Marie Barton fonds

An Inventory of Marie Barton's Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Vladimira Zvonik (A.02-19, A.04-35) and Karyn Taylor, Leah Sander (A.99-55).
Archives & Special Collections, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Collection Summary

Archives & Special Collections, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Marie Barton

Marie Barton fonds


2.87 cm of textual material. -- 138 photographs, 4 albums, 56 negatives, 6 slides

A.02-12, A.99-55, A.04-35


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Biography of Marie Barton

Marie Barton (nee Rossander) was born in Huntofte, Denmark on 21 April 1905, the daughter of Karl Peder and Karen Marie Rossander. In 1911, the family immigrated to Canada where they raised their eight children on a homestead near Kerrobert, Saskatchewan. At the age of 18, Marie started her teaching career and met Leonard Barton at a school dance. They were married in 1928 at the school’s Christmas concert. Overcoming the barriers that existed for married women, she taught for four more years to help buy a farm in Davidson, Saskatchewan. The prairie drought of the 1930's drove them from their Davidson farm to another farm at Togo, Saskatchewan and then to Camperville, Manitoba. In the late 1930's Leonard contracted cancer and passed away in 1943 leaving Marie to return to teaching to support their four children, Arthur, Joy and the twins Lois and Ray. She continued to upgrade her teaching skills through correspondence and summer schools and in 1955 finally graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees. Marie taught for 23 years in Manitoba, first in country schools in the Dauphin area and then in Winnipeg where she managed the pilot program for Junior High School visually impaired students until her retirement in 1970. After her retirement Marie devoted much of her time to her own writing and published many articles in newspapers and magazines. She also organized a Senior Citizen’s Writing Group and endorsed the on-going Marie Barton Award for Excellence in Short Fiction presented by the Canadian Author’s Association (Manitoba Branch). In 1996, she completed her autobiography, In Search of Baked Pigeons , which chronicles her varied life experiences from driving oxen at age six to learning to use a computer at age 80. Marie Barton passed away on 13 October 1999 at the age of 94.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The fonds consists of biographical information about Barton’s family members; correspondence from the family between 1951-1997; handwritten notes and excerpts from the manuscripts; reviews and correspondence regarding M. Barton’s book “A Slice of Life”; her poetry, fiction, articles and photographs about various people and interests in her life.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into nine series

  • Biographical
  • Correspondence
  • Reviews
  • Manuscripts
  • Articles about prominent people, places, events
  • Miscellaneous
  • A.99-55
  • A.04-35
  • PC 181 (A.04-35)

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on the material.

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Restrictions on Use

There are no restrictions on the material

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Custodial History

The fonds (A.99-55, A.04-35) was donated by Marie Barton's children to the Archives and Special Collections, University of Manitobain in 1999 and 2004 ; (A.02-12) by Betty L. Dyck on behalf of Marie Barton in 2002.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

A.02-12 1951-1997

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11 Biographical information about Barton’s Family
2 Family photos

8 pictures

3 Inclusion in the Canadian Who’s Who
4 Congratulation letters on the occasion of M. Barton’s 90th birthday, 1995
5 Memorial Service for Marie Barton (donated by Betty L. Dyck), 1999

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Correspondence - Family 1951-1997
16 Letters from Sophia H. Dixon (M. Barton’s sister), 1979-91
7 Correspondence – Family, 1970-1989
8 Correspondence – Family, 1990-1997
9 Correspondence – general, 1951-1997
10 Letters, poetry by Alma Barkman

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111 “A Slice of Life” – reviews, correspondence

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112 Handwritten notes, excerpts, articles - pt. 1
13 Handwritten notes, excerpts, articles - pt. 2
14 Handwritten notes, excerpts, articles - pt. 3
15 “Immigrants in the land of Roast Pigeons” (includes a letter from the publisher), 1993
21 Poetry and Fiction:

2 “The Road” (Published in Oberon Press) Pt. I, II, III

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Articles About Prominent People, Places, Events
23 Joy (Barton) Finlay

4 Mina Rosner

  • “Mina Rosner, a witness to the Holocaust”
  • “Mina Rosner”(includes 5 photographs)

5 Victoria Jason

6 Stanley Wujec

7 Grant McDonald

8 Reverend Laurence F. Wilmot

9 Leonard Noel Barton

10 Articles

  • “Assiniboine Slopes Ecological Reserve”
  • “Saskatchewan’s First Ecological Reserve”

11 Articles

  • “Manitoba’s prairie preserves and restored” (11 photographs included)

12 Articles

  • “Face to Face” (Communication) (related material and correspondence only)

13 Articles

14 Articles

“Francis, Non-Conformist” (Alberta’s Famous Canadian Pig)

15 Articles

31 Articles

  • “June Menzies, Manitoba woman, receives 1929 Persons Award”
  • “Beginning of pet therapy at Selkirk Mental Health Care”
  • “A People and Pets Party”,one photograph
  • “Celia and her donkey”
  • “Snakes honored in Interlake”
  • “An immigrant’s story”
  • “The bluebird of happiness”
  • “A light in the window”
  • “A home with a difference”
  • “Women’s War Effort”

2 Articles

  • “Bald Bald Head Hills: a rear view window of the past”
  • “Manitoba “Desert”
  • “Manitoba’s Miniature “Desert” the Bald Head Hills”
  • “The Living Prairie Museum”
  • “My Pilgrimage”(autobiography)
  • “Senior citizen works for the future of planet”
  • “Earth” (Martin Rossander Profile)
  • “Post Polio Reto: Pied Piper”
  • “Faith, Hope, and Charity”
  • “Wild boars once hunted, now farmed by rural entrepreneurs”
  • “Hobby honey couple busier that bees”
  • “A patient should learn to bark up the right tree”
  • “A fine lady of Labrador”
  • “Millicent Blake Loder, retired IGA Labrador nurse - a fine lady”

3 Articles

  • “Emma and Russell, city farmers, and their rural background”
  • “Ellie, my retarded pupil”
  • “Mutual responsibility in human relationships”
  • “Something to think about”
  • “Motivation”
  • “Betty Banister”
  • “Cathy Smorang, nee Milljour uses a White Cane”
  • “Immigrants”, ch.1
  • “On the Road”
  • “A Remarkable Foster Parent Team”
  • “ Images of sport in Early Canada”

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34 Joy and Cam Finlay

  • Articles by Joy and Cam
  • Articles about Joy Finlay

5 Anna Zuk (Silver Cross Mother), 12 photographs included
6 Michael Myer

  • Autographed copy of his book: “A Sound of Wings”
  • Correspondence between Marie Barton and Dr. M. Myer

7 Ideas leading to stories – personal notes, newspaper articles
8 Senior Writers’ Group - membership list and phone numbers
9 Manitoba Social Sciences Teachers’ Association – Executives 1977-78
10 Storytelling Circle for Seniors
11 Prince Edward Island - articles, info
12 Barton’s students (children poems)
13 Artifact – Butter paper (a note from M. Barton’s daughter Joy included)

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A.99-55 ca.1908 - 1999

The fonds consists of: correspondence; newspaper clippings; personal journals; education material; teaching material including visually impaired material; drafts of articles and manuscripts; published articles; photographs and ephemera; unpublished material both fiction and non-fiction including plays, book reviews, poetry; material regarding the Senior Citizen’s Writing Group, Terry King, Foster Parent’s Plan, the Assiniboine Slopes Ecological Reserve, and patient rights; and several copies of her books and other anthologies in which she was published.

