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Marie Bouchard fonds


1.2 m of textual records and other material

MSS 368, PC 323, TC 167, (A. 11-95)

English, Inuktitut, and French

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Biography of Marie Bouchard

Born in 1953, Marie Bouchard grew up in a Manitoba farming community. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree at the University of Winnipeg in 1980, an Honors History degree in 1984 and a Master’s degree in Canadian History at the University of Manitoba in 1986. In 1985, as part of her Master’s work, she was invited by the Winnipeg Art Gallery to assist Inuit art scholar Jean Blodgett in the 1986 exhibition “Jessie Oonark: A Retrospective.” The accompanying exhibition catalogued detailed Oonark’s artistic oeuvre and her life at Back River based on interviews Bouchard conducted in Baker Lake, Nunavut

Upon receiving a Canada Council Explorations Grant, Bouchard with her husband, Jim McLeod moved to Baker Lake in 1986 where she undertook in-depth research on the people of Back River and the starvation of the 1950s. Her collection of archival research and oral history in the form of numerous documents and interviews also details the Government of Canada’s role during the relocation of Inuit from outlying camps to the fledgling community of Baker Lake during the 1950s and the Inuit survivors’ account of these events. These records are significant because they document the ensuing cultural upheaval and tragedy from starvation because of a lack of resources and Government plans to populate the North and promote sovereignty during the Cold War.

During her eleven years in Baker Lake, Bouchard developed her interest in Inuit art and economic development. She began supporting Inuit women artists and resurrected their creation of intricately embroidered wall hangings soon after arriving in the community. Bouchard eventually opened Baker Lake Fine Arts, a small, privately-owned cottage industry which brought financial support to the artists, as well as the necessary art supplies and marketing skills. With the closing of the local sewing centre, her venture allowed women in the community to continue to sew and care for their children at home. Her interests included all genres of art but primarily focussed on the works on cloth which she showcased in public and commercial exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Her collection chronicles the production of Baker Lake works on cloth, soapstone carvings and drawing in the area over a ten year period through slide images, artist interviews and her library of Inuit art exhibition catalogues and books.

Bouchard was also instrumental in establishing the Baker Lake Historical Society which promoted cultural tourism and the revival of traditional knowledge for educational purposes.

Bouchard left Baker Lake for Winnipeg Manitoba in 1997. She worked as an independent art curator and consultant for the next ten years. She repatriated the representation and celebration of art by local Inuit artists by involving them in the representation of their work and hosting exhibition openings in the community. She curated major art exhibitions focussed on Inuit and aboriginal art for institutions such as the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Itsarnittakarvik: Inuit Heritage Centre, Plug In ICA, and in the United States at the Los Angeles Fowler Museum, and New York’s American Indian Community House, as well as at several college galleries. She also took her collection of Baker Lake works on cloth to Japan for a major international exhibition. She has delivered numerous lectures and author essays and articles on Baker Lake works on cloth, drawings, sculptures, eco-museums and tourism.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The A.11-95 accession is divided into 6 series. They include interviews, correspondence, publications, research material, photographs, and audio tapes. In total the photograph collection consists of 490 photographs, 20 negatives, 1393 slides, and 16 video cassettes. The tape collection consists of 13 audio cassettes and 1 micro cassette.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into 6 series.

  • 1. Interviews
  • 2. Correspondence
  • 3. Publications
  • 4. Research Material
  • 5. Photographs
  • 6. Audio Tapes

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Restrictions on Access

File folders with restricted items are marked.

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Restrictions on Use

Records with copyright held by others than M. Bouchard are marked.

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Custodial History

Marie Bouchard donated the records designated the A. 11-95 accession in 2011.

