Agassiz Centre for Water Studies:

An Inventory of Its Records at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Kathryn F. Dean
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
331 Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2
(December 1984)

Finding aid encoded by Brett Lougheed (June 2006)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
331 Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2

Agassiz Centre for Water Studies

Agassiz Centre for Water Studies fonds


5.6 m of textual records

UA 44 (A.80-24, A.83-48, A.84-28) [formerly MSS 36]


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Administrative History of the Agassiz Centre for Water Studies

By 1966, it became apparent that important decisions with regard to water resources and water utilization in western Canada would have to be made in the near future. Certain members of the staff of the University of Manitoba had been making plans to initiate interdisciplinary studies that would produce a comprehensive technical and economic study of water utilization.

Encouraged by the President, H.H. Saunderson, these members presented a research proposal to the federal government in the hope that the merit of the proposal would be recognized and funds made available in order that the work might progress with the desired rapidity. It was from this initial proposal that the Agassiz Centre for Water Studies developed.

The Agassiz Centre for Water Studies was established in 1968 to assist and coordinate the interdisciplinary study of water resources and utilization in western Canada. The Centre was a central office, a publishing house, and a source of funds to bring interdisciplinary researchers together to conduct research on water resources. Its mission was to develop some facility at interdisciplinary work which would provide information on the current state of water management, and which would point out needed new directions for environmental management research.

Colloquia and seminars were sponsored in cooperation with the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources. In 1969 the Centre's administration was reorganized and Steering, Publications and Conference Committees were formed. The publications of the Centre attest to the significance of its accomplishments. In particular, "The Allocative Conflicts in Water-Resource Management" provided an evaluative tool of interdisciplinary research which was expected to serve as a good model for continuing efforts in that direction.

By 1972, research topics and programs began to range widely--so much so that some were considered peripheral to the main thrust for the Centre's existence. As a result, the Centre's terms of reference were revised and tightened. By 1975, the Centre was working on the last year of a five year grant from the Inland Water Directorate of the Department of the Environment and was having difficulty getting approvals for research projects that were deemed not a priority by the Department. A proposal was put forward to radically alter the internal structure and research direction of the Centre. However, by this time, the Centre was considered no longer a viable enterprise and an orderly wind-down of its ongoing research was begun. The Centre effectively terminated operations on December 31, 1976.

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Scope and Contents of the Records

The records detail the early interest in water research on the campus of the University of Manitoba, how the Centre came to be created, how it carried out its activities, and what the consequences of its activities were. The fonds includes terms of reference, research proposals, minutes, and correspondence related to the Centre's creation and operation. There are also progress reports, financial statements and general ledger accounts, along with a variety of published and unpublished reports, conference proceedings and discussion materials.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into eight series: Administration, Financial Statements, Publications, Unpublished Materials, Organizational Affiliations, Sources of Research Funds - Guides, Environment Canada Folder, and International Hydrological Decade Seminar, 1973.

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Restrictions on Use

There are no restrictions on the use of this fonds.

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Custodial History

The Office of Graduate Studies retained the records of the institution following its closure in 1979.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Administration, [ 1966-1983 ]
Papers of the Office of the Vice-President (Academic), 1966-1983
11-2 Pre-Aggassiz Research Proposal and interdisciplinary communications (see also UPC ACW 30(1) 1966 and UPC ACW 30(2) 1967), 1966
3-7 Correspondence - Office of the Vice-President (Academic), 1967-May 1972

(includes memos, agenda, minutes of meetings and general correspondence)

21-6 Correspondence - Office of the Vice-President (Academic), June 1972 - December 1983

(contents - as above)

31 Terms of Reference (drafts), 1970-1975
2 Terms of Reference (final copies), 1970-1975
3 Membership lists, n.d.
3 Steering Committee lists, n.d.
4 Staffing - the Directorship, n.d.
5 Staffing - Support Staff, n.d.
National Advisory Committee on Water Resources Research, 1968-1976
41 Site Visitation Committee (various universities), 1968-1971
2 Site Visitation Committee, University of Manitoba, September 30-October 1, 1968
3 Second copy of above, September 30-October 1, 1968