11- 4 Professional correspondence
5 Professional correspondence (1943 re: welfare)
6 3rd party correspondence
7-9 Family correspondence
21-2 Family correspondence
3 Drafts, lists of publications
4-7 Newspaper clippings of Barton's articles
8-10 Personal journals
31-3 Personal journals
4-12 University work
41-7 Teaching
8-15 Visually impaired teaching
16-18 Draft "In Quest of Baked Pigeons"
51-9 Photographs and ephemera
10 Visually impaired teaching
11 Education
Three cassette tapes
Two copies: We Don't Need No Substitute
One copy: In Quest of Baked Pigeons
One Copy: Mendel's Children: A Family Chronicle by Cherie Smith
61 Senior Citizen's Writing Group
2 Terry King
3 Correspondence from Marie
4 Foster Parents Plan
5 Assiniboine Slopes Ecological Reserve
6 Poetry
7 Plays, Book Reviews
8-16 Unpublished Fiction
17-18 Published Non-fiction
71-9 Published Non-fiction
10-11 Patients' rights
12 Letter from John Diefenbaker (photocopy) 1960
713 Education


14 Biographical Information
One copy: Manitoba Stories edited by Joan Parr
One copy: A Slice of Life
One copy: We Don't Need No Substitute
One copy: Canadian Children's Annual 10th Anniversary Edition
81 Medical Information, 1990-1991
2 Information re: Martin Rossander (Barton's brother) 1990-1997
3 Rossander Family History and Reunion 1908-1994
4 Biographical Information
5 Saskatoon History contains article about Barton's sister, Sophia Dixon, 1980
6 Property Information, 1956-1987
7 Heritage Scholarship Trust Foundation, 1988-1991
8 Students work, 1965
9 Early attempts at fiction, 1966
10 Writings on loneliness, 1970
11 Barton's obituary and funeral service, 1999

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A.04-35 (Mss 156)

Notes provided by Joy Finlay - Marie Barton's daughter

The accession contains the correspondence during Marie Barton's stay at River East and her writing/research material and (PC 181) photographs.

Bibliographic information
11 Bibliographic dates and a visitor book, [ 1997-1999 ]
Correspondence []
12 Correspondence rec'd at River East, [ July 1998 - October 1999 ]
Writing/Research []
13 Garter Snake, Narcisse, Manitoba, [ 1977-1991 ]
4 The Souris Bridge, [ 1974-1984, ]

incl. 2 postcards and 8 photos

5"Manitoba's Bold Head Hills: Manitoba's shrinking "Desert" by Marie Barton
6 Slice of Life by Marie Barton, [ 1995 ]
7 Sketches for M. Barton by Ed Gutherd
8 Article about Martin Rossander - Family, [ April 27, 1995 ]
9 Seniors Writing Group,

incl. 3 photos

10 Miscellaneous research material, articles []
11 M. Barton's subscriptions to the newspapers (Senior Today, Western People, Man. Soc. of Seniors

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PC 181 (A.04-35) - Photographs
11 Joy Finlay's letter describing her mother's interests []
2 Marie Barton's home at 42 Echo Bay,

18 photographs

3 Classroom photos,

4 photos

4 Manitoba Naturalist Society - nature shots,

42 photos

5 Trip to Australia, [ July 1966, ]

2 photos

6 Pioneer Museum at Roblin, Manitoba,

5 photos

7 Garter snakes, blubirds,

8 photos

8 Manipogo - Manitoba's lake monster,

2 photos

9 Doukhobor, Verigin, Sask.,

12 photos

10 Person's Awards,

4 photos

11 Pictures related to Marie Barton's writing/research, pt.1,

26 photos

12 Pictures related to Marie Barton's writing/research, pt.2,

16 photos

13 Pictures related to Marie Barton's writing/research, pt.3,

incl. photos of family members

Album #1

21 Pictures related to Marie Barton's writing/research, pt.4,

Album #2

2 Pictures related to Marie Barton's writing/research, pt.5,

Album #3

3 Pictures related to Marie Barton's writing/research, pt.6,

Album #4

4 Pictures related to Marie Barton's writing/research,

negatives - 56, slides - 6

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