Ann E. Carson:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archive & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Jeff Long
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2

Ann E. Carson

Ann E. Carson fonds


12.5 cm of textual records

MSS 106


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Biography of Ann E. Carson

Ann E. Carson was born in 1937. She received her Master of Arts from the University of Manitoba in 1961. Her thesis, Le Portrait que nous donne Molière du pédant, du poète et du précieux is held by Dafoe Library. She was employed by the Elizabeth Dafoe Library until the late 1970s. Carson expressed interest in not only writing, but also in languages, travel and study, having ventured to Paris and to Berkeley. This collection covers Carson's literary career only, from the mid 1960s up to the 1980s.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The fonds contains an original music score, several unpublished stories, a play, and poetry. There are copies of her published work in Voxair .

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 5 series.

  • Original Music
  • Prose
  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Miscellaneous

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on this material.

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Restrictions on Use

Users must abide by relevant copyright legislation.

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Custodial History

Ann E Carson M.A., donated her literary papers to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections between 1982 and 1985.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Original Music
11 A Prologue & untitled.

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12 "Carletto E Lo Spiritello Burlone",

4 drafts.

3 "Sex and the CBC",

6 drafts.

4 "Hotel Life as I Knew it",

2 drafts.

5 "Recits de Tante Martine".
6 "The Voltaire Story".
7 "Charlie and the Poltergeist".
8 "Border Crossing".
9 "An Essay on Revenue Canada".
10 "The Nature of Man".
10 "Margaret Goodall".
11 "Elizabeth"
12 "Amnesia"

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111 Dialogue for "A Play on Morality".

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112 Submitted to Counter Measures Magazine .

Includes A Bach Ode, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Hyacinths Must Pale, In Praise of Folly, Lineal Vectors, The Silent Heart.

13 File of poetry including:

Amid the Dark, Amid the Gloom Antioch, Averroes, Avuncular, Axanametric Verse, A Bach Ode, Ballad Verse,Ballet Shoes, The Banshee's Wail, Bitter to the Taste is Unrequitted Love, Bitter Verse, Chastity, Clichés, Colors, A Comedy for Cophetua, De La Misère Humaine, Desire, Do You..., Et Seguente, and many more.

14 File of poety including many of the ones listed in folder 13
15 File of poety, mostly handwritten.

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116 Book reviews for: Femmes de Chez Nous , Persévérance , La Quête de Mathsalem , and Dix plus un demi .
17 Newspapers - Voxair : March 7, 1984, Nov. 30, 1983, Oct. 5, 1983, Aug. 10, 1983.
18 Newsclippings - Carson's poems Voxair :

June 15, 1983, Oct. 5, 1983, Nov. 30, 1983, March 7, 1984, June 13, 1984, Aug. 8, 1984, Dec. 12, 1984, Jan. 9, 1985, March 6, 1985, March 6, 1985, June 26, 1985.

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