University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support

An Inventory of its records at the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Nicole Courrier
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(December 20th 2013)

Finding aid encoded by Nicole Courrier (December 20th, 2013)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2

University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support

University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support


5.03m of graphic material.

PC 348 (A03-94)


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Administrative History of University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support

Originally known as the "Photography Unit," University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support was solely responsible for photography and initially 60% of its workload was for the Faculty of Agriculture, including plant, animal, and soil science. Soon, the Photography Unit became responsible for shooting campus-wide events, including public relations, scientific research, and convocations. The Photography Unit was also responsible for a day-to-day workload that consisted of bookings, completing photography jobs, as well as processing the photographs in a darkroom.

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The "Photography Unit" became known as "Photography and Graphics," then "Imaging Services," and later "Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support," which it is currently known as. The changes in the unit names reflects the advances in technology and the conversion to digital technology. Originally, the Photography Unit reported to the head of the graphics department, and now photography has become an extended branch of the Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support unit.

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The work of the Photography Unit had been split up amongst four photographers-- Bob Talbot, Keo Nishizeki, Allan Patterson, and Wayne Foster. It soon became three as Wayne Foster left to shoot at the Bannatyne campus. Bob Talbot was a photographer at the University of Manitoba from May 1972 to January 2011. Bob Talbot had initially taken the job as summer employment, but he soon moved from office clerk to apprentice photographer, junior photographer, and finally, senior photographer. Within the Photography Unit, Bob Talbot became the head, and reported to the Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support unit until his retirement in early 2011.

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Scope and Contents of the Records

This collection is comprised of one series, (PC 348), which includes various photographs and negatives.

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Restrictions on Access

No Restrictions on Access.

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Restrictions on Use

No Restrictions on Use. Users must abide by relevant copyright legislation.

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Custodial History

All photographs and negatives were transferred from the University of Manitoba Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections in 2010. Other accessions occurred in 2004 and 2010.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

[ [1970s-2002] ]

