Howard Newns Reed :

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Samantha Booth
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library
(July 2015)

Finding aid encoded by Andrea Martin (July 2015)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library

Howard Newns Reed

Howard Newns Reed fonds


0.25 m textual records; 3 books; 2 photographs; 2 audio recordings (audio cassette and CD)

Mss 381 EL 41 (A15-69)


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Biography of Howard Newns Reed

Howard Newns Reed was born in London on April 28, 1914 to Morris and Emmaline Reed. He studied at the London Hospital Medical School and became an optometrist, graduating in 1941. During the Second World War, medical practitioners were being called up to utilize their skills as part of the armed forces. Reed opted to join the Colonial Medical Service in Africa where he was stationed in Tanzania until returning to England in 1946. Shortly afterwards, Reed moved to Winnipeg to open an optometry clinic. Though the collection of spiritual science material in his Winnipeg home would become immense, it wasn’t until 1963 that Reed came into contact with Spiritualism. Shortly after his mother’s death, Mary Wright, a medium who was married to Reed’s father’s cousin, contacted Reed and told him that she had experienced a vision of his mother, who instructed her to write to Howard and say how sorry she was that in life she did not know of Spiritualist communication with the departed. Reed became intrigued, but it wasn’t until 1970, on a trip back to England, that Reed decided to attend a Spiritualist sitting. This, in turn, led to his attendance at a Spiritualist church service which impressed Reed and stoked both his spiritual and scientific curiosity, leading to more and more research and dabbling. Before his death in 2010, Reed collected approximately 3,000 books related to spiritual science, many of which were donated to the Survival Research Institute of Canada (SRIC) between 2000 and 2006.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

This second accession of the Howard Newns Reed fonds is composed of several unpublished works of George W. Meek (ca. 1984-96), 8) correspondence and other materials removed from Reed's books still held at SRIC, projectiology and hypnosis publications, publications by the Foundation Church of the New Birth, and sound recordings.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged in part with the transferring agent in accordance with specifications he provided. The two accessions have been kept separate.

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on this material

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Related Materials

This fonds is one of a series of fonds and collections transferred to the Archives by Walter Meyer zu Erpen, President of the Survival Research Institute of Canada. It is related to the various other Psychical Research and Spiritualist Collections that the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections has attracted since it acquired the Hamilton Family fonds (MSS 14). It is especially related to the Walter David Falk fonds (MSS 443), as Howard Reed and Walter Falk were close friends.

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Custodial History

The second accession (A15-69) was also transferred by SRIC, in 2015, from materials donated by Howard Reed from 2000-2006, and by his estate in 2010; the materials removed from books that were donated to SRIC were removed and sorted by Walter Meyer zu Erpen.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

George W. Meed, [ (ca. 1984-1998) ]
11 “Three Cayce Generations and the Belovitz Photo” unpublished manuscript, 1984
2 “(Vol. IV Section 3A) Telepathic Communication with the Spirit Worlds” unpublished manuscript, 1996
3 “We Survive” unpublished manuscript, 1996
4 “The Property” movie/TV series proposal, 1996
5 “Enjoy Your Own Funeral” pre-publication manuscript copy, 1991, 1998

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Collected materials from books in H. Reed’s library [197-]-2006
21 Notes (handwritten & typed)
2 Correspondence, 1974-1998

Draft letters and received letters/notes from: Elizabeth Kubler Ross; George & Jeannette Meek; Stanley Krippner; Leslie Flint; Gaye Muir; Joe Baumhaft; A.N. Wright; Harold A. Stein; Mark Thurston; Suzanne Muir; Alan E. Crossley; Mary Jo & Walter Uphoff; Leslie Price; Vera Staff; Robert Crookall; E.L. Coates; Arthur Guirdham; Evan Clarke; Helen Greaves; Allen Spraggett; Joey Crinita; Hal Huggins; Constantin Ivanenko; Richard Kieninger; Edwin (Butler?)

4 Promotional pamphlets & brochures [A-G]
5 Folder 5: Promotional pamphlets & brochures [H-W]
6 Newspaper clippings [photocopied 22 June 2015], [197-]
7 Biographical tributes
8 Photographs

“Louis Grevin and family” (b&w) (Between [194-?]-[196-?]); Howard Reed, Alison Cooke [daughter], Carolyn Reed, David Cooke; Danville, Vermont (colour) (1997)

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Projectiology & Hypnosis publications 1965, 1991, 2003
29 “Projectiology: Introductory Course Outline” [International Institute of Projectiology], 1991
10 “Projectiology” (Waldo Vieira) (1986) [also contains loose papers of the International Academy of Consciousness] (2003)
11 “When Religion & Hypnosis Meet”, 1965

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Publications of the Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc., [1989?]-2009
212 Publications list & order form, 2009
13 “76 Sermons on the Old Testament of the Bible” (D.G. Samuels) vol. 1 & 2, [1966?], [1989?]
14 “New Testament Revelations” new ed. (D.G. Samuels), 2006
15 “Songs of the Soul” hymnal, 2006

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Sound Recordings 1996, 2006
216 “Songs of the Soul” CD recording (2006); “The Property” audiocassette recording of “Direct Voices” (1995)

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