(retained because of important handwritten notes and marginalia)

4 Site Visitation, March 13, 1970
5 Site Visitation Reports, April and June 1971
6 NACWRR Grant, 1971-1973
7 Agassiz Centre preliminary offering of research agreements, 1973-1974
7 Agassiz Centre Appendix - Research agreement budget breakdown, 1973-1974
51 First year budget proposal to the Development and Grant Visitation Committee, 1969-1970
2 Application for development grant, 1970-1971

(3 annotated copies plus relevant correspondence)

3 Application for development grant, 1971-1972

(3 annotated copies plus relevant correspondence)

4 Final publication of application for development grant with supporting documentation, 1972-1973
5 Grant applications, 1973-1974

(2 annotated copies)

6 Final publication of application for development grant plus relevant correspondence, 1974-1975
7 Application for development grant plus relevant correspondence, 1975-1976
8 Supporting documentation for grant applications, 1969-1970
Papers of the Agassiz Centre Office, 1972-1977
61-4 Correspondence - Agassiz Centre Office, 1972-1973
71-3 Correspondence - Agassiz Centre Office, January 1974 - April 1977
4 Agassiz Centre Newsletter (irregularly published), n.d.
Applications for Individual Grants-in-Aid, n.d.
81-11 Applications (funded and not funded) and assessments, alphabetically arranged, A-R, n.d.
91-4 As above, S-Z, n.d.
Progress Reports (Individual and Summary), 1967-1975
101 Pre-Agassiz Centre Progress Report, 1967
2 Progress Report, 1968
3 Progress Reports, 1969-1970
4 Program Review and Evaluation, 1974-1975
5 Agassiz Centre Overview Chapter Synopsis (see also UPC ACW 21), n.d.
6 Progress Report submission and summary, 1974-1975
7 Professor Laliberte's response on multidisciplinary programs, 1974
8 Progress Report (Summary), 1972-1973
9 Progress Reports (Individual), 1972
10 Progress Reports (Individual), 1973
11 Request for Student Progress Reports, 1978

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Financial Statements, 1967-1979
General Ledger Accounts (Office of the Vice-President (Academic)), 1967-1979
111 General Ledger Accounts - Account No. 336-6705-01, 1971-1973

(arranged chronologically within each account number, signing authorities indicated)

2 Documents related to above - e.g. budget statements, purchase orders, payrolls and transfers of funds, 1971-1973
3 General Ledger Accounts - Account No. 336-6705-01, 1974-1979
4 Documents related to above - e.g. budget statements, purchase orders, payrolls and transfers of funds, 1974-1979
5 General Ledger Accounts - Account No. 336-6705-03, 1972-1975
6 Documents related to above - e.g. budget statements, purchase orders, payrolls and transfers of funds, 1972-1975
7 General Ledger Accounts - Account No. 336-6705-04 and 336-6705-05, 1975
8-9 Miscellaneous financial statements from the Office of Research Administration (Mr. H.H. Jacobs), 1967-1979
General Ledger Accounts (Individual Grantees), n.d.
121-17 A-C, n.d.
131-16 D-K, n.d.
141-15 L-N, n.d.
151-15 P-S, n.d.
161-6 W-Y, n.d.
7 SEAP Program, n.d.
8 Agassiz Centre Sub., n.d.
Agassiz Centre Office, 1974-1977, n.d.
171-3 Publications - Orders, 1974-1977
181-3 Publications - Invoices, 1974-1977
191-4 Publications - Invoices, 1974-1977
201 Publications - Cash Receipts, 1974-1977
2 Interdepartmental charges, n.d.
3 Off-Campus purchases, n.d.
211 Interdepartmental Expenses, re: closing of the Centre, n.d.
2 Final inventory and correspondence relating to closing of Centre, n.d.
3 Budget summaries and breakdowns, re: closing of the Centre, n.d.
4 Support staff - financial records, re: closing of the Centre, n.d.

