University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support:

An Inventory of its records at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Nicole Courrier
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(October 21st, 2013)

Finding aid encoded by Nicole Courrier (October 21st, 2013)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2

University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support

University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support


3.6 m of graphic material; 523 envelopes of photographs and negatives

PC 348 (A 04-22)


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Administrative History of University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support

Originally known as the "Photography Unit," University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support was solely responsible for photography and initially 60% of its workload was for the Faculty of Agriculture, including plant, animal, and soil science. Soon, the Photography Unit became responsible for shooting campus-wide events, including public relations, scientific research, and convocations. The Photography Unit was also responsible for a day-to-day workload that consisted of bookings, completing photography jobs, as well as processing the photographs in a darkroom.

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The "Photography Unit" became known as "Photography and Graphics," then "Imaging Services," and later "Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support," which it is currently known as. The changes in the unit names reflects the advances in technology and the conversion to digital technology. Originally, the Photography Unit reported to the head of the graphics department, and now photography has become an extended branch of the Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support unit.

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The work of the Photography Unit had been split up amongst four photographers-- Bob Talbot, Keo Nishizeki, Allan Patterson, and Wayne Foster. It soon became three as Wayne Foster left to shoot at the Bannatyne campus. Bob Talbot was a photographer at the University of Manitoba from May 1972 to January 2011. Bob Talbot had initially taken the job as summer employment, but he soon moved from office clerk to apprentice photographer, junior photographer, and finally, senior photographer. Within the Photography Unit, Bob Talbot became the head, and reported to the Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support unit until his retirement in early 2011.

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Scope and Contents of the Records

This collection is comprised of one series, (PC 348), which includes various photographs and negatives.

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Restrictions on Access

No Restrictions on Access

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Restrictions on Use

No Restrictions on Use. Users must abide by relevant copyright legislation.

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All photographs and negatives were transferred from the University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections in 2004. Other accessions occurred in 2003 and 2010.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

[ 1996-2001 ]

