Janet Beaton:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Wendy Prystenski and Brian Hubner
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by V. Zvonik (2014)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Janet Beaton

Janet Beaton fonds

1904 -1995

2.84 m of textual records and 56 glass slides

Mss 413 (A13-20)


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Biography of Janet Beaton

In 1969, Janet Beaton graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Manitoba. She later pursued a master’s degree majoring in maternal/infant nursing and in 1986 received her PhD in the same major at a time when attaining these higher level nursing degrees was uncommon. Beaton held various roles in the faculty of nursing at the University of Manitoba throughout her career including Dean of Nursing from 1992 to 1998 and Dean Emerita 2000. She demonstrated exemplary leadership at a time when nursing education was undergoing significant changes as the province transitioned from nursing diploma education located in hospitals to baccalaureate education in universities and colleges.

In 1984, Beaton was a scholar-in-Residence, Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy, an extremely competitive, prestigious honour and as a result co-authored a highly regarded book, Life-death decisions in health care. Beaton was well published throughout her career. One notable paper was entitled, “Toward a new view of nursing science: Implications for nursing research” co-authored with M. B. Tinkle. This seminal article was considered a major breakthrough in the philosophy of nursing science and was on the graduate reading list for most master’s and PhD programs in North America. Beaton was also a pioneer in international development work in nursing.

In 1989, she secured funding that enabled faculty at the U of M to work with faculty members at the West China University of Medical Sciences to develop an undergraduate program in nursing. It was a training ground for other faculty members who became engaged in international development activities. The legacy of Beaton’s work in this area is that the faculty of nursing at the University is recognized today both nationally and internationally for its excellence in international development programs.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of material re: Canada/China Nursing Project; research material on China Mission; and conference papers and publications.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into five series:

  • 1. Canada/China Nursing Project
  • 2. Research on China Mission
  • 3. Glass Slides
  • 4. Research, Conference Papers, Publication
  • 5. Victoria General Hospital Foundation, Sigma Theta Tau, Faculty Archive Material

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Restrictions on Access

No restriction on access.

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Restrictions on Use

No restriction on use.

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by Janet Beaton in 2013.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Canada/China Nursing Project, [ 1989-1995 ]
11 CIDA - Strategy for Health
2 China Education - Information
3 China Baccalaureate Programs
4 Chinese business cards
5 e-mail project
6 Li Jiping - Chengdu
7-9 National Elements Project, 1994-1995
10 National Elements visitors to workshop, October 14-30, 1994
11 Nursing curricula - PRC
12 CIDA - Interest
21 CIDA - Guide to quarterly equipment update
2 Proposal for reform in baccalaureate nursing education at WCUMS
3 Regional director - WHO Western Pacific
4 SULCP submission
5 SULCP - Guidelines for proposal
6 CIDA UPCD tier I proposal
7 CIDA UPCD tier II microfund - "A Degree Project for Cert. Nurses in China"
8 WCUMS - Correspondence
9 Visit of Dr. Tang and Mrs. Lu, March 1995
31 Visit of Yin Lei and Li Jiping, September 1996
2 Visit of Mrs. Cheng, Mrs. Feng and Mrs. Zhao, August 1994
3 Yin Lei
4 SULCP - Correspondence, 1995-1996
6 Judith M. Scanlan
7 ECSACON - Correspondence
41 ECSACON Uganda report
2 China master's program development
3 China project
4 China Linkage - Correspondence, student information
5 China - General information
6 China Linkage, October 1992 workshop
51 Canada/China University Linkage Program
2 Africa Linkage - Proposal, budget
3 National Elements - 1997
4 National Elements proposal
5 CIDA files, AUCC-CPF working paper, etc…..
6 AUCC - Information
7 CIDA - Quarterly reports (I)
8 CIDA - Quarterly reports (II)
9 CIDA - Annual reports
61 Canada/China Linkage proposal to AUCC 1989
2 CCULP - Correspondence 1995-
3 Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
4 CIDA - Contract (I)
5 CIDA - Contract (II)
6 CIDA Health Support Service
7 CIDA - Dept. of Agriculture, Economics & Farm Mgt. U of M (I)
71 CIDA - Dept. of Agriculture, Economics & Farm Mgt. U of M (II)
2 Language training and orientation
3 CCCSU/CCULP newsletters & reports
4 Correspondence - Travel
5 SULCP project
6 Canada/China Linkage - General information (I)
81 Canada/China Linkage - General information (II)
2 Visit of Mrs. Chen & Zhu Dan, April 20-May 9, 1993
3 China visit - C.C. & J.S., Sept. 22 - Oct. 24, 1993 - workshop
4 Yu Shujun - Potential student
5 Tu Kequin - Student from WCUMS
6 WCUMS -Information (China)
7 WCUMS/UM Det. Budget 1990-1995
8 Visit to China - J.B., I.B., C.C., J.S. - Sept. 15-Oct. 19, 1992
9 Headlam report
91 Nursing in China
2 Canadian project director's conference - Montreal - Feb. 26/27, 1991
3 Visit to China, June/July 1990
4 CIDA projects - Info. (background)
5 CIDA: Educational Institutions Program
6 CIDA Briefing Centre - In-Country Orientation Programme (ICOP) China
7 CanTest
8 AUCC micro-fund no. 1 & 2
9 Visit to China - Oct. 1990
10 Traditional Chinese medicine
11 Tianjin Medical University Conference - May 1992
12 Planning mission (China)
101 Project Hope
2 National Nursing Conference in China
3 Canada/China Linkage Project - Correspondence 1990-1994
4 Chinese Medical Journal 1987
5 Canada/China Nursing Project - Photographs