11 Grad Photos-Colour Photos [1970s]
2 Roll A- Negatives [1970s]
3 Roll B- Convocation- Colour Prints and Negatives [1970s]
4 Roll C- Negatives [1970s]
5 Roll A, B, C- Campus Police [1970s]
6 Cyclotron- Negatives [1970s]
7 Geo. Richardson Science- Negatives [1970s]
8 A. Wexler- Electrical Engineering- Negatives [1970s]
9 Agricultural Engineering- Negatives [1970s]
10 Dr. Larter- Negatives [1970s]
11 D. Wells- Presentation- Negatives [1970s]
12 A.G. Eng- one 2x3 Colour Print [1970s]
13 B. Webster P.E. Chrisfield- Black and White Pesticide Research Unit [1970s]
14 UMFA Press- [1970s]
15 Black and White Prints and Negatives [1970s]
16 Computer Baseketball- Negatives [1970s]
17 Cyclotion Extras- Negatives [1970s]
18 Dr. Janisse/ Dr, Hughes- Negatives [1970s]
19 K. Richardson- Medical Service Building- Negatives [1970s]
20 Open House Display- D. Bevis Admissions [1970s]
21 H.E. Sellors Presentations [1970s]
22 Retirement Photos P.R.- Negatives and Black and White Prints [1970s]
23 Barry McConnell (Wild Rice) - Negatives [1970s]
24 Greenhouse Management- Grad Class Photo- Black and White [1970s]
25 Seed Growers Convention- Hotel Fort Garry- Negatives and Black and White Photos [1970s]
26 Edunrau- Mrs. Kennedy- Phys. Ed Tour March 1973
27 Prof. Clark- Summer Language Program 1973
28 Dipolma Interview July 1973
29 Stelmaschuk- Ag.-Dip. Groups 1973-1974
30 Natural Resource Institute- Grad Students February 1974
31 Convocation- Dr. Campbell October 1976
32 St. John's Convocation October 1977
33 IASO Students 1977
34 Astronomy 1977-1978
35 25 Year Awards- Bob Raeburn- PR April 1978
36 Gold Medal Winners (Spring) 1978
37 Physics Group- Dr. McKee September 1978
38 NRI 1978-1979
39 Bob Raeburn Scholarship Awards October 1979
40 Bison Hockey Camps 1979
41 Ag. Eng- Colour Negatives 1979
42 Clement and Truscott Degrees 1979-1980
43 Dr. Sirluck Hon. Degree- Convocation Spring 1980
44 Bob Raeburn Scholarships October 1980
45 CIDA Students November 1980
46 Cont. Ed 1980
47 NRI 1980
48 Gold Medal Winners 1980
49 Extra's Cont. Ed 1980
50 CIDA 1980-1981
51 Dr. Campbell's Farewell May 1981
52 Scholarship Awards October 1981
53 Cont. Ed Extra's 1981
54 Chemistry Grads 1981
55 Dr. Davison- Aparatus- Department of Physics- Colour Negatives November 1982
56 25 Year Service Awards 1982
57 Geo Eng 1982
58 Gold Medal Winners 1982
59 IASO 1982
60 Civil Engineering 1982
61 Gold Medal Winners 1982-1983
62 Dr. Evans- Plant Science- U.G..G. Association June 1983
63 Chemistry Grads 1983
64 Civil Engineering 1983
65 FASO negatives 1983
66 Continuing Education 1983
67 Lee Friesen Aparatus- Colour Negatives of Building 1983
68 June Praeesser- Food Science 1983
69 Agricultural Engineering 1983
70 Janet Scholz- V.P. Office- Physics Equipment- McKee, Cyclotron August 1984
71 Presentation Pharmacy September 25th, 1984
72 J. Putnam, R. Britton Apparatus November 29th, 1984
73 A. Hydamaka-Dairy Science Class 1984
74 G&G Pharmacy October 1st, 1985
75 Employee Relations - 25 Year Awards 1985
76 Black and White Negatives of Magnet- Dr. McKee (Cyclation) 1985
77 Ingrid Book- Physics October 22nd, 1985
78 Dr. Naimark, Professor Marion Ferguson, Mrs. Namark, Chan. Duckworth December 7th, 1987
79 Summer Language Program 1976
80 UofM Flowers 1977-1980
81 AG. Diploma Students 1980-1981
82 AG. Degree Students 1980-1981
83 25 Year Awards 1981
84 Ag. Diploma Students 1981-1982
85 Ag. Degree Students 1980-1981
86 Axthary Press Conference- Max Bell Arena August 13th, 1982
87 Scholarship Awards October 1982
88 NRI- Students and Location Photo 1982-1983
89 Gordon Frider- Retirement Photos March 1983
90 Agric Diploma October 1983
91 President's Scholarship Awards 1983
92 Dr. Abra Reception 1983
93 Dr. Seale- Agric Degree Students 1983-1984
94 FASO 1983-1984
95 25 Year Service Awards February 1984
96 Tracy Murray- AG Eng May 1984
97 C.I.A.U Banquet and Team Photo 1984
98 Chemistry Grads 1984
99 Scholarship Awards 1984
100 Agric Degree 1984-1985
101 Moot Court Winners May 1985
102 United Way Poster August 1985
103 Henry Jacobs October 29th, 1985
104 Scholarships October 1985
105 NSERT 1985
106 Gold Medal Dinners 1985
107 NRI 1985
108 Nancy Sullivan- Application Photos 1985
109 FASO Students 1985-1986
110 Zareedo- Telephone Book August 1986
111 Chemistry Brochure- Black and White Negatives November 1986
112 Misc. 1979
113 " 5 Copies of Each as Indicated- Charge to Dr. Wendy Dahlgren, Canada Fitness Survey [1980s]
114 Art Gallery- Fitzgerald Building- Display [1970s/1980s]
115 J. Connor- Group Photo [1980s]
116 Nursing Eye- For Elmer V.T [1980s]
117 Sheila Brown- Private Funding- Poster- Black and White Candids [1980s]
118 Ann Perciral- Cont. Ed.-16x20 matte [1980s]
119 Campus Aerials [1980s]
120 Mr. K. Nishizeki- E202 Agriculture Building- Campus 1983
121 Dr. Campbell/ Dr. Noimolk [1980s]
122 M. Caldwell- Admin Studies [1980s]
123 B. Karle- Telephone Signing [1980s]
124 Home Economics- Fashion Shots [1980s]
125 Plant Science- Past Staff and Student [1980s]
126 Soil Survey Staff [1980s]
127 Dr. McKee 1985
128 A. Pervical- Cont. Education [1980s]
129 Linda Nelson- Communications- Class Tour [1970s]
130 Agric Degree 1982-1983
131 Diane Jackman- I.D. [1980s]
132 Library Fundraising 1977-1978
133 Imogene McIntire- Educational Psych- Lord Roberts School [1980s]
134 Past Aerial- Views of UofM and Surrounding Areas [1970s-1980s]
21 Kathy Vitt- Employee Relations " Long Service Awards" March 1986
2 Children's Museum- Colour Negatives and Proofs- Black and White Negatives and Contact June 12th 1986
3 Dr. Soloman- Colour Negatives- Head and Shoulders July 1986
4 Food Science- Lois Jefferey- Colour Negatives August 27th, 1986
5 Agricultural Engineering Portraits- Kerry Knocker- Colour and Black and White Negatives August 1986
6 Electrical Engineering Staff August 1986
7 Food Nutrition- K. Andrews September 8th, 1986
8 Engineering Labs- Black and White and Colour September 19th, 1986
9 Electrical Engineering- Colour Negatives September 1986
10 University Relations- Dome Photo October 9th, 1986
11 Opening of Wallace Building- Geology Science- Colour Negatives October 24th, 1986
12 Research Administration- J.Cox October 22nd, 1986
13 Research Administration- Group Photo October 3rd, 1986
14 Research Administration- Group Photo October 3rd, 1986
15 Research Administration- J. Scholz October 17th, 1986
16 Research Administration- Group Photo and G&G's October 1986
17 Research Ltd. Portraits- M. Oepkes October 1986
18 Chemistry Grad- D. Derenchuk 1986
19 Auld Painting 1986
20 Food Science- Colour January 1987
21 Physics Cycolotion- Open House- Coloured Negatives January 1987
22 Tom Lobay- Physical Plant- Coloured Negatives and Black and White Negatives January 1987
23 25 Year Service Awards January 1987
24 Fundraising Campaign Kick-Off- Colour Negatives February 1987
25 University Relation Presentation- Span Aero Space- Colour Negatives and Black and White Negatives February 1987
26 Arts Group- Group Photo March 9th, 1987
27 George Stewart Retirement Party- Architecture April 28th, 1987
28 Dr. Hsu- Mechnical Engineering Logo and Industrial Engineering May 9th, 1987
29 Industrial Engineering Grad Class- Professor Wowalekka May 1987
30 Chemistry Grad June 4th, 1987
31 Carl Ferguson- Libraries for Laud Randin- Colour Negatives July 1987
32 Mike Crutch Retirement Party August 1987
33 Engineering Dean G. Morris- Plaque University- Colour Negatives October 22nd, 1987
34 Drake Centre- Plaque Reveiling- Rowland Penner- Colour Negatives October 27th, 1987
35 Downtown Aerials- 120 Kodachrone October 1987
36 MBA Presentation- Holiday Inn- Colour Negatives November 9th, 1987
37 Counselling Skills Improvement Program- Continuing Education November 12th, 1987
38 Engineering Group- Grant Sims- Colour Negatives, Black and White Negatives November 21st, 1987
39 Food Science Grad Students November 1987
40 Bookstore Grand Opening- Coloured Negatives December 2nd, 1987
41 Unveiling of Peter Currie Painting December 5th, 1987
42 Engineering Presentation December 14th, 1987
43 NRI Students 1987-1988
44 Peter Dueck- Financial Aid and Awards- Blue Cross Winners March 1988
45 R. Bowles- Old Installation as Chancellor- Unveiling Painting April 1988
46 Employee Relations- 25 Year Service Awards April 1988