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Publications, 1967-1976
General Information, 1969-1976
221 Original listing and inventories, n.d.
2 Abstracts, n.d.
3 Publication policies, 1969-1976
4 International Standard Book Numbers and International Standard Serial Numbers (rarely used), n.d.
5 Publications Summary and Publications Pending, n.d.
Publications - Series 1-5, 1967-1976
231 External Reports: Annual Report - final and draft copy, 1968
2 External Reports: Annual Report - final and draft copies, 1969
3 External Reports: Annual Report - final and draft copy, 1970
4 External Reports: Annual Report - final and draft copy, 1971
5 External Reports: Annual Report - final and draft copy, 1972
6 External Reports: Annual Report - final and draft copy, 1973
7 External Reports: Annual Report - draft copy, 1974-1975
8 External Reports: Annual Report - draft copy, 1975-1976
241 Research Reports - No. 2, "Constitutional Aspects of Water Management," V. 1, R.D. Gibson, ed., 1968
2 Research Reports - No. 3, "Constitutional Aspects of Water Management," V. 2, R.D. Gibson, ed., 1969
3 Research Reports - No. 4, "Economics of Water Resources Planning," G. Schramm, 1970
4 Research Reports - No. 5, "The Hydrogeologic Behaviour of an Unconfined Aquifer," (seee UPC ACW 2(5)), Hamid Bakhtiari, 1972
4 Research Reports - No. 6, "A Framework for Economic Planning of Watershed Drainage," G.A. Norton and J.A. MacMillian, 1972
5 Research Reports - No. 7, "Urban Impacts of Rural Resources Development Expenditures in the Interlake Area of Manitoba," J.A. MacMillan and Chang-Mei Lu (see UPC ACW 2), 1973
5 Research Reports - No. 8, "Public Investment Criteria: Applications to a Project in the Souris River Basin 1973," E.A. Gardiner (see UPC ACW 2 (8)); plus rough draft and other publications by E.A. Gardiner, n.d.
251 Research Reports - No. 9, "The Allocative Conflicts in Water-Resource Management," 1974

(25 articles)

2-3 Relevant correspondence for above Research Report, n.d.
261 Research Reports - No. 10, "An Integer Programming Analysis of Alternative Churchill River Diversions," G.R. Blattenberger and G.R. Moore, 1976
2 Research Reports - No. 11, "Alternative Energy: A Bibliography of Practical Literature," O. Hawaleshka and G. Stasynec, 1976

(Includes final copy and relevant correspondence)

3 Research Reports - No. 12, "The Evolution of the Echimanish River: Northern Manitoba," S.L. McLeod, 1976
4 Master copy and relevant correspondence for above Research Report, n.d.
5 Research Reports - No. 13, "The Meaning of Nature: A Survey of the Western Approach," Thomas Cobb, 1976
271 Proceedings - No. 1, "Proceedings of the Water Resources Research Conference," 1967

(Draft, final copy and relevant correspondence)

2 Proceedings - No. 2, "Prairie Water Research Symposium No. 1, The Souris River Basin," 1968

(Draft, final copy, correspondence and list of conference participants)

3 Proceedings - No. 3, "Waste Management Seminar Proceeding," 1971

(One folder of separate papers and correspondence and financial records relevant to the Seminar)

4 Proceedings - No. 4, "The Relationship of Water Development to the Canadian Identity," R.C. Booking, 1972
5 Proceedings - No. 5, "Management Approaches to Pollution Control: 1972-1973," 1972

(Unbound copy, publicity, correspondence, participants and attendees)

281 Proceedings - No. 6, "The Last Bottle of Chianti and a Soft Boiled Egg," Canadian Law and the Environment, Workshop No. 1, 1971

(final copy relevant correspondence)

2 Proceedings - No. 7, "Ask the People," Canadian Law and the Environment, Workshop No. 2, 1972

(final copy relevant correspondence)