11 Volleyball- Bisons vs. Wesman January 26th, 2000
2 President of UMSU and President Danka at Copy Centre February 1st, 2000
3 Avenue of the Elms February 3rd, 2000
4 Laraine Coll- Safety Office Donor February 3rd, 2000
5 Call Centre Continued Education Building February 8th, 2000
6 Mens Basketball Team (photo in colour) February 22nd, 1999
7 Icelandic Visitors February 25th, 2000
8 Entrepreuers Speking in front of High School Students at the Faculty of Management- Tradeshow February 25th, 2000
9 University of Manitoba Continued Education- Management Class- Linda Dunwoody February 2000
10 Daycare Visit to Mail Services February 2000
11 Agriculture Student Advisor (Linda Ripert) with Potential Agriculture Student March 7th, 2000
12 Lisa Rosenburg- Colour Photo in rm. 325 Parker Building of Spectrmeter March 9th, 2000
13 Mens Bison Hockey Team Photo and Individual Player- Greg Lacomy March 13th, 2000
14 Pictures of Student ( Carla from Fine Arts) at Employent Centre March 14th, 2000
15 Pictures of Intenational Students Ge yu ( t-shirt) Shiqiana Ye (dress shirt)with Sheena Trimble March 14th, 2000
16 Graduate Student Symposium- Faculty of Education March 17th, 2000
17 President of Smart Park ( John Meldrum) at Construction Site March 22nd, 2000
18 C.E.O Series- Robert Warren's Lecures from C.E.O Asper Centre March 23rd, 2000
19 9th Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception (colour negatives) March 23rd, 2000
20 Group Photo of Private Funding March 27th, 2000
21 Guy Gavriel Kay in Studio and his Books March 27th, 2000
22 Human Ecology Students and Staff Candids- Martin King/Karen Duncan March 28th-31st 2000
23 Photos of Students for Website- Jennifer Dumville ( long hair), Maria Paletta (short hair) and Edwin March 29th 2000
24 Marcy Eaton- Exhibit of Students Work in Arch 2 Building March 29th, 2000
25 Phys-Ed and Rec Studies Annual Awards Banquet (colour negs) March 30th, 2000
26 Nursing- Russell- Reseach Institute- Some Exterior March 2000
27 Sociology Staff March, 2000
28 Janet Kemp- Parents Newsletter March 2000
29 Ronna Goldberg- Erin/Rob Waren Asper Centre ( colour negs) April 5th, 2000
30 Private Funding- Norlaine Thomas- Student Reception at Presidents House April 17th, 2000
31 Offical Sod Turning of the Grain Storage Reseach Facility ( colour negatives) April 7th, 2000
32 $3.5 mil Expansion Grant for Compute Science April 17th, 2000
33 Offical Opening of Nursing Building- Luncheon, Dr. Hart Speaker Series April 18th, 2000
34 Grad Studies Awards Reception- Catharine Greaves April 25th, 2000
35 Rob Warren- Marketing Asper Centre April 25th, 2000
36 Physics Staff Group Photo April 26th, 2000
37 Louis Riel Bursaies to UofM and UofW students of Metis Descent April 26th, 2000
38 Photos of Signage in New Athletic Therapy Centre April 27th, 2000
39 Student/Teacher Recognition Awards April 27th, 2000
40 New Lab Equipment for Pharmacy Press Release May 8th, 2000
41 CTR on Aging Symposium May 8th, 2000
42 Retirement Reception for Dr.Lilly Walker May 10th, 2000
43 Bryan Schwartz Law Professor May 12th, 2000
44 Sneaker Day '00 May 17th, 2000
45 Campus Beautification Day May 24th, 2000
46 Press Conference at Wallace Building with Bob Elias and Graham Young May 26th, 2000
47 Transport Institute Awads- Jill Dutka May 29th, 2000
48 Continued Education- Linda Dunwoody- Distance Education Grads May 31s, 2000
49 Campus 2000 Conference- Beth Clark June 5th, 2000
50 Arch- Partners Program- Lee ( colour photos of bowl) June 8th, 2000
51 Friends of Library AGM June 8th, 2000
52 Telephone Directory Cover- Building Doorways June 12th, 2000
53 25 year Long Service Awards June 14th, 2000
54 Alumni Association AGM June 21st, 2000
55 Chemistry Grads June 2000
56 Clothing and Textiles Brochure- Grads in Workplace - Dr. Lena Horne June 2000
57 CTR for VKR- Canadian Studies- Dr. N. Aponiuk July 7th, 2000
58 Photo for Bulletin of Ann Percival and Don from Social Work July 21st, 2000
59 BIZ Camps Grad- Rob Warren July 21st, 2000
60 MBA Manitoa Class 2000 Presentation- Mary Ellen Business Council of Manitoba, Crowne Plazza July 28th, 2000
61 Physical Plant for Telephone Directory ( b/w photos) July 2000
62 Adrianne Clarkson, Governor General at Bannatyne Campus August 3rd, 2000
63 Rob Warren, Asper Centre Entrepreneur, Summer School August 11th, 2000
64 Rob Pryden (MB Labour) August 18th, 2000
65 Japanese Students Meeting with President August 2000
66 Bison Football Team Players (colour negs) August 2000
67 Convocation Fall 2000
21 Students- Teacher Recognition Reception May 2nd, 1997
2 Canadian Forces infront of Admin Building with Armed Vehicles- Royal Canadian Dragons May 9th, 1997
3 Eng and Management Reception with Representative of International Students and University ( colour photos) May 14th, 1997
4 Lyle Longclaw Engineering Access Program- Class in Session (colour photos) May 20th, 1997
5 AT&T- Signing May 21st, 1997
6 Engineering Breakfast Grad and Family at University Club May 28th, 1997
7 Access Grad Group May 30th, 1997
8 Dr.A Leblac Language- Cont Education- Signing Ceremony- Japan/ UofM May 2000
9 Fort Garry S.D. Engineering Awareness Days (colour negs) June 3rd, 1997
10 25 Year Recipient June 4th, 1997
11 Patent Plaque Cereony and Reception- Alumni House June 4th, 1997