47 Retirement Tea- Jean Jones- Telephone Communication System June 24th, 1988
48 Retirement Party- Wally Sulipa June 29th, 1988
49 Social Work Group Photo- Nelva June 1988
50 Education Grads Farewell- Marlborough June 1988
51 Retirement Party for Regina Kondracki- University of Manitoba Communication System June 1988
52 Karen Armstrong- Int Photo of (Transport INT)- Drake Centre- Colour Negatives August 10th, 1988
53 Riverside Stell Orchestra for Professor Colin Wolley- Faculty of Education August 10th, 1988
54 Mike Angel, Earle Fergusion- Drive for Excellence: Dafoe Library August 12th, 1988
55 Sport Camp Kids- For Joyce Fromsen, Frank Kennedy- Colour Negatives August 26th, 1988
56 Womens Basketball team Black and White Negatives and Contact October 6th, 1988
57 Mens Basketball Team- Black and White Negatives and Contacts October 7th, 1988
58 Canadian Deans of Agriculture- Group Photo- Colour Negatives October, 1988
59 Farewell Lunch for Livia Kavacs- Communicaiton Systems November 4th, 1988
60 Farewell Lunch for Val Mahaffy- Communication Systems November 17th, 1988
61 Ken Bentley- Bison Sports- Womens Volleyball Team- Colour Negatives November 30th, 1988
62 Ken Bentley- Womens Volleyball team vs Japans Womens Volleyball Team- Colour Negatives November 30th, 1988
63 Retirement Party at Tartan Room University of Manitoba- Evelyn Maguire December 2nd, 1988
64 Food Science- Staff Updates- Colour Negatives December 1988
65 Portage Place Mall- Colour Negatives 1988
66 Chemistry Grads 1988
67 President Naimark- Portraits Taken in his Office- Colour and Black and White January 1989
31 Womens Volleyball- Ken Bentley January 6th and 7th, 1989
2 Womens Basketball Team- Colour Negatives - Formal Team plus Candids January 19th, 1989
3 Black and White Photo of Womens Basketball team January 19th, 1989
4 Retirement Party- Tartan Room- Baracos- Geological Engineering January 27th, 1989
5 Communication Systems, Helen Vinnell- Telephone 50th Birthday, Old Staff- Black and White Photos February 1989
6 Communication Systems- Doug Lane Retirement February 10th, 1989
7 Private Dining Aera (Sacharov Convo) University College- Provost C.A. Nicolaou (Monica)- Colour Negatives February 17th, 1989
8 1988 Long Service Awards (25 Years) February 1989
9 N.R.I. Students (for Chrishofer) Black and White Negatives Bulletin March 1989
10 Dr. Duckworth- Colour Portrait Sitting in Chancellors Chair and Robe March 1989
11 Ken Armistead Birthday Party March 1989
12 School of Music- Henry Engbrecht- Mens and Womens Choir- Colour Negatives April 10th, 1989
13 Murray Griggretrenent- Communication Systems Printing April 28th, 1989
14 Social Work- Child and Family Services Conference - Jannine Haboicare April 1989
15 Communication Systems- Mr. Kanes Birthday, Farewell Party, Allen and Georgina's Birthday April, 1989
16 Target Fitness- Colour April 1989
17 Mens Gymnastics Team- Coach: C.Lorback- Team (Bob Bornefoy, Mike Duck, John Knocker, John Vanderwates) May 8th, 1989
18 Werner Burokor- Field Hockey Coach: Lenny McCaigue- Todd McNeil, Jennifer Goodwin, Kathy MacInnes May 10th, 1989
19 University of Manitoba Building- Plaque Unveiling- Colour and Black and White May 1989
20 Allan Simms- V.P. Office-Group Photo of Awards Recipient with Mr. Naimark and Mr. Falcolme- Colour Negatives June 7th, 1989
21 Professor Bigelow: Reception in Tartan Room- Colour Negatives (135) June 9th, 1989
22 Professor Losey- Retirement at Pembina Hall University of Manitoba- Colour Negatives June 20th, 1989
23 Ladies Gym Team June 1989
24 Ladies Field Hockey Team- Individual Head and Shoulder- Black and White Negatives and Contacts June 1989
25 Patti Bonas- M.C.- Reservations/Conference Services- MPR Room June 1989
26 Patti Bonas- Conference Services- Lord Selkirk Grad in MPR- Room Setup June 1989
27 Chemistry Grads- Colour June 1989
28 Communication Systems- Birthdays: Irene, Diane, Karen June 1989
29 LaDawn Coutto- Human Ecology- Colour Negatives June 1989
30 Grad Valley Classes- Colour Negatives July 1989
31 International Centre for Students: Phillip Shea July 1989
32 Special Convocation- President of Iceland August 4th, 1989
33 Col- Brenda Leipsic, Mini University, Sports Camp, Phys. Ed and Rec Studies August 16th, 1989
34 Spruce Tree Transplanting in Re-Development of Court Area Quadrangle- Corner Dafoe Road and Gilson Street- Photos taken from Admin Building- Tree Planting Machinery Truck and Tractor and its Operator from out of the Province (Alberta) August 24th, 1989
35 Donna Wuench- Birthday Photo Negatives August 25th, 1989
36 Hockey Media Guide: Werner Burokas August 1989
37 D. Research Candidate- Col- Pat Hervo for David Patton- Family Studies, Human Ecology September 21st, 1989
38 Food Science Bulletin Board Pictures- Colour Negatives (120) September 27th, 1989
39 Colour Action Shots in Studio of Basketball (Mens) Players- Black and White Head and Shoulders September 28th, 1989
40 Unveiling of Chancellor Duckworth's Oil Painting September 1989
41 Brenda Leipsic- Mini University Visits with Jem Ernst, Dorothy Debbie September 1989
42 Judy Relletier's Birthday- Communication Systems September 1989
43 Klara Belkin- School of Music September 1989
44 Patti Bonas- Special Functions September- October 1989
45 Mens Volleyball- Black and White Head and Shoulders October 10th, 1989
46 L. Chartier- Department of Science- Black and White Photos of Item Purchases with Endowment Fund Monies October 17th, 1989
47 Mens Hockey- Wayne Fleming- Colour and Black and White Team Photo- Individual Players ( 35mm negatives) October 17th, 1989
48 Muffins and More Opening for Bruce Thomson October 19th, 1989
49 Women's Basketball- Black and White Head and Shoulders- Colour Action Photos- Colleen Dufresne October 20th, 1989
50 Halloween Staff- Old Black and White Negatives of Staff October 1989
51 Plant Science Equipment- John Watson October 1989
52 Matt McDonald- Agricultural Engineering Staff- Colour Negatives October 1989
53 Mens Volleyball October 1989
54 School of Music- University of Manitoba Singers- Black and White Colour November 27th, 1989
55 Electrical Engineering Staff- Greg Bridges, Tammy Ames, John Kendall November 1989
56 Louis Lee and Bob Talbot- Birthdays- Christmas Tree- Communication Systems November- December 1989
57 University of Manitoba Logo- Black and White Print on Black Background December 20th, 1989
58 Women's Volleyball Team- Bisons vs. Japan Team & Mens vs. University of Winnipeg- Black and White Negatives and Contact December 1989
59 Communication Systems- Christmas Party- Prabir's Birthday December 1989
41 Bison Mens Hockey Team- Team Photo and Invidual- Coach D. Depoe January 21st, 1991
2 Continued Education Graduation- Rainey Jonasson January 24th, 1991
3 Manitoba Opera- Black and White Title Line for Sponser Slider January 28th, 1991
4 Natural Resource Inst- Colour and Black and White- Candids of Visiting Soviet Delegates January 1991
5 Women's Bison Basketball Team plus Individuals (Colleen Dufresne, Bison Sports Players: Allison Lafferty, Terry Johanesson, Brandi Chammartin) February 8th, 1991
6 Ray Hoemsen- EASIAP- Breakfast Seminar- Carlton Club March 4th, 1991
7 Patti Bonas- Room Set-Up UMSU March 12th, 1991
8 CBTA Meeting- Donna Vench March 13th, 1991
9 Arthur LeBlanc- Continued Education- University of Manitoba, University of Sagami: Signing Agreement- Colour Negatives March 26th, 1991
10 25 Year Long Service Awards- Maggie Duncan Employee Relations (includes 1989 retakes) March 1991
11 Bobbi Bash- Black and White Negatives April 15th, 1991
12 April Birthdays- Communication Systems- Donna Vench- Phone Centre (Cleaning in Blue Jeans) April 1991
13 Seniors Leadership Program- Grads 1991 for M. Novak Continued Education May 30th, 1991
14 R. Tennison- Ag Comm- 2 Barns: Animal Science and Demolition Photos- Colour Photos May 1991
15 Barb Lindsay Chemistry Grads May 1991
16 Joe Connor/ S. Bond- Centre for High Learning Research- Black and White Negatives May 1991
17 Chemistry Grads for Barbara Lindsay June 4th, 1991
18 Communicaiton Systems Retirement Party for John Tavares- O.M.S June 7th, 1991
19 Vaisey- Genser Stambrook- Retirement June 10th, 1991
20 J. McKee- Physics- Proclamation of Physics Work by his Worship Bill Norrie at Winnipeg City Hall- Colour Photos June 10th, 1991