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1. Interviews [ 1957-2000 ]
11 Garry Lake Inquest and Interviews 1957-1992
2 Baker Lake Residents Interview Questions and Research Notes 1987-1994
3 Transcribed Interviews of Inuit 1975-1997
4 Transcribed Interviews and Research Notes on Inuit Life 1985-2000

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2. Correspondence 1985-1987
21 M. Bouchard's Correspondence with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1985-1987

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3.Publications 1981-1996
22 Articles on Ecomuseums, Tourism, Arctic History, and Inuit Art 1982-1993

Includes an article by M. Bouchard published in "Impact: The Voice of the Canadian Heritage Network" titled: "Ecomuseums in the Keewatin, N.W.T.", 5:2 (March/April 1993)

  • An Inuit Perspective: Baker Lake Sculpture from the collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario, gift of Samuel and Esther Sarick, Guest Curator: Marie Bouchard
  • Piecework: All This By Hand (March/April 1995), "Something to Hang: The Textile Art of the Baker Lake Inuit", by: Susan Lightstone
  • Up Here: Life in Canada's North (September/October 1994), "Marie Bouchard: Baker Lake Renaissance", by: Bonnie Dickie
  • Canadian Living (September 1996), "Inuit Interpretations", by: Anna Hobbs
  • North American Women Artists of the Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary, edited by Jules Heller and Nancy G. Heller, 1995
  • A Century of Canada's Arctic Islands, 1880-1980, edited by Morris Zaslow, 1981
  • Joseph Buliard pêcheurs d’hommes, by: Charles Choque, 1985
  • Joseph Buliard Fisher of Men, by: Charles Choque, 1987

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4. Research Material 1916-2007
31 Marie Bouchard's Research Notes and Articles 1958-1988
2 Marie Bouchard's Research Notes n.d.
3 Articles on Inuit Culture and History 1930-1993
4 The Netsilik Eskimos: Social Life and Spiritual Culture, by: Knud Rasmussen 1931
5 Baker Lake Eskimo Counsel Meeting Minutes 1957-1959
6 B.L.R.A. Centennial Book 1970
7 Education in the Northwest Territories n.d.
8 An Inuit Language Phrase Book and Notes n.d.
9 Caribou Conservation Research Material 1956-1971
10 Northwest Territories Research Material 1958-1994
11 Under the Flag: Canadian Sovereignty and the Native People in Canada, by: William R. Morrison 1984
12 Mission House Research Notes 1927-1971
41 Missionary Reports, Correspondence, and Articles from the Canadian Arctic 1954-1958
2 Correspondence and Articles Regarding Farley Mowat 1952-1996
3 Two Ordeals of Kikik Article and Ennadai Lakes Report 1957-1959
4 Government of Canada Population Statistics for N.W.T. 1916-1948
5 Government of Canada Welfare Services Relief Expenditures 1953-1959
6 Department of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources Research Material 1953-1959
7 Government of Canada Memoranda and N.S.O. Reports 1956-1958
8 Social Services Cases - Rift Between Wilkinson and Golding 1957-1958
9 Committee on Eskimo Affairs 10th and 11th Meetings 1959-1960
10 Keewatin District Relocation Plans and Results 1958
11 Government of Canada Inuit Relocation Strategies and Reports 1958-1960
12 Northwest Territories Relocations - Government of Canada Reports 1959-1961
13 Eskimo Relocation in Canada, by: Dr. Robert G. Williamson and Terrence W. Foster n.d.
51 Government of Canada Reports Summarizing Starvation in N.W.T. 1927-1961
2 Government of Canada Memoranda, Reports, and Newspaper Clippings Regarding Destitute Inuit Populations in Canada's Arctic 1950-1954
3 Copies of Records and Research Material Relating to Inuit Deaths in Northern Canada 1950-1962
4 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Reports on Baker Lake and Garry Lake 1955-1956
5 N.S.O. Baker Lake to Aberdeen Lake Report 1957
6 Citizen and Government Response to Articles Written About Inuit Conditions in the Canadian Arctic 1959-1964
7 A Study of Factors Related to Starvation at York Factory and its Fur Trading District at Hudson Bay, 1780-1798, by: Stephen B. Wilkerson, B.A. Honors Thesis 1986
61 The Role of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs in the Development of Inuit Art n.d.
2 Articles on Inuit History and Art 1954-1999
3 Articles on Wallhanging Artists of Baker Lake for Expo '86 Exhibition 1986
4 Inuit Artist Biographies 1992-2007
5 Interviews by Baltimore Museum of Art for Northern Lights Exhibit, Part One 1992
6 Interviews by Baltimore Museum of Art for Northern Lights Exhibit, Part Two 1992
7 Interviews by Baltimore Museum of Art for Northern Lights Exhibit, Part Three 1992
71 Art Gallery Invitations to Inuit Art Exhibitions 1976-2002
2 Art Gallery Catalogues Featuring Inuit Art 1973-1979
3 Art Gallery Catalogues Featuring Inuit Art 1980-1989
4 Art Gallery Catalogues Featuring Inuit Art 1990-1997
5 Art Gallery Catalogues Featuring Inuit Art 2000-2006
81 The Graphic Art of the Baker Lake Eskimo From July 1969-July 1973, Joanne Elizabeth Byers 1974
  • The Winnipeg Art Gallery: Karoo Ashevak, March 30 - June 5, 1977 exhibition publication
  • The Winnipeg Art Gallery: The Coming and Going of the Shaman Eskimo Shamanism and Art, March 11 - June 11, 1978
  • The Winnipeg Art Gallery: The Zazelenchuk Collection of Eskimo Art, August 11 - November 12, 1978 exhibition publication
  • The Winnipeg Art Gallery: Inuit Myths, Legends & Songs, March 12 - May 2, 1982 exhibition publication
9 Yearly publications containing Baker Lake prints (18 copies) 1970-1988
10 30 cm box containing itemized note cards with research notes and quotes n.d.