12 Susan Eide- Management MBA- (colour negs, prints are with Susan Eide) June 18th, 1997
13 A Tribute to Gary Filmon, The Winnipeg Ballroom , The Lombad Hotel (colour negs) June 18th, 1997
14 CTR on Aging Symposium- C.Jacobs June 1997
15 Colour photo of Cynthia Coop- b/w o Paul Soubry in Quad Angle Park July 17th, 1997
16 Women's Bison Basketball Summer Camp July 1997
17 Rob Warren- CTR for Entr Conference July 1997
18 Freshwater Institute Fisheries and Oceans- Andries Blouw, 2 Colour Portraits of Directors- Paul Sullivan in b/w negatives( February 1994) February 1994/ July 1997
19 Icelandic Group Photo- Sigrid Johnson August 5th, 1997
20 Mens Football- Head & Shoulders, Contact and Negatives (b/w) August 1997
21 Stratia Elliott, Gerald Beyak- Cont' Education- Campus Scenes August 1997
22 Mens Volleyball- Head and Shoulders (b/w and colour) September 8th, 1997
23 PhysEd & Rec Studies- Head and Shoulders (b/w) September 10th, 1997
24 Board of Governors Annual General Meeting September 24th, 1997
25 Presentation at Drake Centre ( colour photo) September 24th, 1997
26 Engineering Design Course 25.486- Doug Stharc September 1997
27 Dean B.Levin- Cont' Education (colour) September 1997
28 Dean Currie- Arts- Photo in University Club September 1997
29 Engineering- Antenae Lab Opening, Homecoming Reception September 1997
30 Cont' Education Grad- Polo Park Classroom September 1997
31 Mens Basketball (b/w/ negs and contact) October 8th, 1997
32 Football Team October 1997
33 ISIS- Opening of Headingly Bridge October 1997
34 Science Updates- Heather Patterson October 1997
31 Management- 268 Drake Centre- MBH Student (b/w negatives and contact sheet) August 28th, 2000
2 MB Innovations Fund Announcement August 30th, 2000
3 Offical Opening of the Technology Resouce Centre at Dafoe Library- Rosemary and David Malaher September 5th, 2000
4 MGMNT BBQ September 6th, 2000
5 "Key" Orientation Volunteers University 1 September 6th, 2000
6 Bishop of Iceland- Rarebooks Collection in Dafoe Library September 7th, 2000
7 Human Ecology- Dr. Bird- Photos in Various Areas of Faculty September 7th, 2000
8 Homecoming Football Game- Alumni Draw Septembe 10th, 2000
9 Cheque Presentation from Shoppers Drugmart Reps to Elaine Goldie and Leslie Weir September 13th, 2000
10 Management Reception September 13th, 2000
11 Field Hockey Team Individuals and Swim Team Individuals ( colour, 35mm) Walt Mckee
12 Clarence Elliott Scholarship- Janet Kemp September 15th, 2000
13 Peter Goosoe- Chairman of Scotiabank, Speaking to Commerce Students September 18th, 2000
14 CEO of Cargill LTD, Speaking to Commerse Students (Kerry Hawkins?) September 19th, 2000
15 Student Employee Giving MPC "tickets" on Campus Parking Lots September 21st, 2000
16 Arts Award BBQ- Quad September 22nd, 2000
17 Management- Jerry Gray and Asper at T.D. Building, Downtown Winnipeg (colour negatives) September 26th, 2000
18 Photos of Astazeneca Canada Inc. President Mr. Gerry McDole at the Faculty of Pharmacy Career and Research Day September 27th, 2000
19 Steven Fletcher- President of UMSU September 28th, 2000
20 Physics Staff and Grad Students September 2000
21 Physics- Plaque Unveiling for Julie Mikuska September 2000
22 Isbister Legacy Tea September 2000
23 Soil Science Staff (rolls 1-55 September, 35mm colour) (rolls 6,7- December 2000) September 2000/ December 2000
24 Tree Planting Project- Chancellor Matheson April 26th, June 8th and October 5th, 2000
25 United Way Kickof- Wally Fox- Decent ( Also- pictures infront of lineup at Tim Hortons) October 12th, 2000
26 Photos of UMSU Businesses- Answers, GPA and Pharmacy Display October 20th, 2000
27 Dr. Wade Glew- University Health Lot University Centre October 20th, 2000
28 Photos of President with Vera Keown, Bill Smith and Denis Deley October 20th, 2000
29 Prime Minister of Iceland - Opening of Icelandic Reading Centre in Dafoe Library October 20th, 2000
30 Alumni Association Group and Presentation October 25th, 2000
31 Opening of Prairie Centre for Business Intelligence, Asper Centre- Rob Warren October 26th, 2000
32 Bjarni Tryaavason- Astronaut- Speaking to 9-10 year old Students from Local Elementary School October 27th, 2000
33 Leaders of Tomorrow Group October 2000
34 MGMT CEO Speaker Series October 2000
35 Danakis, John- Bookstacks UofM Authors October 2000
36 Track and Field Team October 2000
37 Engineering Access Group - Individual Photos October 2000
38 Medicine New Faculty Group October 2000
39 Food Sciences- Grad Students/Staff October 2000
40 Announcement in Engineering Room that Province is giving $50million to UofM November 1st, 2000
41 Mikuska, Julie- David Fish Memorial Scholarship Announcement November 7th, 2000
42 Jerry Gray- Management November 7th, 2000
43 Outreach Awards November 8th, 2000
44 Memorial Service- Dedication Row of Elms November 10th, 2000
45 Michael Cosmopoulus- Classic November 19th, 2000
46 Engineering Design GRPS- Professor Hawaleshka November 2000
47 Transport Insitute Announcement November 2000
48 Mushey Gordon Jorgenson Crystal AGRIC- Photos for Co-op Brochure November 2000
49 Equity SVCS Group November 2000
50 Photos of Residences- Michael O' Brien- ONOR Contact Person November 2000
51 Photos of Montreal Memorial of 14 Engineering Female Students Shot by Marc Lepine ( Jamie Saari has negatives) December 6th, 2000