21 Comunication System Staff BBQ June 14th, 1991
22 Management Award Banquet- Pat Bruch, Patti Bonas- Room Set-Up June 20th, 1991
23 Don Pereria June 21, 1991
24 Arts Staff (Col)- For Karen Ojden- Continued Education June 1991
25 Communication Systems- BBQ Day June 1991
26 Communication Systems- Birthdays July- August 1991
27 Joe Connor- Private Funding- Partner's Newsletter- Susan Glass, Iain Black, Frances Bowles, Allen Hannah, Terry Crystal, Brian Gutscher July- September 1991
28 Plaque Ceremonies- for Julie Mikuska- Black and White and Colour Negatives September 21st, 1991
29 Nursing- Shirley Watts- Dr. Hart Speaker Series September 24th, 1991
30 Ladies Volleyball- Ken Bentley- Black and White Head and Shoulders September 1991
31 Delores Keakey, Music- Colour Negatives September 1991
32 Rick Suffield- Bison Sports- Mens Basketball September 1991
33 Volleyball- Black and White Photos and Negatives October 17th, 1991
34 S. Hyrniuk- Book Announcement October 23rd, 1991
35 University Scarf- Colour- Alumni Association October 23rd, 1991
36 Jeff Hehn, Agricultural Engineering- Colour Negatives October 25th, 1991
37 Women's Basketball- Colour, Black and White Team Photo, Colour and Black and White Individuals- Team Members and Coaches October 25th, 1991
38 Bison Men's Volleyball- Individual Black and White Head and Shoulders- Coach Garth Pischke not included October 1991
39 Food Science- Mei Chung- Lew- Colour Head and Shoulders, Colour Negatives October 30th, 1991
40 Food Science- Lisa Nemeth- Colour Head and Shoulders, Colour Negatives October 30th, 1991
41 Food Science- Andrea Masi- Colour Head and Shoulders, Colour Negatives October 30th, 1991
42 Food Science- Vien Yip- Colour Head and Shoulders, Colour Negatives October 30th, 1991
43 Food Science- Angela Han- Colour Head and Shoulders, Colour Negatives October 30th, 1991
44 Food Science- Charles Powell- Colour Head and Shoulders, Colour Negatives October 30th, 1991
45 Halloween Costumes- Linda Frieson- Communication Systems Costume Party October 31st, 1991
46 C. Draper- Retirement Party October 31st, 1991
47 Alex and Rose's Birthday- Communication Systems October 1991
48 Rick Suffield- Men's Basketball Team- Black and White and Colour October 1991
49 Bert's Birthday- Communication Systems October 1991
50 Communication Systems- Halloween Party and November Birthdays November 1991
51 Bisons Sports Men's Football- Six Players- Scott Spurgeon- Colour Negatives November 13th, 1991
52 Maryel Andison- MGMT Awards November 18th, 1991
53 Dennis Hrycaiko- Phys. Ed & Rec. Studies- Scholarship and Award- Tartan Room University of Manitoba- Colour Negatives November 20th, 1991
54 Outreach Awards November 21st, 1991
55 Sam Peters- Off Campus- Black and White Negatives and Contacts December 3rd, 1991
56 Colour Photos of Model H.S.C Campus for Bob Raeburn W.G.B- Visual Relations and Admin December 6th, 1991
57 Institute for Tech Development- Ray Hoemsen- Seven Colour Staff Portraits December 1991
58 Dr. Barb Lense- Civil Engineering Colour Hydrostates Bench in Lab December 1991
59 Susanne Oliver- Retirement- Botany December 1991
60 Animal Science Staff Group- Colour and Black and White December 1991
61 Communication Systems December Birthdays December 1991
62 Photo Unveiling- Allen's Peregrine December 1991
63 Alumni Association Volunteers- Duckworth, Mitchell, etc. - Colour Negatives December 1991-January 1992
51 Maria Freer- French and Spanish- Black and White Photo from Artwork Displayed at Senior's Common Room- University College January 11th, 1990
2 Women's Volleyball- Ken Bentley- Black and White Negatives (5 rolls) January 24th, 1990
3 Printing Services Brochure- Colour Negatives of Computer/Copier January 1990
4 Dr. Naimark- Colour Negatives January 1990
5 Helen Vinnell- Birthday Photo at Communication Systems Building- Ken A. Birthday February 1st, 1990
6 Wendy Wiewer- Special Functions- Colour Negatives February 2nd, 1990
7 Harry Duckworth- Admin- Colour Photo of Colorado Spruce Planted in UofM Quadrangle February 8th, 1990
8 Roz Campell- Colour Negative February 12th, 1990
9 Tony Birthday Party- Colour Negatives February 23rd, 1990
10 C.F.D Corres- Group Photo- Alice Foster February 27th, 1990
11 Campus Winter Scenes February 1990
12 Harry Sutcliffe- Arts- Photo of Arts Brochure Update- Black and White Negatives February 1990
13 Lecture in Russell Building- Lecture Theatre- Professor Al Rattray- Black and White Photo March 9th, 1990
14 Continued Education- Group Photo- Carla Turner, Gisele Marioux, Mary Foster, Darlene Courrier March 1990
15 Long Service Awards March 1989-1990
16 Team Photo- Women's Volleyball Team- Ken Bentley April 6th, 1990
17 Ken Bentley April 26th, 1990
18 Colour Photos of Food Trays May 10th, 1990
19 Special Convocation- Table Set Ups, Alumni- Special Functions May 17th, 1990
20 Chemistry Grads- Colour Negatives May 30th, 1990
21 Glen Swift- Electrical Burns to Mouth of Pig- Colour Slides and Black and White Negatives May 31st, 1990
22 Management- Group 11 Awards- Colour Negatives May 1990
23 Plaque Dedications- Colour Negatives May 1990
24 Dentistry Retirement- Colour Negatives June 14th, 1990
25 Performance of Riverside Steel Band, Winnipeg Youth Steel Band- Colin Walley Department of Education- Colour Negatives and Black and White Prints July 26th, 1990
26 Dentistry Clinic Grad Students- E.H. Yen Preventitive Dental- Colour Negatives August 16th, 1990
27 Football- Phys. Ed- Western Group- Black and White and Colour August 1990
28 Communication Systems- August and September Birthdays August 1990
29 Continued Education- Signing of Agreement- Senate Chambers between University and Public Service Alliance- Bill Kops September 19th, 1990
30 Dairy Science- Anne Hydomako- Food Science Food Processing Agreement- Colour Negatives September 1990
31 Gordon Harland (Religon) Retirement September 1990
32 Target Fitness Aerobics- Colour Negatives September 1990
33 Patti Bonas- Speical Function- Beausejour Room Reception Set-Up October 19th, 1990
34 Ms. Cooper- Management- Drake Centre October 25th, 1990
35 Black and White Photos of West Can Play Manual October 26th, 1990
36 Communication Systems- Halloween October 1990
37 Retirement Party for Mary Cuban (Food Services) October 1990
38 Food Science- Grad Students and Staff- Colour Negatives October 1990
39 Basketball Players- Coach Rick Suffield- Colour Photos October 1990
40 Ray Hoemsen- Engineering- EASIAP Breakfast Meeting- Linh Chung: Senior Stick, AS- Colour Negatives November 2nd , 1990
41 Communication Systems Christmas Party- Colour Negatives December 1990
42 Engineering Library Plate Unvieling- Mr. Craik and Mr. Les Wardrop- Colour Photos December 3rd, 1990
43 Christmas Food Hamper- Communication Systems- Colour Negatives December 20th, 1990
44 A. Kennedy- Animal Science Colour Apparatus December 1990
45 Dr. Jay- Entomology- Retirement December 1990
46 Communication Systems Christmas Parties December 1990
61 Dr. Matur Physics Lab 1992
2 Duckworth Album- Negatives and Proofs 1992
3 Phone Centre (Phone Callers)- Private Funding- Julie Mikuska January 14th, 1992
4 UofM Downtown- Portage Place- The Promenade- Black and White Photos January 29th, 1992
5 Luncheon rm. 314 Education Building in Honour of Mabel Jean Fraser- Colour Negatives January 31st, 1992
6 Helen L. Bochonko- Black and White Candid Photo of Students in Micro-Computer Classroom in Education Building January 31st, 1992
7 Faculty Club- Ed Unrau January 1992
8 Chinese New Year- Year of the Monkey- Banquest at Marigolds- Colour Negatives February 4th, 1992
9 Colour ID Board- Tammy Aries- Colour Negatives February 5th, 1992
10 Alumni Association Parents- Programs Newsletter-Laird Rankin- Black and White Negative and Contact Sheet February 10th, 1992
11 Glen Swift- Electrical Engineering- Black and White Prints and Negatives, Colour Slides February 1992
12 Dave Sanders- Colour Photos of UofM Downtown 11th Promenade "Novell Authorized Education" Centre February 1992
13 Candace Girer February 1992
14 Col- Faculty Club- Ed Unrau U.R.I March 3rd, 1992
15 Bisons Hockey- Men's Team Photo and Individual in Colour March 11th, 1992
16 Professor Strong (Engineering) Black and White Photo- Used in Private Funding Annual Report March 16th, 1992
