Het Johan Borgman Fonds fonds:

An Inventory of its books and newletter collection at the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Samantha Booth
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Finding aid encoded by Samantha Booth (30 June 2015)
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Collection Summary

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Het Johan Borgman Fonds

Het Johan Borgman Fonds fonds


0.2 m of textual records

MSS 458 (A14-43)

Dutch, English

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Administrative History of Het Johan Borgman Fonds

Het Johan Borgman Fonds (HJBF) was founded in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands in 1969 by Dutch natural healer and artist Johan Borgman (1889-1976) as an organization dedicated to his interests: academic investigation of parapsychology, natural healing, and art. It has funded a number of projects including Ph.D. research in psychic healing at Utrecht University and the creation of Het Johan Borgman College in 1995 to train students in natural healing techniques, and many conferences, art exhibits, and publications. Since 2007, HJBF has undertaken a number of projects to organize and facilitate the transfer of library and archives collections relevant to parapsychology, psychical research, Spiritualism, and other esoteric systems to permanent library and archives repositories in the Netherlands, Germany, and elsewhere, including this small collection of publications.

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Scope and Contents of the Records

Fonds consists of 13 issues of newsletters from 3 different parapsychological societies, as well as 16 books regarding parapsychology, telepathy, and spirit communication through mediumship. The fonds contains two series: newsletters, organized by publication name; and books, arranged alphabetically by author surname.

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

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Restrictions on Use

Users must abide by relevant copyright legislation.

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Related Materials

This fonds is one of a series of fonds and collections transferred to the Archives by Walter Meyer zu Erpen, President of the Survival Research Institute of Canada. It is related to the various other Psychical Research and Spiritualist Collections that the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections has attracted since it acquired the Hamilton Family fonds. It is particularly related to the Alexander Imich fonds (MSS 389, PC 342 (A12-10)), which also contains issues of the Applied PSI Newsletter (1983-1992) and PSI News: Bulletin of the Parapsychological Association (1982-2002).

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Custodial History

This collection was donated by Het Johan Borgman Fonds to the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections, facilitated by Walter Meyer zu Erpen (President, Survival Research Institute of Canada), in 2014.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Newsletters [ 1970-1982 ]

1 1 Parapsychological Association – PSI News 1978-1981
2 Parapsychological Society of India – PSI Newsletter 1970-1971
3 Spectrum Foundation, Center for Applied Intuition – Applied PSI Newsletter 1982

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Collected Books 1928-1990
1 Dietz, P.A. "Telepathie en Helderziendheid." Den Haag : H.P. Leopolds 1936
Dietz, P.A. "Wereldzicht der parapsychologie." Amsterdam : H. Meulenhoff [1939?]
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Mourik Broekman, M.C. van. "Parapsychologie en Godsdienstig Leven." Den Haag : H.P. Leopolds 1938
"Paragnosten in de (politie)praktijk. Verslag van een symposium gehouden te Nieuwegein op 6 oktober 1990." Edited by F.W.J.J. Snel, P.C. van der Sijde and W.H. Kramer. [Den Haag] : Nederlandse Vereniging voor Parapsychologie 1990
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Tenhaeff, W.H.C. "Het spiritisme." Den Haag : H.P. Leopolds 1965
Zorab, G. "De jacht op het spiritistisch bewijs." Den Haag : L.J.C. Boucher 1940
Zorab, G. "Het opstandingsverhaal in het licht der paraspychologie." Den Haag : H.P. Leopolds 1949
Zorab, G. "Proscopie. Het raadsel der toekomst." Den Haag : H.P. Leopolds 1953
Zorab, G. "Parapsychologie voor iedereen." Den Haag : Leopold 1976
Zorab, G. "D.D. Home, het krachtigste medium aller tijden. Een biografie en een verdediging van de authenticiteit van de bij hem waargenomen verschijnselen." Den Haag : Leopold 1980

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