52 Arch. Workshop- Jamie Saari for Herb Enns December 8th, 2000
53 Chantale Harrison and Remo Mamaril for Website infront of Christmas Tree infront of Admin Building December 18th, 2000
54 MBA Brochure- Charlene O'Kell December 2000
55 Christmas Office Photos December 2000
56 Mavis McRae, Rob Warren, et Al- Izzy Asper Centre for Entrepreneurship Jan 3rd, 2001
57 John Danaka University Affair- Check Presentation at the Faculty of Pharmacy ( colour photos) January 4th, 2001
58 Murray and Muriel Smith - Donors January 8th, 2001
59 Major Gifts, Private Funding- Dave Magnuson- Ford, Shauna Klein January 10th, 2001
60 Men's Bison Hockey- Hall of Fame Dinner January 10th, 2001
61 Dr. Cecile Clayton Gouthrd- Human Ecology- Croatian Dress Donation January 26th, 2001
62 Con't Education- Mid MGMNT Programs - Linda Simpson, Mary Peterson, J-Gray- Class January 2001
63 Novum- Dean Kreillaars, Jolene Lepp, David Lobb, Michelle Porter, Klaus Hochheim, Isabelle Harouche, Norm Kenkel, Lotfallah Shafai January 2001
41 Engneering Staff May 1996-1999
2 Handbook 1999
3 Telephone Directory Photos 1999
4 RH Medal- Julie Mikuska 1999
5 MBA- Professor Dev.Day, Majorie Anderson January 20th, 1999
6 Faculty of Physical Education and Rec Studies - 8th Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception (colour negs) January 26th, 1999
7 Alumni Journal- Dr. S Lee January 1999
8 Entrepreneurs Forum- Rob Warren January 1999
9 Mens Volleyball Team in IGA Building- Jim Schreyer ( colour photo) February 4th, 1999
10 Bison Hockey- Graduating Players Presentation at Game with Hrycaiko February 12th, 1999
11 Women's Basketball- Team Photo (colour negative) February 20th, 1999
12 Photos of UofM President with Dr. Tholakson, Carolynne Presser February 25th, 1999
13 Drake Building Sketch ( colour negatives) February 15th, 1999
14 Presentation with Dean Curie, Arts- Italian Cultural Centre February 1999
15 Chris R. Alumni Association, Dr. S. Lee February 1999
16 Continued Education, Aboriginal Students- Intl. Inn, Carla Taylor February 1999
17 Women's Volleyball Team February 1999
18 Calendar Cover and Reg. Guide Shoot- TS Designs February 1999
19 Nursing- Hart Speaker Series March 8th, 1999
20 Arch- Accreditation Commitee, Herb Enns March. 10th, 1999
21 Colour Photo for John Danakas March 10th, 1999
22 Rob Waren- Panel and Trade Show Display at Drake Cente March 12th, 1999
23 Presidents Office, Bob Armstrong, Cheque Presentation March 25th, 1999
24 Security Services Signs in UMSU- Jim Raftis March 25th, 1999
25 Bison Sports Award Night March 26th, 1999
26 MGMT Reception- Accreditation Celebration- Vicki Wilson March 29th, 1999
27 FASO Groups- colour (b/w individal negatives in binder) March 1999
28 Civil Engineering Staff- Robin/Carry March 1999
29 Dr. Steele Pharmacy- Labs March 1999
30 Dr. Buckingham- Col. Group, Dean of Science March 1999
31 Animal Sciences Group Photo (colour) March 1999
32 Women's Volleyball Team- Ken Bentley March 1999
33 Grad Studies- Deans/Group, Staff March 1999
34 Cont' Education- Statia Elliot, 1 Hot Campus Promo March 1999
35 MGMNT PHD Brochure, Char O'Kell ( colour negatives) April 1999
36 Pharmacy Medal Presentations, Dr. Simons April 12th, 1999
37 MKTG Awards, Wildewood Club, Morva Bowman April 19th, 1999
38 Students- Teachers Recognition Reception April 29th, 1999
39 Phys Ed & Rec Studies- Rec Services Brochure- Garry Thomson 8628 (colour negatives) April 1999
40 Admissions Staff- col. group photo April 1999
41 Colour photos in Admin Building Group - Dr. Gardners Office, Icelandic Visitors April 1999
42 Agreement Signing- Press Office- Marc Desrosiers, Elaine Goldie May 10th, 1999
43 CTR on Aging Symposium- Catharine Jacobs May 10th, 1999
44 Campus Beautification Day May 19th, 1999
45 Chemistry Grads May 1999
46 Asper CTR- Exteriors May 1999
47 Access Grad Group Photos- Continued Education, Jay- Lynne Jonston- Makinauk May 1999
48 Rob Warren- Kenaston Wine Market May 1999
49 Icelandic Group- Private Funding June 9th, 1999
50 Awards Presentation at National Transportation Week- University Club ( colour negatives) June 10th, 1999
51 25 Year Awards June 17th, 1999
52 Dean Shields Retirement Party June 1999
51 Dr. George Baldwin Chemistry- Photo in Office for Annual Report- John Danakis (colour photo) October 1997
2 Mens Hockey- Mike Seiant- ( black/ white negatives and contacts) October 20th, 1997
3 Libraries- Dick Bennett Retirement Party October 1997
4 Engineering Display Booth- J. Kostelnyk October 1997
5 Food Science- Staff/ Student I.D. Board ( colour photos) October 6th/7th, 1997
6 Dick Blagden- Retirement Reception at Peace Officers Club ( colour negatives) November 7th, 1997
7 Libraries- Two Millionith Volume Presentation- Donna Odgers November 14th, 1997
8 CWB Luncheon Agriculture- Linda Rippert November 18th, 1997
9 Laurie Anne Ferguson- Nursing ( 35mm colour negatives) November 20th, 1997
10 Mens and Womens Swim Team- Head and Shoulders Photo ( black and white prints from colour negatives) November 24th, 1997
11 Dean Shields- Meeting with U.S. Deans of Engineering November 24th, 1997
12 Outreach Awards November 26th, 1997
13 Don Osman- Industry Liason Office- Second Annual Faculty of Engineering Careers Reception (35 mm colour negatives) November 1997