17 Phys. Ed and Rec. Studies- Alex Gardner- Track and Field Team Photo, Plus Special Teams - Colour Negatives March 31st, 1992
18 Craig Anderson- Continued Education- Poster for University of Manitoba Downtown April 23rd, 1992
19 Professor Alvin Esau- Faculty of Law- Jane Ursel- Black and White Negatives and Contact- April 1992
20 Nursing- Loxie Steffler- Colour Negatives April 1992
21 Dr. E. Ready- Fitness Testing- Colour Negatives April 1992
22 Communication Systems- Janet and Judeth Farewell, April and June 1992 Birthdays April 1992
23 25 Year Awards April 1992
24 Fitness Day- Colour Negatives May 22nd, 1992
25 Duckworth Receptions- Colour Negatives May 26th- 28th, 1992
26 Dr. Steele- Department of Pharmacy, " The Medicaiton in Formation Line for the Elderly"- Black and White Photo- Black and White Head and Shoulder- Dr. Ruby Grymonpre May 28th, 1992
27 Craig Sanders- Interior Design- Interiors of Three Residences- Colour Negatives May 1992
28 Lang Smith- Soil Science May 1992
29 Cindy Stephenson- Faculty of Mangement Placement Centre- Cindy Stephenson, Janet Smith, Ms. Brown- Black and White Photos June 4th, 1992
30 Maureen Forrest- Continuing Education- Black and White Photos of David Sanders (1), Carl Stone (2), Ms. Mahood (3), Ken Whiklo (4), James Connelly June 10th, 1992
31 Dave Sanders- Continuing Education Downtown Campus- Classroom with Students, Computer Lab with Student and Instructor- Colour Negatives June 23rd, 1992
32 Caubo- Welcome, Opening: Cedric Ritchie, General Meeting June 14th, 1992
33 Caubo- Opening Reception- T.D. Centre June 14th, 1992
34 Caubo- Presidents Reception and Dinner June 15th, 1992
35 Caubo- Frank Finley, Stuart Smith, Luncheon, Workshops June 15th, 1992
36 Caubo- Jane Norman Ryland- Panel Discussion June 16th, 1992
37 Caubo- Boat Cruise and Fort Gibraltar June 16th, 1992
38 Caubo- Tradeshow, Delegates, Coffee Breaks etc. June 1992
39 Caubo- Business Cards, Letter, and Trade Show Locations June 1992
40 Caubo June 1992
41 Continued Education- Native Management Course- Graduation June 1992
42 Chemistry Grads June 1992
43 Laird Rankin- Alumni Association- Student Safety Patrol- Colour Negatives and Print- Black and White Negatives of Alarm Light and Whistle June 1992
44 Agricultural Engineering- Ron Britton- Elevator at Starbuck- Slip Forms- Colour Negatives July 1992
45 D. Keaney Music- Sample Print August 11th, 1992
46 Continued Education (Management Studies) Col Portraits of: Don Castleden, Karen Wastasecoot August 14th, 1992
47 Scott Godfrey- Bison Men's Football Black Head and Shoulders- Black and White Negatives and Contracts August 17th, 1992
48 Joyce Fromsow- Colour Candid of Children Attending Mini U Camp August 1992
49 Professor Steele- Faculty of Pharmacy Portrait- 120ups- Full Length, 3/4 Length, Head and Shoulders- Colour Negatives August 27th, 1992
50 St. Boniface Cemetary Aerials August 1992
51 Delores Keakey Music- Ivory Echoes Series- Colour Negatives August 1992
52 UofM Aerials August 1992
53 New Staff Faculty Reception at Faculty Club- Deborah Kirby- Colour Negatives September 10th, 1992
54 UofM Swim Team- Individual and Head and Shoulders- Phys. Ed and Rec. Studies- Black and White Photos September 11th, 1992
55 Women's Field Hockey- Individual Head and Shoulders- Black and White Negatives and Contact September 22nd, 1992
56 Bison Hockey- Scott Godfrey, Mike Sirant: Coach- Black and White Individual Head and Shoulders September 22nd, 1992
57 Mens Basketball- Individual Head and Shoulders- Black and White September 25ht, 1992
58 Womens Basketball- Individual Head and Shoulders- Black and White September 25th, 1992
59 Women's Volleyball Team- Individual Head and Shoulders- Black and White September 28th, 1992
60 Men's Volleyball- Individual Head and Shoulders- Black and White September 28th, 1992
61 Knight Reception Dinner and Address- Colour Negatives September 1992
62 N. Lane Communication Systems- TV Camera- Colour Negatives September 1992
63 Dale Anderson- Ivan Eyre Drawings September 1992
64 Management Awards- D. Kirby October 5th, 1992
65 Food Science Grad Students- Gail Smith- Head and Shoulders- Colour October 7th, 1992
66 Nursing- Dr. Hart Speaker Series October 26th, 1992
67 Day Care Play Structure October 28th, 1992
68 Archives- Music Book for Alumni Journal Cover October 1992
69 Track and Field- Individual Black and White Photos and Action Track Events November 12th, 1992
70 Mike Sirrant, Bill Keane- Academic and Athletic Excellece Award- Colour Negatives November 13th, 1992
71 Extra Prints of Dr. Naimark's Large Photo brought in November 24th, 1992
72 Continued Education- Judy Joshua- Place Louis Riel Management Course Meetings- Two Staff Photos: Jim Israels, Russ Rusney November 25th, 1992
73 Outreach Awards November 1992
74 Dennis Hrycaiko- Phys. Ed and Rec. Studies- Scholarship and Awards Reception December 2nd, 1992
75 Julie Mikuska- Scholarship- Peter Dueck's Offfice December 14th, 1992
76 Helen Vinnell- Retirement/ Telephones December 1992
77 Communication Systems Christmas Dinner at Maximes December 1992
78 Continued Education- Native Management Course- Graduation: Kenora December 1992
79 Laird Rankin- Alumni- Colour Photos of Framed Degree December 1992
71 Convocation 1972
2 Convocation 1978
3 Spring Convocation 1985
4 Isabel Auld 1986
5 Fall Convocation 1986
6 Engineering- Colour Negatives September 12th, 1986
7 Spring Convocation 1987
8 Fall Conovcation 1987
9 Spring Convocation 1988
10 Special Convocation- Dr. Andrei Sacharov February 1989
11 Fall Convocation 1989
12 Fall Convocation 1991
81 Scott Godfrey-Group in front of Admin Building- All Canadian Academic Athletes- Colour Photo October 26th, 1993
2 Bill Neville- Press Office- 5x7 Black and White Print of Helen Promislov October 28th, 1993
3 Kim Ominski- Colour Photos of Grads October 1993
4 Colour Photo of Award Presentation- Men's Hockey Coach- Mike Sirant November 15th, 1993
5 Rick Suffield- Men's Basketball- Parent Night at Boston Pizza on Pembina- Colour Negatives November 15th, 1993
6 Bill Karle Telephone Signing Agreement November 15th, 1993
7 Coach Bruce Pirnie- Black and White Head and SHoulders of Team, Individual Negatives and Contacts November 17th, 1993
8 EASIAP- Doug Strang- Agriculture Function at Club Malibu November 17th, 1993
9 Outreach Awards November 18th, 1993
10 Physiology Function November 24th, 1993
11 Faculty of Science- Professor B. Sheriff- Rose Chabiuk-Colour Negatives November 26th, 1993
12 Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation Studies 3rd Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception- Colour Negatives December 1st, 1993
13 MGMNT Christmas Party- D. Kirby December 13th, 1993
14 Laird Rankin Alumni- Colour Negatives of Book Covers December 1993
15 Jim Daly Private Funding- 4x5 Negatives of Conklin Retouched Photo December 1993
16 Alan Patterson Photography- 120 Services Building December 1993
17 Colour Negative of New UofM Crest (Coat of Arms)- Old Crest Negatives as well December 1993- July 1994
18 Men's Bison Hockey Team Photo- Colour Negatives January 24th, 1994
19 D. Kirby- MGMNT- Student Group and Management- Senior Stick: Jonathan Glass January 26th, 1994
20 Colour Mexican Professors- For: Deborah Kirby Management, Dean's Office January 28th, 1994
21 Maureen Forrest- Continuing Education- Panel Discussion at Delta Inn- Quality Initatives- Colour Negatives January 28th, 1994
22 UMDU Foodbank- Julie Mikusko- Colour Negatives January 1994
23 Electrical Engineering Staff- Ken Podoimo, Judy Noble, Shelly Grandin, Terry Tomasiewicz, Douglas Thompson January 1994
24 Library- D. Harvey and J. Chaturvedi- Colour of Book Checking Equipment February 1st, 1994
25 Engineering Access Program- Five Staff- Colour Negatives February 4th, 1994
26 Doug Strang- ITD (Engineering) EASIAP Awards at Club Malibu February 24th, 1994
27 United Girls at Front Office- Communication Systems February 1994
28 Julie Mikuska Portrait- Andersons February 1994
29 Civil- Geological Engineering Staff February-March 1994
30 Women's Basketball Team- C. Dufresne- Colour Negatives March 4th, 1994
31 Karen Fox Evening Program Kayaking at Frank Kennedy Pool March 14th, 1994
32 Women's Hockey Tour- Maxbell Arena- Colour Negatives March 18th, 1994