3 Proceedings - No. 8, "Canada's Environment: The Law on Trial," Environmental Law Conference Proceedings, Manitoba Institute for Continuing Legal Education and Agassiz Centre for Water Studies, 1973
291 Proceedings - No. 9, "As We See It," Canadian Law and the Environment, Workshop No. 3, Agassiz Centre, 1973

(unbound copy)

2 Proceedings - No. 10, "National Conference on Environmental Impact Assessment: Philosophy and Methodology," Agassiz Centre (see UPC ACW 14), 1973

(contains list of participants and text of one speech)

3-4 Correspondence relevant to the Proceeding above, n.d.
5 Receipt books relevant to the Conference from the Proceeding above, n.d.
301 Internal Reports - No. 1, "An Examination of Moisture Deficits and Irrigable Land in Relation to the Potential for Irrigation Development in the Prairie Province," R.A. Hedlin and C.F. Shaykewich, 1970
2 Internal Reports - No. 2, "A Preliminary Economic Analysis of Outdoor Recreation in the Souris River Basin," H.D. Schellenberg and W.J. Craddock, 1971
3 Secretariat Reports - No. 1, "Study of Institutions in Water Management on the Prairies," (see UPC ACW 18) n.d.

(An interim report by Donna Keates)

4 Secretariat Reports - No. 2, "The Social Sciences and the Agassiz Centre (A Project Description of the Problems and Possibilities of Involving Social Scientists in Water Studies," by Harry D. Stimson (see UPC ACW 22), n.d.
5 Secretariat Reports - No. 3, Student Environment Awareness Program Report and Proposal (see UPC ACW 20), and relevant materials, Summer 1971 and Winter 1971-1972
6 Secretariat Reports - No. 4, "The Agassiz Centre for Water Studies Program Evaluation," by Norman B. Brandson and Nancy C. Kennedy, n.d.
7 Secretariat Reports - No. 5, "Environmental Research and Teaching at the Universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg and Brandon," by John Gordon (see UPC ACW 15), n.d.
7 Secretariat Reports - No. 6, "Feasibility Study: Water Information Centre," by Don Mills and Carol Budnick, n.d.
8 Secretariat Reports - No. 7, "Compendium of Prairie Statutes Relating to Water Law," by M.J. Phelps, 1971

(relevant correspondence)

9 Secretariat Reports - No. 8, "Student Environmental Awareness Program (see UPC ACW 23), Summer 1972
Canadian Nature Federation, Special Publication, n.d.
309 Canadian Nature Federation, Special Publication - No. 2, "The Destruction of Manitoba's Last Great River," by R. Newbury and G. Malaher, n.d.

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Unpublished Materials, 1967-1975
311 Bailey, Ron. Natural Environments as Resources: A Case Study of the Churchill River Diversion of Northern Manitoba , 1975
2 Bruce, J.P, and D.E.L. Maasland. Water Resources Research in Canada , n.d.
3 Capel, R.E., and C.B.A. Ross. Estimates of Demand for and Benefits of Outdoor Recreation at Proposed Sites in the Souris River Basin , 1969
4 Chevalier, M., and Jeffrey Patterson. Planning for the Development and Use of Social Science Research for the Problem of Canadian Water Resources , December 31, 1967

(Prepared for the Privy Council Science Secretariat)

5 Dixon, Richard C. Constitutional Aspects of Water Export , 1968
6 Duckworth, H.E. Address given to SIGMA XI meeting, October 19, 1967 , 1967
7 Gibson, Dale. The Constitutional Context of Canadian Water Planning , n.d.