14 Ribon Cutting a NRI- New Computer Lab at St. Paul's College November, 28th 1997
15 Sony Presentation- Mr. Karke November 1997
16 Italia Trip 1997, Gallery Opening, Al Rattray Lands. Arch November 1997
17 Robert Warren in University Club Management ( colour photo) December 8th, 1997
18 Faco Group Photo January 5th, 1998
19 Colour Photos at Admin Building of Mr and Mrs Thorlakson with Patricia Loewen and Allan Adams with President E. Szathmary January 1998
20 Continued Education- Course- Audrey Scrivens with Group/Class- Marlboro Hotel (colour) January 16th, 1998
21 EWA Flisak- for John Danakas Annual Report January 26th, 1998
22 Presentation of Scholarships and Awads at Tartan Room, 2nd Floor- Pembina Hall January 29th/ 28th, 1998
23 Women's Basketball Team and Individual- 9509 (colour photo and colour 35mm individuala0 February 5th, 1998
24 Mens Hockey Team Photo and Individual and Special Teams- Mike Sirant February 15th, 1998
25 Phys Ed and Recreational Studies- Mens Basketball Team Photo- Rick Sufield- 8464 ( colour) February 27th, 1998
26 Pan Am Gym- Construction- Entrance with Hydro Poles- D. McCallum February 1998
27 University Dev. Council- UofM Downtown- 9 Members- Julie Mikuska ( black and white negatives) February 1998
28 Awards and Presentations by APCN at Niakwa Country Club- Don Osmon ( color photos) March 6th, 1997
29 Rita Chahal- Investors Group March 6th, 1998
30 EASIAP Awards March 9th, 1998
31 Private Funding- Alumni Phone Callers March 17th, 1998
32 Continued Education- Counselling Skills Certification March 20h, 1998
33 Int and Exits of Nursing Building for Russell Modueder ( colour negs) March 20th, 1998
34 Dr. Johns on Retirement Reception ( colour negatives) March 24th, 1998
35 Presidents Office Corporate Awards and Students March 1998
36 Pharmacy (negatives and contacts are in black and white binders) March 1998
37 Dr. Shields Dean of Office Engineering Colour Photo of Students or CFI Brochure March 20th, 1998
38 Manitoba Hydro Presentation (colour negatives) April 1998
39 Photos taken at Multi Purpose Room Athletic Banquet and Awards Presentation (colour negatives) April 1998
40 Team Photo of Women`s Volleyball Team in Gym at Frank Kennedy Building April 1998
41 Sam Baiboo- Animal Sciences April 8th 1998
42 Multicultural Human Resource Management Competition- Awards Presentation Reception- Morva Bowman April 20th, 1998
43 Students and Teachers Recognition Reception April 30th, 1998
44 Bison Football Alumni Dinner May 7th, 1998
45 CTR on Aging Symposium May 12th, 1998
46 Judy Kalamacoff- Industry Liasion Office of Tracey and Paulette ( colour negatives) May 1998
47 Engineering Convocation Breakfast May 28th, 1998
48 Campus Beautificaion Day May 1998
49 Arts Staff Group May 1998
50 Opening at Pan- Am Gym May 1998
51 Chem Grads Group May 1998
52 Convocation May 1998
53 Elec. Comp Engineering Staff ( colour 35mm) June 1998
61 Visiting CEO Lecture Series- MGMT- Edward Kennedy- NWCO January 11th, 2001
2 Visiting CEO Lecture Series- Bob Brennan- Manitoba Hydro January 17th, 2001
3 Visiting CEO Lecture Series- Nick- NTL Leasing Group January 18th, 2001
4 Visiting CEO Lecture Series- Bob Kozminski- Keystone Ford, Budget Rent a Car, Jaguar on Main January 18th, 2001
5 Hildawest- Donor, Julie Fotheringham- PH.D Candidate, Ewa Morphy a St. Boniface Research Centre January 22nd, 2001
6 Jones- Rihard BLDG Files January 22nd, 2001
7 Gallery 111, Donalda Johnson- Kakagemic Bros, Colour Copy Negatives, 30 January 2001
8 Mens Hockey Team- Mike Sirrant January 2001
9 Mikuska, Julie- Arts, Cheque Presentation- President Szothmary, Dean Okell January 2001
10 Mens Basketball Team and Action Photos- Rick Suffield January 2001
11 Physical Plant- Andy Korzeniowski, Welders- For J. Saari, Public Affairs January 2001
12 Vicki Wilson- Mgmnt- Cheque Presentation January 2001
13 Student Advocacy Staff- Group Photo January 2001
14 Gerald Beyak- Continued Education- Headshot Photos for Handout January 2001
15 J. Robert Lavery- CEO and President of Winpak February 1st, 2001
16 Karen Palidwor Awards- NRI Wendy Dahlgen February 2nd, 2001
17 Dr. Gold Giesbrecht- Phys Ed, Rec Studies- Clothing in Studio February 8th, 2001
18 Call Centre February 20th, 2001
19 Ditchball- Architecture Students February 23rd, 2000
20 Education Students Using Math Tools bought by Endowment Fund February 28th, 2001
21 HR Workshops- Barb Cameron February 2001
22 Physical Plant Awareness Day February 2001
23 UofM Truck with New Logo February 2001
24 Photos of- Figure Skating, Chess, Swing Kids for UMSU Student Group February 2001
25 Showcase 2001- N. Denosovich Special Functions February 2001
26 University 1- Student Photos February 2001
27 Diavir Jayas Infront of New Grain Storage Bldg February 2001
28 Eng Project- R. Britton February 2001
29 Gord Giesbrecht and Navy Seals at Matlock after Cross Country Skiing Entire Length of Lake Winnipeg March 1st, 2001
30 Mens Bison Volleyball Team Arriving at Airport after Winning National Championships March 5th, 2001
31 APEGM Awads for Niakwa Country Club March 6th, 2001
32 CKY Striving for Excellence- Misalee Sgeed March 14th, 2001
33 Jem Raftles Campus Police photo cut and Dr. Hook Tow Truck March, 2001
34 Richad Levin, Wana Tavener and Sherman Greenberg for Parents Program March 20th, 2001