33 25 Year Long Service Awards March 17th, 1994
34 Colour Photo of Men's and Women's Track and Field Team, Colour Negatives- Coach Bruce Pirnie March 22nd, 1994
35 Applied Math- Colour Negatives of Two Professors March 22nd, 1994
36 Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony- Colour Negatives (135mm) March 22nd, 1994
37 Management- D. Kirby- MBA for a Day March 24th, 1994
38 Barbara- Nursing- Group Photo March 1994
39 W. Karle- 50th Birthday (Rolls A, B,C) April 7th, 1994
40 Susan Nezards NSERC Award Winner- Animal Science- Kim Ominiski- Black and White Negatives and Contact April 8th, 1994
41 Bison UofM Swim Team- Coach Vlastic, Phys. Ed and Rec. Studies April 8th, 1994
42 Photo of Guest with Two Officers and Police Car- Terry and Tony Atkin April 10th, 1994
43 Men's Wrestling Team- Coach Nat. Pergany- Colour Negatives April 12th, 1994
44 Student Teacher Recognition Reception - Dr. Beverly Cameron- Colour Negatives May 4th, 1994
45 Julie Miksuak- Black and White Photo of Marsha Hanen and Arnold Namiark May 13th, 1994
46 D. Kriby Management Visiting Lecturer May 15th, 1994
47 Food Science Student Group Photo- Gail Smith- Colour Negatives May 19th, 1994
48 Sci Trek 1994- Ray Hoemsen- Convention Centre May 26th, 1994
49 Professor George Clark- Colour Negatives July 7th, 1995
50 Human Ecology Foods and Nutrition- Students in the Workplace at Different Locations in Winnipeg- Colour Photos and Negatives July 19th, 1995
51 Presentation- Jerry Gray Mgmnt August 8th, 1995
52 Solange- A. McCracken- Continuing Education- Summer Long Program August 8th, 1995
53 Eaton's Window Unveiling- Andrea McCracken- Continuing Education- Colour Negatives August 16th, 1995
54 Joyce Fromson- Mini U Group Photo of Children for Cover of Brouchure- Negatives August 21st, 1995
55 Mary Kuzmeniuk- Psychology- Staff and Professors- Colour Negatives August 23rd, 1995
56 Eaton Window with Continued Education Display- Andrea McCracken- Colour Negatives and Proof August 31st, 1995
57 Joyce Fromson- Lloyd Axworthy and Kids- Colour Photos August 1995
58 MBA Students- Susan Eide- Black and White August 1995
59 MGMNT BBQ- V. Wilson- Colour September 5th, 1995
60 Newman Gallery Reception- Unveiling of Agriculture Sign- Julie Mikuska September 8th, 1995
61 Campus Police- Pepper Spray Demo September 20th, 1995
62 Linda Baudy- Aboriginal Counselling- University of Manitoba Downtown- Conitnued Education- Colour Negatives (120ups) September 20th, 1995
63 Men's Basketball- Black and White Head and Shoulders September 1995
64 Men's Volleyball- Black and White Head and Shoulders September 1995
65 A. McCracken- Colour Copy Negatives September 1995
91 Wheat Board Luncheon- Dr. Guenter- Animal Science, Dr. Brian Oleson- Wheat Board September 1995
2 Shirley Watts- Nursing- Hart Speaker Series September 28th, 1995
3 Debra Kirby- MGMNT- Faculty Club Reception September 29th, 1995
4 Trees in Quad- Julie Mikuska September 1995
5 Women's Volleyball- Head and Shoulders Black and White September 1995
6 Animal Science- Academic Staff September 1995
7 Men's Hockey Team- Individual Black and White Head and Shoulders September 1995
8 Men's Bison Football- Team Photo in Colour October 9th, 1995
9 Men's Basketball Team Photo- Colour Negatives October 12th, 1995
10 Donna Strang- Colour Negatives of Meeting- Continuing Education Campus- T. Eaton Meeting October 16th, 1995
11 Sports Medicine Group Photo October 25th, 1995
12 Bruce Pirnie- Track and Field Head and Shoulders October 26th, 1995
13 Continued Education- MTS Mobility/MTS Phone Centre- Grant Park October 25th, 1995
14 Andrea McCracken- Continued Education- Downtown, Continued Education Complex- Colour October 1995
15 Food Science Grad Students- Seven Students- Colour Negatives October 1995
16 Ray Hoemsen-Agriculture- Careers Reception- Malibu Club November 8th, 1995
17 Unveiling of Dean Kuffel's Painting in Engineering Library November 21st, 1995
18 Outreach Awards November 23rd, 1995
19 Men's Bison Hockey- Team Photo- Colour Negatives November 28th, 1995
20 Bison Launch Libraries November 28th, 1995
21 Agriculture Campaign Reception November 28th, 1995
22 MBA Class- Jerry Gray- MGMNT November 30th, 1995
23 Continuing Education Craft Show November 1995
24 Colour Negatives of Campus- Police Cont. at Grad in Services Bldg.-Chief Don Peters December 6th, 1995
25 Colour Photo of Don Peters Swearing in Officers with Al. Simms December 14th, 1995
26 Deputy Chief UofM Badge- Black and White Negatives and Proof December 17th, 1995
27 Chris Rulkowski Photo of Dr. Naimark in his Offfice December 19th, 1995
28 Colour Negatives of Colette la Croiz and Some of the Gifts she Recieved at Christmas December 20th, 1995
29 Professor Rizkalla- Colour Negatives and Black and White Contact of Photos Taken at Intelligent Sensing for Innovations Structures Network December 1995
30 Men's Basketball Corporate Sponsers Party at Boston Pizza on Pembina Hwy. (Colour 135 Negatives) January 11th, 1996
31 Men's Wrestling- Colour Negatives of Team Photo January 12th, 1996
32 Bill Phillip's Retirement Photo's- Colour Negatives January 12th, 1996
33 Dr. Laliberte Engineering (Portrait Unveilling) January 17th, 1996
34 Rudy Dahl Retirement January 19th, 1996
35 Women's Basketball Head and Shoulders Black and White Negatives January 1996
36 Men's Wrestling Head and Shoulders Individual Players- Black and White Negatives January 1996
37 Andrea McCracken- Continuing Education- Anita Crate Access Student- Cad Lab- Arch/ Physio February 1st-16th, 1996
38 Photo of John Page for Sandra Sobks- University Relations- Black and White Negatives and Contact February 2nd, 1996
39 Music Concert February 8th, 1996
40 Women's Basketball- Team Photo- Colour and Black and White February 14th, 1996
41 Women's Volleyball Team Photo- Colour and Black and White February 15th, 1996
42 Rob Warren- Telephone Conference with University of North Dakota February 1996
43 Dr. Bev Watts- Human Ecology- Computer Lab- Colour Negatives March 7th, 1996
44 Men's Hockey Team Photo- Colour March 13th, 1996
45 Sports Council, Phys. Ed and Rec. Studies- Walt McKee- Colour Photo March 14th, 1996
46 Men's and Women's Track and Field Team- Colour Photos March 14th, 1996
47 Phys. Ed and Rec. Studies- Walt McKee (Colour Negatives 120 and 135mm) March 22nd, 1996
48 Darlene- Continuing Education Black Aboriginal Focus Grad Photos March 1996
49 Jenny Hogen- Management MBA Brochure- Negatives April 8th, 1996
50 Mike Sinant- Men's Bison Hockey- Bision Hall of Fame Dinner at the Westin Inn April 11th, 1996
51 Bison Swim Team- Colour Photo April 29th, 1996
52 Engineering Project- Colour Negatives April 1996
53 Student Teacher Recognition Reception- Linda Rzeszutek- Colour Negatives and Print May 1st, 1996
54 Pembina Hall Room Set Up- Don MacDiarmid May 10th, 1996
55 25 Year Long Service Awards May 15th, 1996
56 Robert Warren Management May 16th, 1996
57 Geological Association of Canada and Minerilogical Association of Canada Joint Annual Meeting - Colour Negatives May 27th-29th, 1996
58 Val Moodwim Faculty of Agriculture, Larry Durand, Coleen Fynn May 27th, 1996
59 Lorna Guse- Nursing- Colour Negatives of Reception in Courtyard at Arch- Colour Negatives (135) May 30th, 1996
60 Denise Whynot- Continuing Education- Access/ SPSP/ PHP/Programs- Group Photo of 1996 Access Grads- Colour Negatives (120) May 30th, 1996
61 Geological Sciences GAC/MAC Conference- Group- Colour May 1996
62 Continuing Education- UofM Downtown Aboriginal Class- Andrea McCracken May 1996
63 Dr. Szauthmary and Student- Colour Negatives May 1996
64 Gold Medal Winners- Zbigniew Cichosz and Paul Robles- Black and White Negatives May 1996
65 Convocation Grads- Chem Group May 1996
66 Darlene Black- Continuing Education- Aboriginal Focus Grad June 7th, 1996
67 Colour Photo of Student Connection Work Program at 229 Education Building July 9th, 1996
68 Colour Photo of Dinner and Speakers at Grad Dinner June 11th, 1996
69 Bob Raeburn- Six New Board of Governor Members- Black and White June 1996
70 Meet the New President Out in Quad- Colour Negatives July 7th, 1996
71 Vicki Wilson- MGMNT- Colour Presentation July 22nd, 1996
72 Engineering- First Year Orientation- Colour Negatives August 29th, 1996
