. 1917]

Snapshots: Julius Degen [pre-1908]-1914

Snapshots - Family and Friends: 1910-1916, [19-?]

General Holdings: [19-?]
11 Map of the H.L. Emmert Agency's holdings. [19-?]

4 slide negatives

1 slide negative

2 colour photographs

La Salle Farm: 1910-1914, [19-?]
12 14" x 11", La Salle Farm, 1910-1914.
3 12" x 10", La Salle Farm, 1910-1914.
4 14" x 12", La Salle Farm, 1910.

Man on horseback is Julius Degen on his horse.

5 13½" x 11½". Tall man standing on machine is Bill Robb. Julius Degen is sitting on machine, third from right. [19-?]

2 copies

6 8" x 10", believed to be La Salle Farm, n.d.
7 13½" x 10", La Salle Farm, Autumn 1910.

Man on horseback is Julius Degen.

8 8" x 10", La Salle Farm - Threshing Machine. Julius Degen in centre of photo. [19-?]
9 8" x 10", La Salle Farm - Threshing.
Other: [ca. 1895], [ca. 1917]
110 8" x 10", Julius Degen's souvenir photo - on board the "President Grant", en route from Hamburg to New York, [ca. 1895]
11 4½" x 7¼", Julius, Clare (wife) & Emma Degan (1st 11 child), [ca. 1917]
Snapshots: Julius Degen [pre-1908]-1914
112 Working at the accounts. 1910-1914
13 With Albert Schreiber, [ca. 1909].
13 With Marlin Schreiber, pre 1908.
14 Hunting, [19-?]

5 photos.

15 With his horse, [19-?]

3 photos.

16 La Salle Farm - [19-?]

9 photos.

Snapshots - Family and Friends: 1910-1916, [19-?]
117 A.G. Schreiber (b. 1872), Wife Kathy (b. 1879) and 17 daughter Mildred (b. 1902). 1910.
18 Mr & Mrs. Caldwell - U.S. friends of Julius, moved into Alberta.
19 Herr und Frau Franz Viebeck at "The Big Farm", 1913-1916.

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