35 Stephanie CKY Striving for Excellence March 23rd, 2001
36 Faculty of Phys and Rec Studies 10th Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception (colour negatives) March 28th, 2001
37 Walt McKee- Bison Sports Awards Banquet (colour negs) March 30th, 2001
38 Faso Students- Individuals and Groups Mach 30th, 2001
39 Engineers SAE Project Airplane- Sara Scott Public Affairs March 2001
40 Gord Giesbrechtes Lab- Tests after Million Steps Walk March 2001
41 Gritty Groto Photos- Ed Unrau PR March 2001
42 CEO Series- T. Lipton, MGMNT March 2001
43 Sheryl Zelenitsky Parents Program March 2001
44 Special Functions- Open House March 2001
45 CEO Series- Harry Rosen- MGMNT March 2001
46 Telecom Photos- Phones, Pager March 2001
47 Kristy Hoyak- Technology Resource Lab (Malaher) March 2001
48 Photos for Web Reg Guide- Daniel Phiippot, Ashley Carruthers, Marianne Amodio March 2001
49 Management Graduation- Radisson Downtown April 7th, 2001
50 Student and Teacher Recognition Reception April 26th, 2001
51 Continued Education Management Course- Linda Dunwoudy- Group Photo April 2001
52 Student Group Awards at Pres. House April 2001
53 Grad Studies- Staff and Group April 2001
54 Grad Studies Awards- University Club, Kevin Slippent April 2001
55 Grad Studies Group April 2001
56 Ag Econ Staff- Scott Pellow, Laura Harper, Eric Magnusson, John Schoffner April- May 2001
57 Bison Alumni and Friends Fundraising Dinner ( colour negs) May 2nd, 2001
71 Drake Centre Plaque Unveiling- Bill Pollock, Elaine Foldie, Private Funding 1999
2 Volunteer of the Day- Photos for Mayors Office 1999
3 Alumni AGM June 24th, 1999
4 CTR for UKR- CDN Studies- N. Aponiuk June 25th, 1999
5 All Chancellors Paintings hanging in Dafoe Library ( colour negs) June 1999
6 Pan Am Mayors- Bob Raeburn and Pam Lebucdus June 1999
7 Rob Warren- Currie BIZ Camps July 6th, 1999
8 Aboriginal Focus Grad July 9th, 1999
9 Colour Photos of Multi Purpose Room July 16th, 1999
10 Currie BIZ Camps Grad- Rob Warren July 23rd, 1999
11 Resolve- Dr. Jane Ursel August 1999
12 Continued Education Staff (colour photos) August 10th, 1999
13 Bill Keane, Mike Keane with Stanley Cup, UofM Mini Camp August 12th, 1999
14 Rob Warren- BIZ Camp- Colour photo of Students August 13th, 1999
15 Shana Mackinnon, Diana Klassen, Harvey Ranville, Randy Herrmann ( colour head and shoulders photos) August 19th, 1999
16 Heather Delorme- Admin Bldg Office (colour photo of group) August 26th, 1999
17 Construction on Matheson Drive (colour negatives and photos) August 1999
18 Faculty of Social Work Luncheon- Re: Ukranian and Persons with Disabilities August 30th, 1999
19 Susa Eide- MGMNT and MBA (black and white negatives) August 30th, 1999
20 Dean Jim Raftus Photos of Staff Police infront of Admin Building with Bicycle September, 1999
21 Psychology- May Kuzmeniuk, Tom Mandor, Lorna Jakobson, Cindy Schell, Anna Sten, Paul Lay ( colour negatives) September 9th, 1999
22 MGMNT- Kate Golden, Ringland Scholarship September 13th, 1999
23 Friends of Library 20th Annual Banquet September 1999
24 MGMNT- Mixer- University Club- Kate Golden September 16th, 1999
25 Mens Volleyball Individual Players (colour negs and colour proofs) September 1999
26 Icelandic Visitors, Paula Horelzy September 21st and 22nd 1999
27 Isbister Legacy Tea September 25th, 1999
28 Womens Bison Volleyball- Ken Bentley ( colour negatives and prints) September 27th, 1999
29 Womens Basketball ( colour negatives and black and white prints) September 28th, 1999
30 Entrance to Drake Centre, Asper Centre for Entreprenuership (colour negatives) September 28th, 1999
31 Aerials September 1999
32 Mgmt Photos- Kate Golden- Interiors and Exteriors September 1999
33 Department of Education Staff Photo September 1999
34 Orientation Week- The Jackle- Wrestling in U.C September 1999
35 University One- (negatives and prints filed in cupboard in studio) September 1999
36 Visitors from Sanyo Institute- MBA- MGMT October 4th, 1999
37 CTR for UKR-CDN Studies- Honourable Peter Liba Banquet- Dr. N Aponiuk October 7th, 1999
38 Luncheon- French Consulate Award to Professor October 8th, 1999
39 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony- Elevator Next to Greenhouse Cafe October 8th, 1999
40 Womens Bison Hockey ( colour negatives and prints, black and white contact print) October 12th, 1999
41 Mens Bison Basketball (colour negatives and prints, black and white contacts) October 12th, 1999
42 Mens Bison Hockey (color negatives and black and white contacts, colour prins) October 14th, 1999
43 Smart Park News Conference- Drake Centre Friday October 15th, 1999
44 MGMT Associates Black Tie Dinner October 1999
45 Pharmacy 100 year Celebration October 1999
46 Alumni Association Student Volunteer Group- Sandra Woloschuk October 1999
47 Toyo Ito- Architect from Japan- Speech at Centre Space, Architecture Building November 5th, 1999
48 Cont Med Education, New Staff Group Photo November 10th, 1999
49 Paul Skulason- Rector of University of Iceland November 15th, 1999
50 Booksale- UofM Libraries November 18th, 1999
51 Psychology Staff ( colour negatives) November 1999
52 Linda Dunwoody Project- Cont Ed November 1999
53 Gordon Sinclair Jr- At Private Dining Room- University College, Speaking on his New Book: Cowboys and Indians Noember 25th, 1999