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Research on China Mission
111 Janet Beaton - Names & numbers
2 Janet Beaton - Correspondence
3 Janet Beaton - Background: Church publications
4 Janet Beaton - Medical missions
5 Sonya Grypma
6 Janet Beaton - 'Canadian Missionary Nurses in China: 1894-1951'
7 Caroline Wellwood - Biographical data (duplicate)
8 Janet Beaton 'Caroline Wellwood: Founder of Modern Nursing in Southwest China'
9 Janet Beaton 'Our Grand Little Hospital'
10 Struggle for BN Education at West China Union University: 1940-1950' (final article)
11 Struggle for BN Education at West China Union University: 1940-1950'/Janet Beaton
12 Struggle for BN Education at West China Union University: 1940-1950'/Janet Beaton
Materials related to establishment of university-level nursing education at WCUU 1940's-early 1950's
121 Establishment of degree program in nursing, WCUU (I)
2 Establishment of degree program in nursing, WCUU (II)
3 Establishment of degree program in nursing, WCUU (III)
131 Missionary women
2 Biographies of missionaries - General
3 Biographies of missionaries - Asson-Kilborn
4 Biographies of missionaries - Kilborn-Smith
5 Biographies of missionaries - Snider-Wheeler, other
6 Women missionaries (I)
7 Women missionaries (II)
141 Maternal feminism
2 Gender
3 Writing start for a chapter
4 Research on China mission 1890-1895
5 Research on China mission 1896-1900
6 Research on China mission 1901-1905
7 Research on China mission 1906-1910
8 Research on China mission 1911-1915
151 Research on China mission 1916-1920
2 Research on China mission 1921-1925
3 Research on China mission 1926-1930
4 Research on China mission 1931-1935
5 Research on China mission 1936-1940
6 Research on China mission 1941-1945
7 Nursing, Chengdu - WMS hospital
8 Deaconess training school
Research on Training Mission
161 West China mission: general
2 General Board medical work, West China
3 General Board medical work, West China - nurses
4 General Board medical work, West China - Physicians
5 General Board medical work, West China - Chengdu Hospital
6 General Board medical work, West China - nursing school
7 General Board medical work, West China - teaching hospital
8 Women's Missionary Society
9 Missionary nursing schools - China (I)
10 Missionary nursing schools - China (II)
171 Duplicate & typed reference material
2 WCUMS archives
3 West China mission council
4 Christian Guardian articles 1850-84
5 Sub-executive of the WMS
6 Miscellaneous information
7 West Honan mission Prestbyterian
8 Book: Conceptual framework/notes - Plan for book and presentations
9 Book: Conceptual framework/notes - socio-political context
10 WMS/general board relations
11 WMS/general board relations - Conceptual framework
12 Issue of sharing Sunday school revenue - Also contains some material on medical work in Chengtu
13 Joint medical plan
14 Plans for West China Union University; Map of Chengtu
15 WMS property valuation; plans WMS medical property
16 Materials from Rockefellar Archive Center re: PUMC; Bernice Chu
17 Mission nursing article in 'The Canadian Nurse'
18 Original letter - Laura Hambley describing burning of Renji
19 Cultural imperialism
181 Interviews: Renji Hospital - Oct. 1994; June 1995
2 Pronunciation
3 Biographical information
4 Wu Ueh bin
5 Interview with Hazel Heffren (1996), X-Mas cards from Heffren, Hambley, book promo.
6 Special objects (WMS)
7 Information to acquire from Victoria
8 United Church Archives list of accession numbers
9 WMS nursing personnel (Chengdu)
10 UC archival material reviewed
11 New England Moral Reform Society
12 Papers presented: China
13 Article: 'Caroline Wellwood: Pragmatic Visionary'
14 Vignette: Caroline Wellwood
15 Photos: West China
16 West China medical personnel - Photo identification
17 Neither Heroines nor Martyrs'
18 DVD: Healing Honan, 9 discs: 'China: Materials from UC Archives'
191 Scrapbook of Women's Missionary Monthly articles
2 Laura Hambly's class records
3 Photos from Hazel Heffron from her aunt's album
4 Background articles and reference lists (I)
5 Background articles and reference lists (II)
6 Photos of Chinese hospital, nurses, & notes
7 Map of Wei River region
8 Hsiao Hsiao Chao letter