73 Colour Photo of A. LeBlanc and President Szathmary in Presidents Office, Admin Building September 1996
74 Glen Morris Retirement (Engineering) September 13th, 1996
75 "Faces" on Campus- Tracey Keryluk, Comp Serv September 1996
76 MGMNT- Malaysian Students September 1996
77 Continued Education Poster September 1996
78 Engineering- Super Professors September 1996
101 Dr. Naimark- His Mother- Colour Re-Touching 1994
2 Julie Mikuska- Black and White Photos/Colour Negatives- Archives and Special Collections- Richard Bennett May 13th, 1994
3 Nursing Honor Society- Induction Ceremony May 15th, 1994
4 C.I.S. Management Education Program- Achivement Certificates- Colour Negatives and Proofs May 27th, 1994
5 Continued Education Grad- Int'l Inn-Winnipeg May 28th, 1994
6 T.Q.M.- Communication Systems- Staff Grads June 1994
7 Dean M. Janisse- Continuing Education- Advisory Board Meeting at Downtown Campus- Colour Negatives June 15th, 1994
8 Julie Mikuska- Dysart and Elliott Receptions June 20th, 1994
9 Julie Mikoska- Private Funding- Presentation in Centennial Room Faculty Club June 28th, 1994
10 Photo for Continuing Education- Newspaper SUP: The Advantage June 1994
11 Copy Photos from Paintings- Jim daly June 1994
12 R. Bennett- Archives- Colour Plaques- Duckworth, Auld, Bowles June 1994
13 Brita- Continuing Education with Medals- Colour Negatives June 1994
14 Physics Staff Group- Colour June 1994
15 TQM Groups- Communication Systems June 1994
16 Chem Grads June 1994
17 R.A. Johnson- Admin- Black and White and Colour War Memorials June 1994
18 Food Science- Black and White Negatives- Bread Slices, Jerry Sucky, Harry (Sta) July 7th , 1994
19 Campus Constables on Bikes for Bulletin- Don Peters,Sgt- Terry Krenz July 13th, 1994
20 Faculty Club- Two Group Photos July 20th, 1994
21 Dr. A. Morrish- Physics- Colour Photos of Gems in Studio July 28th, 1994
22 C. Presser, A. Kerr- Academic Robes July 1994
23 Laird Rankin- Alumni- Bookcovers July 1994
24 Judy Holden- Private Funding-Student Studying July 1994
25 Mechanical Engineering- Group and Individuals Receiving Awards- Gail Ferguson- Colour August 2nd, 1994
26 Kim Ominski- Agriculture- Colour Photo of Stan Chung and Wife, Mr. Nimark, Dean Elliot, Professor Parker and Bruce Campbell August 9th, 1994
27 Andrea McCracken- Continuing Education (Language Studies) University College- Outside and Inside (Students) August 10th, 1994
28 Group of Visiting Dignitaries- Dr. Naimark's Office August 24th, 1994
29 Colour Candids and Group for '94 Jazz Camp- Warren Otto Continuing Education August 26th, 1994
30 Bison Football Players and Staff August 1994
31 Vicky Wilson- Management- Student and Staff- BBQ infront of Drake Centre September 8th, 1994
32 Management Annual Associates Cocktail Party Achievement Awards Faculty Club- Deborah Kibry September 12th, 1994
33 Vicky Wilson- Management- Student Award Presentation- Jerry Grey (1), Dennis Ringland (2), William Redekopp (4), Thomas Peak- Colour Negatives September 15th, 1994
34 Plaque Presentation ( 3 Buildings on Campus) - Julie Mikuska- Pres. Off September 1994
35 Men's Bison Basketball- Black and White Head and Shoulders September 20th, 1994
36 Continuing Education Grad September 24th, 1994
37 Food Science Staff- Head and Shoulders- Gail Smith September 26th, 1994
38 Lyle Bouvier in Law Library- Andrea McCracken- Continuing Education- Colour September 29th, 1994
39 D. Kirby- MBA Executive Group- Visiting Lecturer September 1994
40 Men's and Women's Volleyball, Men's ad Women's Basketball, Men's Bison Hockey- Individual Players, Black and White Prints and Contacts October 4th, 1994
41 Management- Drake Centre Guest Speaker: Mike Walker- Kate Golden- Colour October 6th, 1994
42 Kim Ominski- Grad Group October 1994
43 Andrea McCracken- UofM Downtown- Colour Negatives October 1994
44 Presentation- Charles Shobe, Carol Little- Nancy Lane- Colour October 1994
45 D. Kirby- MGMNT- Aboriginal Panel Discussion November 3rd, 1994
46 Agriculture Canada- Group Black and White Photo November 8th, 1994
47 Men's Basketball- Team Photo- Colour Negatives and Proofs November 16th, 1994
48 Men's Basketball- Individuals in Colour, Corp. Action Photo for Sponser November 16th, 1994
49 Colour Photo of Cross Country Team- Men's and Women's, Individual Black and White Negatives and Wallet Size Prints of Men's and Women's Track and Field Team November 18th, 1994
50 Men's Bison Hockey Team Photo and Individual Photos- Colour Negatives November 30th, 1994
51 M. Alexander- Seniors Fitness Class November 1994
52 Outreach Awards November 1994
53 Dr. Duckworth, Mrs. Bowles- Quad Tree Benches- Colour Photos November 1994
54 D. Kirby- MGMNT Cafeterias November 1994
55 Deborah Kirby- MGMNT- Roxanne Shuttleworth (1), Jonas Sammons (2), Wanda Wattanne (3), Vicky Wilson- Birthday Photo December 1st, 1994
56 Gerrie Dickenson- Phys. Ed and Rec. Studies- 4th Annual Scholarship Awards Reception- Colour Negatives December 6th, 1994
57 Plaques in Hall- Frank Kennedy Building- Colour and Black and White December 8th, 1994
58 Banquet, Presentation and Dedication of Icon in Chapel- Roman Yereniuk- Colour Negatives December 10th-11th, 1994
111 Damage to Police Vehicle- Colour Negatives 1995
2 Department of Engineering- Colour Negatives of Presentation in Boardroom January 12th, 1995
3 Dr. A. Naimark with Visiting Guests- Bill Norrie January 24th, 1995
4 Alisa Claman- Continuing Education- Colour Photos for Brochures: Daycare Centre, Deans Office, Human Ecology Lab, Legislative Building MGMNT Class January 24th, 1995
5 Rick Suffield- Adopt-a-Player Sponsers and Parents Reception- Blue Room- Labatt Brewery- Colour Negatives January 25th, 1994
6 Retirement- John Markham- Colour Negatives January 27th, 1995
7 Colour Photos of President Naimark and President and Mrs. Chunk- University of Korea, Professor Bartell- Photo of Reception in Faculty Club Dining Room February 6th, 1995
8 Carol Marshall- University Teaching Services- Colour Negatives of Plaques in University Centre February 8th, 1995
9 Bill Phillip- Campus Police- Persons in Custody February 14th, 1995
10 Robert Warren- Speaker at MTS on King Edward Classrooms February 1995
11 Men's and Women's Track Team Photo- Colour Negatives and Proofs March 16th, 1995
12 Men's and Women's Swim Team- Coach: Vlastic, Team Captain: Jenny Hasenack March. 22nd, 1995
13 Dr. Ann Ismond- Food Science- Colour Negatives in Labs March 1994
14 Dr. Martin Scanlo- Food Science- Colour Negatives in Labs March 1995
15 Doug Strang- I.T.D. - Chamber of Commerce Breakfast- Colour Negatives March 1995
16 Colleen Dufresne- Women's Volleyball Team Photos March 1995
17 25 Year Awards March 1995
18 Don Peters- Campus Police- Opening of Comm. Base Office April 10th, 1995
19 Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremonies- Colour Negatives April 12th, 1995
20 Tom Vadney- Group Photo of Staff Department of History- Retirement Reception April 13th, 1995
21 Morva- Managment Reception- Holiday Inn- Photos by J.J. Ali- Colour Negatives April 18th, 1995
22 Communication Systems- 25 Year Party- Prabir and Tim April 1995
23 Alumni Cover April 1995
24 Student Teacher Recognition Reception- Beverly Cameron May 4th, 1995
25 Jim Daly's Retirement Reception and Dinner May 11th, 1995
26 Ken Bentley- Women's Volleyball Team Photo- Two 8x10 Print Colour, No Negatives May 26th, 1995
27 Andrea McCracken- Continuing Education- Info Session on Public Sector Managment Certificate Program- Photos by J. J. Ali May 26th, 1995
28 Andrea McCracken- Continuing Education- Lori Lavallee- Colour Negatives May 29th, 1995
29 Sod Turn at Agriculture Building- K. Ominski- Colour Negatives and Prints, Black and White Prints and Contacts May 31st, 1995
30 Chemistry Grad Group June 1st, 1995
31 Continuing Education- Access Program Awards Photos June 1st, 1995
32 Lorna Guse- Reception at Arch Court Yard- Colour Negatives, Colour Photos of Awards June 1st, 1995
33 Dr. John Steele- Pharmacy- Colour Photo of Betty Middlesworth, Jan Coates, Pat Burns, Gillian Armstrong June 8th, 1995
34 Vicky Wilson- MGMNT- John Mundie- Retirement Reception- Faculty Club- Colour Negatives June 16th, 1995
35 Engineering Classrooms- Glenn Morris June 22nd, 1995
36 Colour Photo of Mayor Susan Thompson in Mayors Office at City Hall with Grad from Continuing Education June 26th, 1995