54 Engineering Design Groups- Dr. Hawaleshaka ( portrait in alphabeletic file) November 1999
55 Food Science Grad Students November 1999
56 Outreach Awards November 1999
57 Physics Staff Grad Students November 1999
58 Group Photo for Asper Centre for Entreprenurship Award Presentation with Henry Gray, Rob Warren, President Szathmary December 1st, 1999
59 CWB Luncheon- Linda Ripert- December 2nd, 1999
60 Architecture Tri- Lateral Event ( Winnipeg, Chicago, Mexico) December 13th, 1999
61 University Singers Christmas Carols in Admin Bldg December 1999
62 Rhodes Scholar- Copy Negative December 1999
63 Duff Roblin and Paul Thomas December 1999
64 Alumni Association Christmas Reception December 1999
65 Christmas Office Decorating Contest for Bulletin December 9th, 1999
66 Rob Warren Presentation- UMSU and UND December 1999
67 School of Music Pianos December 1999
68 Donors to Dafoe Library- David and Rosemary Malaher and Photos of High Tech Teaching Facilities in Engineering Room January 7th, 2000
69 Education Minister with Alumni Students- University Club January 12th, 2000
70 Students Cooking Outdoords with Solar Ovens January 20th, 2000
71 Resolve Presentation January 27th, 2000
72 Alumni Association- 2 Profs together- G. Racz, T.Chen Janauary 2000
73 AG Econ Staff- Kim Renee, Ed Tyrchniewicz, Carrie- 3.5 x 5 Sample Inside January 2000
74 MGMT Presentation- Vicki Wilson January 13th, 2000
81 Student and Staff Riverside BBQ (colour negs) September 3rd, 1996
2 1976 Basketball Team (colour photo negatives) September 6th, 1996
3 Management Reception at Faculty Club ( colour negs of new staff and student reception) September 19th, 1996
4 Mens Basketball ( black and white head and shoulders) September 1996
5 Eng Groups- Dr. Shewchuck September 1996
6 Comp. Service Project- Tracey Keryluk ( col negatives) September 1996
7 MGMNT Student Class Passports September 1996
8 Football Team- Brian Dobie ( black and white head and shoulders) September 1996
9 Food Sci Staff September 1996
10 Reception- J. Kostecnyk Engineering- J.J Photos September 1996
11 Mens Basketball- Rick Suffield ( colour negatives) October 8th, 1996
12 Womens Basketball ( colour head and shoulders) October 16th, 1996
13 Color H&S of Track and Field plus black and white team photo negatives and contract October 16th, 1996
14 Nursing Lecture- L. Ferguson October 17th, 1996
15 Beth Clark- Mangement- Wine and Cheese Reception for Grad Student in BA Program ( colour negs) October 23rd, 1996
16 Grad Photos- Polopark Classroom- Audrey Scrivens October 25th, 1996
17 Mens Bison Hockey ( black and white negatives) October 1996
18 Mens Bison Wrestling ( black and white negs, colour team photo negatives) October 1996
19 Nancy Lane Retirement October 1996
20 Bill Renaud Retirement- Jerry Ferenc 50th Birthday October- November 1996
21 John Danakas- University Relation November 1st, 1996
22 Mens Football Team Photo ( colour negatives) November 7th, 1996
23 Cont Ed- Aboriginal Focus Grad- Course 637-217 November 8th, 1996
24 Coleen Dufresne, Walt McKay and President E. Szathmarty - Ring Presentation in East Gym November 1996
25 Bison Alumni and Friends Dinner and Auction at Crowne Plaza- Presentation in Max Bell Field House to Track and Field 1995 Champions ( colour negatives, 35mm colour photos of rings) November 1996
26 Ray Cote Student Employee Services- Colour Negatives November 26th, 1996
27 Outreach Awards November 26th, 1996
28 Crystal Jorgenson- Agric- Comm- Old Agric Areas November 1996
29 Wheat Board Luncheon December 2nd, 1996
30 Chris McDonald Natural Resources Int ( head and shoulders staff photos, colour negatives) December 4th, 1996
31 Don Peters and Christmas Hampers for Needed Students at Alumni House December 1996
32 AGRIC building opening December 1996
33 Campus Police Boost Service December 1996
34 Dr. Laliberte Engin- Presentation at Faculty Council December 1996
35 Colour Photos of Donors Wall in New Agric Bldg, Private Funding - Eliane Goldie January 7th, 1997
36 Colour Photos of Blue Line Drawings of Auld Arrow Unveiling Ceremony in Eng Building Library ( colour negs) January, 1997
37 Colour Photos of Stdent with Prof Vessey in Agri Building for Alumni Association for July Holder January 17th, 1997
38 Dean Shields , Janice Kostelnyk, Brett being helped from bldg in Engineering Complex January 23rd, 1997
39 The 7th Annual Entreprenuers Forum ( colour negatives) January 23rd, 1997
40 EASIAP Careers Reception- Club Malibu January 30th, 1997
41 6th Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception- Dennis Hrycaiko January 30th, 1997
42 Aboriginal Focus Staff- Continuin Education- Rainey Gaywish, Audrey Scrivens February 17th, 1997
43 Tracy Webmaster- Team Photo Ditch Ball and Volleyball Team- for happy snaps ( colour negatives) February 1997
44 Larry Nazer Screens February 1997
45 Cont Ed- Downtown MDC for Women, CEOD Aboriginal Focus Group, St. Johns College Class February 1997
46 Library Retirement Group- Dafoe Library Admin Staff February 1997
47 Rita Chahal Con Ed- Prairie Hort Course Col. Greenhouse February 1997
48 Rob Warren, Guest Speaker to Drake Centre, no link to UofM ( colour negatives, 35mm) February 1997
49 Womens Volleyball (colour negatives) March 1997