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5. Photographs [194-] - 2001
11 Inuit Fine Arts and Crafts Album (Part One) 1988-1996

Please scan contents of this album and provide scanned copy to Marie Bouchard. (See Box 8 for contact information.)

2 Inuit Fine Arts and Crafts Album (Part Two) 1994-1997
3 Inuit Fine Arts and Crafts Album (Part Three) 1997-2000
21 Hand drawn diagram of Nelson River District with Photographs n.d.
2 Photographs and Notes Collected by M. Bouchard for her book [193-]-1998
3 Northwest Territories an Inuit Photographs 1917-1988
31 Landscape Forms - Balance of Selection 1960-1999
2 Dental Hygiene and Nutrition 1980
3 Crafts - WHS (1970s) 1985-1987
4 Carvings 1988-1990
5 Martha Qarliksaq Wallhangings 1988-1994
6 Naomi Ityi Wallhangings 1988-1991
7 Ruth Qaulluaryuk Wallhangings 1988-1996
8 Janet Kigusiuq Drawings 1989-1995
9 Simon Tookoome Sculptures and Drawings 1989-1990
10 Inuit Artists 1989-1993
11 Elizabeth Angrnaqquaq Wallhangings 1989-1996
12 Irene Avaalaaqiaq Wallhangings 1989-1996
13 Winnie Tatya Wallhangings 1989-1996
14 Mary Yuusipik Wallhangings 1989-1996
15 Marion Tuu'luq Wallhangings and Family Photographs 1989-2001
16 Carving Worshop and Exhibition 1990
17 MSAC Collection 1990
18 Carving Workshop with David Ruben Piqtouken 1990
19 Traditional Camp Organized by B.C. Historical Society 1990-1993
20 V. Mamngugsualuk Wallhangings 1990-1995
21 Inuit Drawings and Wallhangings 1990-1997
22 Agnes Teenar Wallhangings 1990-1997
23 Baker Lake Drawings and Sculptures 1990-1998
24 Workshop Carvings (Edit) 1991
25 Inuvik Arts Festival 1991
41 Inuit Artwork 1991-1994
2 Myra Kukiiyaut Wallhangings 1991-1996
3 Martha Noah Wallhangings 1991-1997
4 Arviat Wallhangings and Clothing 1992
5 Martha Apsaq Wallhangings 1992
6 Jean Sevoga Wallhangings 1992-1995
7 Linda Porte Wallhangings 1992-1997
8 Rankin Inlet - Ceramics 1993
9 For "ACSL" 1993
10 Nancy Sevoga Wallhangings 1993-1996
11 Lucy Andy Wallhangings 1993-1996
12 Elizabeth Kabloona Wallhangings 1993-1996
13 Sewing Demonstration (BMA Opening) 1994
14 M. Qiyuk Wallhangings 1994
15 Inuit Artists 1994
16 Anautalik Wallhangings 1994-1995
17 "Book Photos" 1995
18 Inuit Artists 1995
19 M. Kuutsiq Wallhangings 1995-1996
20 Marjorie Aguuark Wallhangings 1995-1996
21 Elizabeth Quinangnak Wallhangings 1995-1997
22 Handmade Inuit Dolls 1995-1997
23 Baker Lake Print Show 1996
24 Kukiiyaut Drawings 1996
25 Tookoome Drawings 1996-1997
26 Pukingrnak Drawings 1997
27 Oonark - Prints 1997
28 Avaalaaqiaq Drawings 1997
29 Qaulluaryuk Drawings 1997
30 Photographed Inuit Wallhangings 1997
31 Printshop (Fisher) 1997
32 Jack Butler Collection (Private Collection) 1997

