Rev. Alexander Baran:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by V. Zvonik
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by V. Zvonik (2008)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rev. Alexander Baran

Rev. Alexander Baran fonds


36 cm of textual records; 208 photographs; one photo album; and other material.

Mss 221, Pc 224, El 13, A.08-71

English, Ukrainian, Czech, Latin, Hungarian

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Biography of Rev. Alexander Baran

Rev. Dr. Msgr. Alexander Baran was born on March 28, 1926 in Koncove, a suburb of Uzhhorod, Carpatho-Ukraine. His father Viktor Barany was a secretary to the Czechoslovakian prime minister (1935-1939) M. Hodzha. Rev. Baran finished B.A. (History-Slavic) at the Charles University in Prague in 1948. He left Czechoslovakia after the communist putsch in 1948 and continued his studies in Rome, Italy. In Rome he completed two doctorate degrees, one in theology (Urbanianum University) and one in history (Eastern Oriental Institute). During his years in Rome he studied and worked at the Vatican Archives. On March 25, 1954 he was ordained to the priesthood by the Archbishop Ivan Buczko and worked as a priest among Ukrainian immigrants in England and Belgium. In 1961 he arrived in Winnipeg where he worked in different parishes (Holy Eucharist, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Josaphat, Christ the King and Sts. Peter and Paul).

In 1964 he became the chaplain of “Obnova”, the Ukrainian Catholic Students’ organization at the University of Manitoba and in 1965 he started teaching at the University of Manitoba as a part-time lecturer. Rev. Baran became a full-time professor of history in 1966 and taught courses in theology and Byzantine arts, history until 1991. He completed his study in Canada by received his M.A. (Slavic) from University of Ottawa in 1976.

Rev. Alexander Baran’s main sphere of interest was Cossack history, Ukrainian Church history and Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenian) history. He knew many languages (Ukrainian, English, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Latin). In 1968 Rev. Baran and George Gajecky (co-author of Cossacks in the Thirty Years War) spent time in the Viennese Archives going through the documents from 17th century about Cossacks activities in the western Europe. It let to their two volumes work “the Cossacks in the Thirty Years War “ (1969, 1983). Another research project Rev. Alexander Baran was involved in was bringing the Vatican documents relating to the “History of Roman Catholic Church in Canada from 1668” to Winnipeg. He acquired the documents for St. Paul’s College and documents were microfilmed in 1967 with grants from the Canada Council and National Archives.

Rev. Alexander Baran was the author of many scholarly works on the Church history of Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia), on pre-Khmelnytsky Cossack history, Ukrainian church history in Canada. He published articles in scholarly journals: Alma Mater, Analecta OSBM, Logos, Bohoslovia, Harvard Ukrainian Studies, Ukrainian Historian, and UVAN (Ukrainian Academy of Arts & Sciences in Canada) collection – New Soil-Old Roots; Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine 988-1988; Jubilee Collection of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts & Sciences. He is co-author of the Cossacks in the Thirty Years War, v.1-2 (1969, 1983). Rev. Baran compiled and edited a book about his father Viktor Barany - "Dennyk Viktora Barana" (1996). He collected the research material for his book in the Czech Archives (Statni Ustredni Archiv v Praze) in 1989. Rev. Baran was a long time member of many Learned Societies: the Shevchenko Scholarly Society Association, the Association of Canadian Slavists, CIUS, the Ukrainian Historical Association, and an associate of the Ukrainian Research Institute at the Harvard University. He was also involved in many Ukrainian organizations: a president of UVAN for many years (1973-76, 1980,1989), a president of Conference of Ukrainian Studies, a president of Shashkevych Cultural Society and a member of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian Cultural & Educational Centre. The “Papal Honour of Chaplain to His Holiness” was granted by Pope John Paul II in favour of the Rev. Dr. Msgr. Alexander Baran at the request of the Most Reverend Michael (Bzdel, CSsR) Archbishop of Winnipeg and Metropolitan of all Canada in 2004. Rev. Alexander Baran passed away on October 12, 2004.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

This fond consists of Rev. Baran's identification documents; education documents; travel documents; awards and honors; his father's (Viktor Baran) diary; and a photograph collection depicting his childhood and 50 years of priesthood.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into two series and photograph collection

  • 1. Biographical information
  • 2. Artifacts
  • 3. Additional material
  • Pc 224, A.08-71
  • El 13, A.08-71

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Restrictions on Access

No restriction on access.

