Richard Condie:

An Inventory of Richard Condie's Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Nicole Coffey and Brian Hubner
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Richard Condie

Richard Condie fonds


8.38 m of graphic material and other material

MSS 220, PC 196 (A.05-93, A.06-89)


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Biography of Richard Condie

Richard Condie was born in 1942 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He moved to Winnipeg where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba in 1967. Before establishing his career as an animator, Condie found employment in a variety of interesting fields. Between 1964 and 1969 he worked as a musician for the Manitoba Theatre Centre (1964), as a musician for CBC TV (1964-65), and as a sociologist in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia (1967-69). In both 1971 and 1972 he was awarded Canada Council Grants to experiment in animation. His experimentation resulted in the production of his first animated short film "Oh Sure", which was purchased in1978 by the National Film Board of Canada. Condie’s career as an animator was then established. He went on to produce nine animated films, two of which, "The Big Snit" and "La Salla", were nominated for Academy Awards. Condie’s work first garnered international recognition in 1980 when he was presented with an award in Tampere, Finland for his animated short film John Law and the Mississippi Bubble. His next animated shorts, "Getting Started" (1980) and "Pigbird" (1981) won a variety of awards in several countries including Yugoslavia, Portugal, Finland, Poland, Australia, Canada and the United States. Condie received his first Academy Award Nomination for "The Big Snit" in 1985. The "Big Snit" is Condie’s most famous film and winner of sixteen international awards. Condie received his second Academy Oscar nomination for "La Salla", his first computer-assisted animated short, in 1997. "La Salla" is the winner of nine international awards. Throughout his animation career, Condie has contributed to the film and video industry in almost every capacity: as animator, writer, director, producer, composer, and musician. He is an active member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the International Animation Society, and is a founding member of the Winnipeg Film Group. He continues to experiment with animation techniques.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds is compiled into five series; whenever possible the material is arranged chronologically. Because animation cels, layouts and dope sheets, vary in size and shape, this collection is stored in 1/2m archival boxes, over-size document boxes and map folders. The first series is comprised of biographical information, including Condie’s curriculum vitae. The second series contains Condie’s personal and professional correspondence. The third series is divided into six sub-series consisting of individual films: “Oh, Sure” (1972), “Getting Started” (1979), “Pigbird” (1982), “The Big Snit” (1985), “The Apprentice” (1991), and “La Salla” (1996). The material within these sub-series includes award notifications, film industry and newspaper reviews, exhibition programs, animation cels, backgrounds, layouts, and dope sheets, as well as publication and periodical information referring to Condie’s career in animation. Electronic photographs make up the fourth series as well as two physical photographs. A compilation video (VHS) of Condie’s work for the National Film Board of Canada concludes the series. The 2006 accession consists of approximately 100 painted cels from the film The Big Snit as well as 2 backgrounds created by Richard Condie's sister, Sharon Condie, for the same film.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into four series:

  • 1. Biographical info
  • 2. Correspondence
  • 3. Animations - films
  • 4. Animation cels
  • 5. PC 196

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on this material.

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Restrictions on Use

Extra care must be taken with this collection as it is very fragile and light sensitive.

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Related Materials

Sharon Condie fonds - MSS 222, PC 197, A.05-102

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Custodial History

The first accession of the Richard Condie fonds was donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by Mr. Condie in 2005. University of Manitoba Libraries acquired the second accession the following year.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical info
11 Biographical information

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Correspondence, 1980-2003
12 Personal Correspondence, 1980s
3 Personal Correspondence, 1990-2003
4 Awards

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Animations - films, 1972-85
15 "Getting Started"

Awards, Reviews, Exhibition Information

6 "Pigbird"

Awards, Reviews, Exhibition Information

7 "Heartland"

Awards, Reviews, Exhibition Information

8 "The Big Snit"

Awards, Reviews, Exhibition Information

9 "The Apprentice"

Awards, Reviews, Exhibition Information

10 "La Salla"

Awards, Reviews, Exhibition Information

11 "La Salla"
12 Miscellaneous Films
13 Major Exhibitions, 1980s
14 Major Exhibitions, 1990
15 The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Prairie Region Exhibition
16 Winnipeg Animation
18 General Publications

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Animation cels, 1972-85
21-16 "Oh, Sure", 1972

306 animated cels

1 key back, titles B1-B5, cels numbered #2-320

31-12 "Getting Started", 1972

945 animation cels

Scenes 1-8

41-13 "Getting Started", 1979

960 animation cels

Scenes 9-14, cels numbered #1-959

51-8 "Getting Started", 1979

900 animation cels

Scenes 15-18, cels numbered #1-899

61 "Getting Started", 1979


72 animation cels

Scene 15

2 "Getting Started", 1979


131 animation cels

Scene 16

71-17 "Getting Started", 1979

Oversize, dope sheets & layouts

Scenes 1-18,

18 "Getting Started", 1979


50 cels, 11 backgrounds

Titles and Credits

81-4 "Getting Started", 1979


14 pan cels

Scenes 8,14,15,16

5-17 "Getting Started", 1979


14 backgrounds


18-37 "Getting Started", 1979


18 backgrounds


38 "Pigbird", 1982

2 pan cels - numbered #184,185

39 "Pigbird", 1982

extra-puched cels

91-21 "Pigbird", 1982

cels numbered #1-795, backgrounds, layouts, and dope sheets

Scenes 1-10

101-14 "Pigbird", 1982

cels numbered #1-765, backgrounds, layouts, and dope

Scenes 11-15

111 "The Big Snit", 1985

shot list, numbered #1-1536

2 "The Big Snit", 1985

8 credits

3 "The Big Snit", 1985

40 colour guides

4-19 "The Big Snit", 1985

1482 pencil drawings

Shots #1-16

121-11 "The Big Snit", 1985

1628 pencil drawings

Shots 17-25, numbered #1-1627

131-9 "The Big Snit", 1985

1161 pencil drawings

Shots 26-32, numbered #1-1160

141-3 "The Apprentice", 1991

3223 cels in total for "The Apprentice"

Painted cels: Shots 1-3

151-2 "The Apprentice", 1991

Painted cels: Shots 5-6

161-3 "The Apprentice", 1991

Painted cels: Shots 7-9

171-3 "The Apprentice", 1991

Painted cels: Shots 10-12

181-4 "The Apprentice", 1991

Painted cels: Shots 13-16

191-7 "The Apprentice", 1991

9995 pencil drawings in total for "The Apprentice"

Pencil drawings: Shots 1-8

201-8 "The Apprentice", 1991

Pencil drawings: Shots 9-16

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PC 196
11 Photographs, 1980s
  • #1 - Staff at Q.A.S., n.d.
  • #2 - Richard Condie receiving a Genie award, 1986
2 Richard Condie's Family Album

VHS video

3 Photographs (electronic)

Located on Archives' hard drive

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MSS 220 (A.06-89), 1985
11-2 "The Big Snit," 1985

ca. 100 painted cels

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