50 Mens and Womens Track and Field Team ( colour negatives) March 1997
51 Mens Bison Hockey ( colour negatives) March 1997
52 Womens Basketball Team, Photos of Teams Feet and Birthday Cake for TL ( photo colour and black and white negatives) March 1997
53 Laurie Baker F.A.S.O ( black and white negatives and contacts) March 1997
54 Colour Photo of Bison Sports Award Night and Banquet April 4th, 1997
55 Judy Kalmacoff- Breakfast Meeting in V.I.P lounge at Convention Centre ( colour negatives) April 1997
56 Economics Staff Group Photo- Betty McGregor April 1997
57 Bison Hockey Alumni and Friends- Hall of Fame and Induction Ceremonies ( colour negatives) May 1st,1997
58 Barb Lindsay- Chem Grads Group May 28th, 1997
59 Jasper McKee- Canadian Association of Physicists May 1997
91 Football Team Photo 1998
2 Convo Candids May 1998
3 Private Funding Cheque Presentation- Elaine Goldie June 4th, 1998
4 Transport Insitute- Wade Derson- NTL Transportation Week Conference ( colour photos) June 5th, 1998
5 CEOD Grad- Darlene Black June 6th, 1998
6 25 Year Awards June 17th, 1998
7 Alumni Association AGM June 24th, 1998
8 Access Grad Group June 1998
9 Retirement Party - Mike Angel June 1998
10 Asper Centre Management July 6th, 1998
11 Dr. Alfa Mech & Ind. Engineering Group Photo July 25th, 1998
12 Janis McGonigle- Centre on Aging ( black and white group photo) July 28th, 1998
13 Civil Engineering Labs July 1998
14 John Danakas Presentation at Admin Bldg with President Szathmary for University Relations August 14th, 1998
15 Ken Bentley- Womens Bison Volleyball ( black and white and colour negatives) September 1st, 1998
16 International Liason Office- Dr. S Hryniuk- Visiting Group from China September 1st, 1998
17 Mens Volleyball ( black and white and colour negatives of individual players and coaches) September 9th, 1998
18 Mens Football ( black and white individual negatives of players and coaches) September 9th, 1998
19 University 1 Orientation September 8th and 9th, 1998
20 Admin Council Retirement September 18th, 1998
21 Homecoming- Alumni Association September 19th, 1998
22 Pat Pachol- Science- Group Photo with Nobel Laureate September 22nd, 1998
23 Dean Zhanel Pharmacy- Career a Research Day September 22nd, 1998
24 Environmental Science Staff September 29th, 1998
25 Beth Clark- Management-320 Drake Centre ( colour photo for poster) September, 1998
26 Con- Ed Statia Elliott- Management Team Group September 1998
27 MGMNT Orientation BBQ September 1998
28 Physics and Astronomy Staff September 1998
29 Terry Falconer- Retirement September 1998
30 Brian Fijal- Retirement September, 1998
31 NSERC Dinner- EASIAP Breakfast- Ray Hoemsen October 7th and 8th 1998
32 ISIS Press Conference and Awards October 8th, 1998
33 Womens Basketball ( black and white and colour negatives) October 8th, 1998
34 Mens Basketball- Rick Suffield ( colour negatives and contact, head and shoulders black and white prints) October 9th, 1998
35 Mens and Womens Wrestling- Team Photos- Team 97 & 98 (color photos) October 20th, 1998
36 Mens Bison Hockey ( black and white head and shoulders, Mike Stuart has colour prints) October 21st, 1998
37 Wayne Pearson- Retirement- Perrys Restaurant October 22nd, 1998
38 Vivian Munro- Animal Science Group Photo Outside infront of Freshwater Insitute (colour negatives) October 22nd, 1998
39 Aerials October 1998
40 Vicki Wilson Management in building ( colour photos) October, 1998
41 Private Funding- Sheila Simpson October 1998
42 Statia Elliott- Continued Education- Booth at EV of Excell- Lang Lab opening in Arts October 1998
43 Libraries Retirements October 1998
44 Engineering Opening of Distance Ed Room- 337 October 1998
45 Newman Family at AGRIC Library Unveiling- Julie Mikuska October 1998
46 I.S.T Retirements October 1998
47 Alumni Association Group- Sandra Woloschuk November 4th, 1998
48 Mike Sirant- Phys Ed and Rec Studies- Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremonies (colour negatives) November 10th, 1998
49 Eng. Design Group- Photo of Students for Dr. Hawalesh, Mechanical Engineering ( colour photo) November, 1998
50 Presidents Office- Signing Agreement- UofM and University of Franche November 13th, 1998
51 Computer Lab in Universit College Opening- Diane Cox November 16th, 1998
52 Mens Football Team Photos (colour negatives) November 19th, 1998
53 Asper Centre- Rob Warren November 20th, 1998
54 Bookstore Donor Night November 20th, 1998
55 University 1- Carol Marshall ( colour negatives) November 24th, 1998
56 Photo of President Szathmary and Chinese Delegation in the Presidents Office Outside on Step of Admin Building November 1998
57 Outreach Awards November 1998
58 Showcase Symposium November, 1998
59 Elmer Hywarrens Retirement Dinner- Perrys Restaurant November 1998
60 Bill Karles Retirement Dinner- Perrys Restaurant November 1998
61 Bob Raeburn- BRD of Government- Retirement Party December 1st, 1998
62 CWB Luncheon- Linda Ripert December 3rd, 1998
63 Mens Basketball Team Photo ( colour negatives) December 4th, 1998
64 Bob Raeburn Retirement December 7th, 1998
65 Arch Group Winners- Cynthia Coop December 9th, 1998
66 Group of Students- Sam Baidow ( colour photo) December 10th, 1998
67 Ed Anderson Retirement December 16th, 1998

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