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Glass Slides, 1904-1942
20 Laura Hambley's Glass Slides

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Research, Conference Papers, Publications
211 Life-Death Decisions: It's Impact on Nurses' - Article and Speech
2 Graduate student-faculty collaboration article
3 Towards a New View of Science'
4 History of the Faculty of Nursing
5 Women's Expectations in Labour' (speech)
6 Presentation - Clinical Nursing Research Symposium
7 Life-Death Decision Making in Health Care' - Memorandum of Agreement
8 Abstracts (I)
9 Abstracts (II)
10 Issues in graduate nursing education
11 Article: 'Childbirth Expectations: A Qualitative Analysis'
12 Perspectives on Nursing Theory
13 Program Development and Maternal-Child Health Consultation'
14 NNICU: Impact on Parents and Providers
15 A Systems Model of Pre-Mature Birth'
221 Dimensions of Nurse and Patient Roles in Labor'
2 Module - Prenatal and Abdominal Examination
3 M. Heaman Project - 'A Comparison of Childbirth Expectations…'
4 Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units…'
5 Leadership/Scholarship in Nursing'
6 Historical images of the mat. Nurse & Pt.
7 National Nursing Week
8 Correspondence with Finnish collaborators
9 Issues in Canadian Nursing Education'
10 Nursing Education in China'
11 Childbirth expectation articles
12 West China University of Medical Sciences
13 WCUMS - Project background information 1990-1997

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Victoria General Hospital Foundation, Sigma Theta Tau, Faculty Archive Material
231 Victoria General Hospital Foundation - Certificate of Recognition
2 Sigma Theta Tau National Honor Society of Nursing - Membership
3 Faculty archive material

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