(This was a preliminary draft written for the Canadian Council of Resource Ministers and not intended for publication until after October 1968)

8 Gilman, A.S. How Many Tons of Floodway Is an Hour's Welfare Worth? , 1968
9 Hare, F.K., and J.E. Hay. Aspects of the Large Scale Annual Water Balance Over Northern North America , 1971

(Discussion material for Regional meetings 1971)

10 Hedlin, R.A., et al. Water Requirements for Irrigration in Western Canada , n.d.
11 Janisse, M.P., and T. Gilmore. Attribution of Pollution in Two Canadian Cities , n.d.
12 Laycock, A.H. Summary of Research Activities Relating to Water Resources at the University of Alberta , n.d.
13 Lansdown, A.M. Energy in Society - The Delicate Balance , 1974

(Presentation to the Science Teachers Association of Manitoba 1974)

14 Hedlin, R.A. Irrigable Land in Western Canada , 1968
15 Leckie, G.W. Problems of Interdisciplinary Research , 1968
16 Luten, D.B. Prospective Need and Demand for Water in the United States and in the Canadian Prairies , 1967

(University of Manitoba Colloquim, March 13, 1967)

321 Murray, J. Potential Irrigation Development: Western Canada Prairies , 1967

(University of Manitoba Colloquim, February 1967)

2 Newbury, R. An Interdisciplinary Contribution to Western Water Planning , 1967
2 Newbury, R. Interdisciplinary Water Resources Study: The Pembina Basin Project , 1968
2 Newbury, R. The Evaluation of Water Landscapes Research Proposal , 1972
3 Roos, L. Quasi-Experiments and Environmental Policy , n.d.
4 University of Manitoba. Department of Landscape Architecture, Grindstone Recreational Study: Hecla Island Provincial Park and Recreational Area , February 1972
5 University of Saskatchewan. Research Activities Related to Water Resources and Water Utilization , 1967
6 Sawatzky, H.L. The Pembina Project: Socio-Economic Implications of Irrigation Development , 1968
7 Schramm, Gunter. The Economics of a National Canadian Water Policy , 1968

(Preliminary draft)

7 Schramm, Gunter. Real Costs and Real Benefits Under Present Federal Water Resources Evaluation Procedures , 1969

(A paper presented at the Eighth Annual Meeting, Western Regional Science Association, Los Angeles, 1969)

7 Schramm, Gunter. Maximizing Net Benefits - the Objective Function , 1968
7 Schramm, Gunter. Analyzing Opportunity Costs: The South Indian Lake Issue , 1970

(first draft)

7 Schramm, Gunter. Final draft of the above paper, 1973
8 Shapiro, L.J. The Effects of Pollution on the Public's Attitude Towards Water , n.d.
9 Simkin, R. Comments on Consumption, Income, Distribution and Growth , n.d.
10 Turnbull, I.D. The Administrative Aspects of Water Utilization in Western Canada , 1968

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Organizational Affiliations, n.d., 1969-1973
331 Manitoba Man and Resources Planning Committee, n.d.
2 Canadian Council of Resource and Environmental Ministers, n.d.

(Task Forces involved and Overview of Man and Resources Conference )

3 Canadian Council of Resource and Environmental Ministers, n.d.

( Man and Resources Conference Reports on Ownership )

4 Council of Centres at Universities for Research on the Environment, n.d.
341 Universities Council on Water Resources, 1973

(Correspondence, By-Laws and Annual Meeting, 1973)

2 American Water Resources Association, n.d.
3 Canadian Nature Federation, n.d.
4 Canadian Environmental Law Research Foundation, n.d.
5 Canadian Water Digest, n.d.
6 City of Winnipeg - Clean Environment Commission, n.d.
351 Mailing List for Affiliates, n.d.
2 Man and the Bio-sphere (UNESCO), n.d.
3 Great Plains Agricultural Council, 1969

(Includes their Publication #34 - Modifying the Soil and Water Environment for Approaching the Agricultural Potential of the Great Plains, March 1969)

361-3 Canadian Water Resources Association, n.d.

(General correspondence, annual meetings and conference reports)

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Guides to Sources of Water Resources Research Funding, n.d.
371 Guides to Sources of Water Resources Research Funding, n.d.

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Environment Canada Folder, n.d.
372 Co-operative Pollution Abatement Research Program, n.d.
2 Inland Waters Directorate Support Program, n.d.
2 Science Subvention Program, n.d.
2 Newsletters and Publications, n.d.

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International Hydrological Decade Seminar, 1973
373 Miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1973

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