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Restrictions on Use

No restriction on use.

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Related Materials

Book collection of Rev. Alexander Baran is located in the Slavic Collection, E. Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by the Estate of Dr. Rev. Alexander Baran as represented by the Executrices: Irene Gajecky and Marika Gawron in 2008.

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Other Finding Aids

Mss 221, Tc 58, A.05-49

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical info
1 (Oversize) Education - Degrees (Doctorate Degrees from Urbanianum Portifical Oriental Institute), Awards,Honours ,

(includes one oversize photograph - Class photo 1950 (Ukrainian Catholic College S. Josaphata in Rome)

21 Biographical info - Curriculum Vitae, Newspaper clippings, 1964-2004
2 Victor Gejza Baran (father) - Statement of Death (1943), 1948

(includes correspondence re: V. Baran's death)

(in Czech)

3 Viktor Baran's Diary, 1940

(in Czech)

4 Martha Barany - Duliskovic (mother) - Soviet Union Passport , 1972
5 Documents confirming Czechoslovak's Citizenship, Residency - Permission to live in Prague 1945-47

(in Czech and Russian)

6 Rev. Baran's Birth Certificate, 1941

( in Hungarian)

7 Rev. Baran's High School Transcripts, Registration, (Uzhhorod) 1936-44

(in Hungarian)

8 Rev. Baran's Student ID, Registration (Index), Transcripts - Charles University in Prague, 1946-48

(in Czech)

9 Rev. Baran's Travel Documents - Temporary Passport, 1948

( in Czech)

10 Rev. Baran's Foreign Study Visa, 1948

( in Italian)

11 Various Travel Documents, 1947-61

(in Italian, Czech)

12 Rev. Baran's Student ID, Registration, Transcripts - Ukrainian Catholic College (S. Josaphat) in Rome, 1948-55

( in Latin)

13 Transcripts and Courses, 1956-58

( in Latin)

14 Canadian Passports (void), Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, 1948- 98

(includes Martha Barany's Certificate of Canadian Citizenship)

15 Rev. Baran's ID and Membership cards, 1970's-90's
16 Certificates of Honor and Achievements - Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg, 1961-2004

(in Ukrainian)

17 Knights of Columbus - Certificates of Appreciation and Honor, 1967-1999
18 Rev. Baran's 50 Years of Priesthood, 2004

(nespaper clippings, correspondence, guest book)

19 Statement of Death (October 12), October 16, 2004
20 Jaroslav Rozumnyj's Reminiscence of Rev. Baran, October 16, 2004

(in Ukrainian)

21 Rev. Baran's Obituaries - newspaper clippings, 2004
22 Correspondence - Ukrainian Catholic Archdiocese of Winnipeg, 1958-1985

( in Ukrainian)

23 One Share of "Kalyna", 1976
24 Rev. Baran's notes - Diary in Hungarian, notes re: Peter Mohyla, 1948
25 Archeparchy of Winnipeg - Constitution - " Sviashchenyi fond Vinnipegs'koi Arkhyieparkhii"

( in Ukrainian)

26 Ukrainian Church in Diaspora - outline

(in English, Ukrainian)

27 Joseph Volosynovskyj's Biography by A. Baran, n.d.

(in Latin)

28 A. Baran's thesis - "Metropolia Kioviensis at Eparchia Mukacoviensis", 1957

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3 - Oversize

  • 35 years As A Lord of Priest - Letter Opener
  • Obnova (Ukrainian Catholic Students at the Manitoba Universities) - Plaque
  • Charter Chaplain - St. Paul's College, Canada's First Campus Council - Plaque
  • Honorary member of "Tsentral'na narodna rada Karpats'koi Ukrainy" - Plaque
  • Karpats'ka Sich 1938-1939 - Medal