Accompanied by a publication by Feheley Fine Arts titled "The Butler Collection: Early Baker Lake Drawings", 1999.

33 Jack Butler Collection 1997-1998
34 Oonark Drawings 1999
35 Baker Lake Sculpture Exhibit 2000
36 Nylon Gallery Opening 2001
37 Inuit Culture and Northern Landscapes n.d.
5 Video Cassettes 1994-1997

12 video cassettes

  • The Baltimore Museum of Art presents "Northern Lights: Inuit Textile From The Canadian Arctic", n.d., 19:52 minutes
  • The Heard Museum - Canadian Inuit Art, n.d.
  • Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, Ltd. presents "The Sculpture of Pitseolak Niviaqsi & Paulassie Pootoogook" March 15-April 8, 1997, 27 minutes
  • NFB presents "Coppermine: Consequences of Contact with the Outside", n.d., 55:58 minutes
  • Columbia Music Video presents "Tudjaat", n.d., 8:32 minutes
  • NFB presents "Sedna: The Making of a Myth", n.d., 60 minutes
  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada presents "Keeping Our Stories Alive: The Sculpture of Canada's Inuit", n.d., 23:40 minutes
  • Baker Lake Art Symposium, Opening Celebration, August 19, 1994
  • Baker Lake Art Symposium, Part One, August 20, 1994
  • Baker Lake Art Symposium, Part Two, August 20, 1994
  • Baker Lake Art Symposium, Part One, August 22, 1994
  • Baker Lake Art Symposium, Part Two, August 22, 1994
6 4 video cassettes 1999
  • NFB presents "Journey to Nunavut: The Kreelak Story", April 1999, 48 minutes
  • Interview with Miriam Qiyuk conducted by Douglas Worts, July 13, 1999, 49 minutes
  • Interview with Nancy Pukingrnak conducted by Douglas Worts, July 13, 1999, 49 minutes
  • National Gallery of Canada presents Marion Tuu'luq, n.d. 25:38 minutes

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6. Audio Tapes 1970-1971
1 13 audio cassettes and 1 micro-cassette 1970-1971

The first 12 audio cassettes in this list belong to Jack Butler and copyright belongs to Sanavik Co-op, Baker Lake, Nunavut and requests go to Canadian Arctic Producers

  • Great Stone Age Soap Opera, 1969-1970
  • Craft Center, January 20, 1970 & Angosaglo Amarouk (sp.), January 21, 1970
  • Meetings, January 26, February 2
  • Stone Meeting continued, March 3, 1970
  • Meetings, February 23, March 23, 1970
  • Print Meeting on Tundra, May 25, 1970
  • Soapstone Opera, 1970-1971
  • Soapstone General Meeting, Carvers Council, etc., March 3, 1970
  • Party and Craft Shop, Drum Dance, Bucket Music, August 16, 1971
  • Kanayuk's Tale, n.d.
  • Letter to Nickersons, Baykowyczi (sp.), January 31, 1970 & Almn. It. and Dave and Marge Wright, May 25
  • Eskimo Lessons: Mike Amarook speaking, n.d.
  • 1 blank audio cassette
  • 1 micro-cassette titled Tuu'luq, n.d.

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