The University of Manitoba Cyclotron Laboratory sous-fonds

An Inventory of its records at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Mary Grace P. Golfo
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
331 Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg City MB R3T 2N2
(August 2014)

Finding aid encoded by Mary Grace P. Golfo (August 2014)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
331 Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg City, MB R3T 2N2

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Department of Physics and Astronomy


0.03 m of textual records.-- 1,261 technical drawings.-- 5 artifacts. -- 5 photographs.

UA 43 (A12-71)


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Administrative History of Department of Physics and Astronomy

When the Faculty of Science was first established in 1904, one of the first programs offered was Physics. By 1911-12, the Department of Physics was established. The first graduate degree was obtained in 1922 and the first Ph.D. was awarded in 1930. The establishment of the Department of Mathematical Physics took place in 1950, and by 1956 the Physics department became a leading centre in Canada for nuclear spectroscopy and its applications. The Allen Physics Building was completed in 1960, and the Departments of Physics and Mathematical Physics were amalgamated in 1965 due to their overlapping mandates. Concurrently, the first two courses in astronomy were offered by 1910. The expansion gained by the astronomers led to the amalgamation with the mathematics department due to its close research relations. The two departments formed the Department of Mathematics and Astronomy in 1911. From 1920 until the mid-1940s, four undergraduate courses along with one graduate course were being taught by astronomy. In 1964, the astronomers moved into the newly constructed University College, complete with a small observation deck. With the Charles E. Merrill Trust of New York in April 1965, the University built a planetarium that became the first modern planetarium in Winnipeg and was opened in November of 1965. By the 1990s, due to inadequate staff and financial cutbacks, the astronomers left Mathematics and joined Physics, amalgamating into the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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Scope and Contents of the Records

The cyclotron was conceptualized in 1957 when the head of the Physics Department, B.G. Whitmore, proposed the construction of a cyclotron at the University of Manitoba based on the prototype at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). With a $70,000 initial grant release, the construction began underneath the parking lot adjacent to the Allen Physics building on the Fort Garry Campus in 1959. Although the original proposal of the design was based on the UCLA cyclotron, almost all the design details were completed by the staff at the University of Manitoba. The cyclotron vault, the shielding and the two experimental areas together occupied 5,000 square feet, while the control room and the electrical room took up another 2,000 square feet of floor area. The cyclotron was officially opened in 1965. It was the second cyclotron in Canada and the first in Western Canada. The U of M cyclotron was considered a pioneer model of cyclotron design during that period, it being a spiral-ridge or sector-focused cyclotron. The sector-focused cyclotron is one of the most useful tools of nuclear physicists. Being the only negative hydrogen ion cyclotron operating between 20 MeV and 50 MeV in North America, it could generate beams of high quality and intensity in order to tackle some of the problems in atomic and subatomic physics that require such facilities. Axial injection was introduced to separate the ion source from the cyclotron itself, the source being housed in a building at ground level while the cyclotron was situated two floors below. This made it possible to improve the performance of the ion source and to develop a source of polarized ions without having to deal with the high radiation environment at the centre of the cyclotron. Over the next two decades after the cyclotron opened, it attracted various physicists, engineers and students to the university to help assist with the project and made it a major turning point within the department. In 1986, under the directorship of Dr. Jasper McKee, the cyclotron’s uses expanded to other areas of research other than nuclear physics. The Cyclotron Laboratory changed its name to Accelerator Centre to serve as the University Research Centre where interdisciplinary and applied researches could be carried out in conjunction with external laboratories and/or the private sector. The Accelerator Centre ceased operation in 1989.

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The sous-fonds is composed of four series: textual records, technical drawings, photographs and artifacts.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into 4 series: Photograph Collection, Textual Records, Technical Drawings and Objects.

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on access.

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Restrictions on Use

Due to the physical condition of some of the items, special care is required in their handling.

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Related Materials

Other records relating to the cyclotron project can be found in the Jovan Jovanovich fonds, Jasper McKee fonds and Kenneth Standing fonds.

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Custodial History

After the project came to an end in 1989, the records of the Cyclotron Laboratory remained abandoned in storage within the Physics Department at the University of Manitoba. In 2012, the records were rediscovered and placed in the custody of Jasper McKee who donated them to University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections to avoid destruction.

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Other Finding Aids

An index to the technical drawings accompanied the collection.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Photograph Collection [ 1957-1989 ]

11 Cyclotron Photos 197-

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Textual Records 1957-1989
12 Cyclotron Drawings Index Notebook 1960-1986
3 MKI Kluge Card [197_]
4 Flame Cut Blanks Pattern [197_]
5 Correspondence from Bob Handekroft to Dr. Oh with Attached Drawings [197_]
6 Average Magnetic Field Graph [197_]
7 8251A/S2657 Data and Figures (photocopies) [197_]
8 Body Insulator and Motor Controller Sketches

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Technical Drawings 1960-1987
Map Cabinet 1 Cyclotron Oversized Photograph and Floor Plans [197_]
Map Cabinet2 Laboratory Signages
3 Cyclotron Oversized Unlabelled Drawings (4 sheets)
4 Cyclotron Drawings #1-30
5 Cyclotron Drawings #31-70
6 Cyclotron Drawings #71-100
7 Cyclotron Drawings #101-130
8 Cyclotron Drawings #131-184
9 Proton Orbit Drawings (4 sheets) (1962-1964)
10 Oversized Cyclotron Drawings I Blue Prints (38 sheets) (1960-1987)
11 Oversized Cyclotron Drawings II Blue Prints (35 sheets) (1960-1985)
12 Oversized Cyclotron Drawings III (32 sheets) (1962-1986)
13 Intel 8085A-2 Microprocesser DataSheet and documentation
14 Cyclotron Drawings #23c-50c
15 Cyclotron Drawings #51c-79c
16 Cyclotron Drawings #80c-109c
17 Cyclotron Drawings #110c-137c
18 Cyclotron Drawings #138c-167c
19 Cyclotron Drawings #168c-197c
20 Cyclotron Drawings #198c-227c
21 Cyclotron Drawings #228c-256c
22 Cyclotron Drawings #257c-289c
23 Cyclotron Drawings #290c-300c
24 Cyclotron Drawings #301c-330c
25 Cyclotron Drawings #331c-358c
26 Cyclotron Drawings #359c-387c
27 Cyclotron Drawings #388c-400c
28 Cyclotron Drawings #401c-450c
29 Cyclotron Drawings #451c-500c
30 Cyclotron Drawings #501c-550c
31 Cyclotron Drawings #551c-600c
32 Cyclotron Drawings #601c-650c
33 Cyclotron Drawings #651c-680c
34 Cyclotron Drawings #681c-712c
35 Cyclotron Drawings #713c-760c
36 Cyclotron Drawings #761c-788c
37 Cyclotron Drawings #X1132-2 to X1132-74
38 Cyclotron Drawings #1771c-1773c (6 sheets) (1985-1986)
39 Cyclotron Drawings from Other Institutions I (1960-1961)
40 Cyclotron Drawings from Other Institutions II (1960-1961)
41 Cyclotron Drawings from Other Institutions III (1959-1961)

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3 steel templates for hill shape and 1 plastic template (unlabelled)

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