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Additional Material
41 Zbirnyk propovidei: pro 400-littia vidnovlennia iednosti Ukrains'koi Tserkvy z Tserkvoiu Vselens'koiu/ Lotots'kyi, Katrii, Pekar, Sabon, 1995
2 Romanyshyn, Petro. Narys istorii Ukrains'koi Katolyts'koi Tserkvy vizantiis'ko-slovians'koh obriadu v Nimechchyni do 1945 roku, 1980.
3 Cossacks in the Thirty Years War by G. Gajecky and Alexander Baran, v.1 1969

(work copy)

4 Cossacks in the Thirty Years War by G. Gajecky and A. Baran, v.2, 1983
5 Zakarpattia - Baran's notes, excerpts, research material, 1938-39
6 O. Kushnir's manuscript - Halyts'kyi klyr na pochatku XX stolittia
7 Ukrainian Catholic Parishes Incorporation Act, 1970
8 V. Shandor's newspaper articles, 1970's-1980's
8 Baran's research material - notes from Czech Archives,

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PC 224, A.08-71
11 Rev. Baran's Childhood, 1927-1937

(6 photographs)

2 Rev. Baran's mom - Martha Baran (Duliskovic)

(1 photograph)

3 Rev. Baran's father - Viktor Gejza Baran, 1938-1943

(10 photographs)

Photographs were used in V. Baran's book "Dennyk", 1996.

4 Ukrainian Catholic College (S. Josaphata) in Rome - Class photos, 1955-1959

(4 photographs)

5 Ordination of Rev. Baran, 1954

(8 photographs)

6 Rev. Baran at his father's grave, 1990's

(3 photographs)

Photographs were used in V. Baran's book "Dennyk", 1996.

7 St. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral

(1 photo)

8 Obnova (Ukrainian Catholic Students at the Manitoba Universities) Banquet, 1969, 1972

(6 photographs)

Photographs were taken by Paramount Studios.

9 Weddings, 1970's

(2 photo)

Photographs were taken by Napoleon Studio, Winnipeg, Ottawa

10 Holy Spirit Seminary, 2001-2002

(1 photo)

Photograph was signed by all participants.

11 UVAN Executive Board, 1973

(1 photo)

12 Rev. Baran's various photographs with friends and family, 1970's - 2002

(23 photographs)

13 Rev. Baran's 50 Years of Priesthood - Celebration, 2004

(7 photographs)

14 Rev. Baran's Funeral, 2004

(37 photographs)

21 Rev. Baran's Portrait, Rev. Baran at home, 2000

(3 photographs)

2 BUM (Brotherhood of Ukrainians in Manitoba?) Hall, 1960's

(12 photographs)

3 Rev. Baran - Seminary, 1954-59

(7 photographs)

4 Rome - Marian Year - Ordination of Rev. Baran, 1954

(12 photographs)

Photographs were taken by G. Felici, Giordani, Rome

5 Ukrainian Pilgrimage, Rome (St. Peter's Cathedral), Pope Pius XII, Bishop Buczko, 1967
6 Picture Album - Rev. Baran's college life (St. Josaphat in Rome), 1950's

(23 pages)

7 Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome - Father Kohut, 1970's
8 Launch of Kubijovyc's Encyclopedia of Ukraine, 1984

(8 photographs)

Photographs were taken by Krasnopera Photographer, Winnipeg

9 Graduation Class - St. Paul's College, n.d.

(1 photograph)

10 Obnova - Photographs for Progress Weekly, 1960's

(7 photographs)

11 Rev. Baran's family in Ukraine, 1960's

(4 photographs)

12 Priests from Zakarpattia, Rome, ca. 1960

(1 photographs)

Photograph was taken by Foto Attualita, Rome

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El 13, A.08-71

CD is containing digitized photos and documents of Rev. Alexander Baran

(shelved with PC 224, A.08-71)

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