37 Alumni Association- AGM- Photos by J. J. Ali June 1995
38 Joann Kubin- University College- Professor Landsdow( 1), Professor Nicolaou (2), Professor Bigelow (3), Professor Donelley (4), Jean Friesen (5)- Colour Negatives (120) July 24th, 1995
39 Dr. G. Moris- Engineering- Colour Photos of Engineering Bldgs, Int of Structures Lab July 1995
121 Convocation May 1996
2 Convocation May 1997
3 Fall Convocation October 1997
4 Convocation October 1998
5 Convocation- St. B- Medal Negatives May 2001
6 Convocation May 2000
7 Installation of Bill Norrie as Chancellor Fall 2001
8 Convocation Negatives May 2002
9 Convocation May 2002
131 Fall Convocation 1972
2 Convocation 1973
3 Convocation 1974
4 Fall Convocation 1975
5 Fall Convocation 1977
6 Dr. Bushuk- Convocation- Black and White 1978
7 Fall Convocation 1979
8 Spring Convocation 1980
9 Spring Convocation 1980
10 Fall Convocation 1981
11 St. John's 1981
12 Fall Convocation 1982
13 Spring Convocation 1983
14 Fall Convocation 1984
15 St. John's Convocation November 2nd, 1987
16 Convocation (morning) May 30th, 1989
141 Dr. Auld 1975
2 Special Convocation 1975
3 Centennial Convocation- Spring 1977
4 Spring Convocation 1981
5 Convocation (Steinbach) 1981
6 Spring Convocation 1982
7 Spring Convocation 1984
8 Fall Convocation 1985
9 Fall Convocation 1988
10 Spring Convocation 1989
11 Spring Convocation 1999
151 Spring Convocation- Negatives May 1993
2 Convocation June 1994
3 Spring Convocation, Gold Medalists May 1995
4 Convocation May 1995
5 Gold Medalists May 1997
6 Convocation May 1998
7 Special Convocation- Vaclav Havel April 28th, 1999
8 Convocation Bulletin- Gold Medalists- Awards and Honorary Degrees, Dr. Cheng- Copy Negatives May 1999
9 Convocation Fall 1999
10 Gold Medal Winners and Other Convocation Pictures May 17th, 2000
11 Convocation- Honorary Degree Recipients- Black and White Copy Negatives October 12th, 2000
12 Gold Medalist Portraits- Andrew Morris, Adam Terwin, David Zimmerman May 22nd, 2001
13 Convocation Installation of Chancellor Bill Norrie October 2001
14 Ed Unrau- For Hat and Robe Comparisons- Convocation Photos 1972/2001
161 NRI Negatives 1977/1978
2 NRI Negatives 1981
3 NRI Black and White Photos and Negatives 1983
4 NRI- Gilles, Henley, Nickel [1980s]
5 St. John's Convocation November 1980
6 Lorimer Coulter- Colour Photos 1981
7 St. John's Convocation November 1980
8 University Distinguished Service Award Medal- Colour Negatives and Prints June 26th, 1987
9 Special Convocation May 17th, 1990
10 Convocation Fall 1990
11 Convocation 1992
12 Fall Convocation October 21st, 1993
13 Fall Convocation October 1993
14 Chancellor A. Mauro July 1994
15 Convocation October 1994
16 Convocation October 1995
17 Fall Convocation and Installation of President October 1996
18 Special Convocation- Ben Gurian June 1998
19 Gold Medalists- Three Black and White Portraits 1998
20 Convocation [1998]
171 Convocation 1984
2 Auld and Convocation 1986
3 Spring Convocation 1990
4 Convocation May 1991
5 Annual Convocation Booklet 1992
6 Convocation 1992
7 Convocation and Special Convocation 1992
8 Convocation May 1993
9 Convocation May 2000
10 Convocation May 2000
181 Men's Bison Wrestling Team- Individual Photos Head and Shoulders- Black and White January 26th, 1993
2 CIFST Students- Human Ecology Food Science- Lisa Nemeth, Theresa January 1993
3 Men's Bison Hockey- Team Photo- Individual Players, Coach/Staff Group Photo, Mike Sirant- Colour Negatives February 10th, 1993
4 Communication Systems- Group Luncheon/Singers February 12th, 1993
5 Nancy Lane- Educational Support Systems- Employment Equity Video Conference- Colour Negatives and Black and White Negatives- Contact Sheets February 1993
6 Sandy Froese- Dean Currie, Professor Rennie, Professor Kristjanson, Professor Bold- Colour Negatives February 22nd, 1993
7 Doug Stang- EASIAP Reception and Awards- Colour Negatives February 25th, 1993
8 Dianne- Coffee and Cake Party- Colour Negatives February 26th, 1993
9 Dean W. Mackness Management- House Party- Colour Negatives February 28th, 1993
10 Women's Bison Hockey Team Photo- Coach: Kevin Barrett- Colour and Black and White Negatives March 4th, 1993
11 Photos of Display Boards at Conference in Multi- Purpose Room- Colour Negatives March 9th, 1993
12 Romona Hohr- Grad Student- Agriculture- Black and White Negatives March 9th, 1993
13 John Templeton- Pharmacy March 10th, 1993
14 Women's Basketball Team Photo- Colour Negatives March 16th, 1993
15 Des Bevis- Director of Admissions- Retirement Reception- Colour Negatives March 25th, 1993
16 Film Test Wall Copy in Studio for Archives March 26th, 1993
17 Glen Swift- Florescence Light Meter March 31st, 1993
18 Reception for Donna Wrench- Colour Photos April 17th, 1993
19 Group Photo of Roth Henderson in Classroom with Students April 8th, 1993
20 Mike Sirant- Bison Hockey- Introduction of Wayne Flemming into Bison Hall of Fame April 12th, 1993
21 Dean Mackness- Faculty of Management- Colour Photo of 25 Year Award Coffee Party- Mrs. Fabri's April 20th, 1993
22 25 Year Awards- Maggie Duncan- Employee Relations- Colour Negatives and Proofs April 21st, 1993
23 Donna Werch- Zareeda Reading Letter of Reference in Telephone Office- Colour Negatives and Prints April 23rd, 1993
24 Management Placement Centre- Cindy Stephenson- Black and White Photos of Students for Brochure April 30th, 1993
25 Department of Management- Black and White Negatives and Contacts- MBA Brochure- Dena Hendin May 10th, 1993
26 Ishita Chatterjee- Grad Studies- Microbio- Colour Negatives and Prints May 19th, 1993
27 Bev Cameron- Centre for Higher Education- Colour Negatives and Prints May 19th, 1993
28 Dr. Bushuk and Professor Blank- Food Sciences- Group Photo Food Sciences Staff Photo- Colour Negatives May 26th, 1993
29 Gerry Grimes, Irene Young- Printing Services Retirements May 31st, 1993
30 Gold Medeal Winner for Bulletin- Carol Ann Odwanzg- University Relations and Information- Black and White Head and Shoulders Photos May 1993
31 Sneaker Day- Photos by J. J. Manders May 1993
32 Carole Hennesey Farewell- Printing Services May 1993
33 Bill Colboune's Retirement (Chief Constable) May 1993
34 Chemistry Gras- Barb Lindsay May 1993
35 Pat Bruch- Anciliary Services- Outstanding Awards- Achievement BBQ June 3rd, 1993
36 Dean Mackness- Lunch Reception- Holiday Inn June 4th, 1993
37 M. Forrest- Continuing Education- Downtown Campus- Mayor S. Thompson June 7th, 1993
38 Maureen Forrest- Continuing Education- Glen Gordon, Don Flecher, Adam Hofmann, Val Stanowski, Geoffrey Bawden, david Laid, Karla Turner- Black and White Photos June 16th, 1993
39 M. Forrest- Continuing Education- Div Polo Park Classroom- Colour Negatives July 27th, 1993
40 Telephone Directory Cover- Marlene Miller- Telecomm and Mail Services August 3rd, 1993
41 Joyce Fromson- Phys. Ed and Rec. Studies- Colour Negatives August 27th, 1993
42 Men's Bison Football- Black and White Individual Players August 31st, 1993
43 Ross Henderson- Retirement Party- Colour Negatives September 2nd, 1993
44 Faculty of Management- Fall Reception- Colour Negatives September 9th, 1993
45 Men's Bison Football- Team Photo- Colour Negatives September 10th, 1993
46 Vicky Wilson- Management MBA Program September 14th, 1993
47 Korean Tour Group- MGMNT- Penny Lyons September 15th, 1993
48 MBA Mixer- MGMNT- Penny Lyons September 16th, 1993
49 Plaque Ceremoney- Julie Mikuska September 18th, 1993
50 Men's Bison Hockey Individual Black and White Head and Shoulders Photo of Players September 21st, 1993
51 Womens and Men's Volleyball, Men's Bison Basketball, Women's Bison Volleyball- Black and White Negatives and Contact, Plus Prints September 22nd, 1993
52 Julie Mikuska- Fall Scenes, Campus, Quadrangle September 23rd, 1993
53 Gail Smith- Food Science- Grad Students September 1993
54 Pharmacy- Black and White Negatives and Contacts October 4th-6th 1993
55 Colour Photos of Warren Justin/ Classroom Drake Centre/ Reception Downtown- Westin Inn October 7th, 1993
56 Laird Rankin- Georgina Lewis: Dafoe Library, Dr. Bruce Ford: Botany, Book Covers, Frames, Colour Negatives October 7th, 1993
57 Rose Chabluk- Faculty of Science- Grad Student Fellowship Award- Colour Negatives October 22nd, 1993
58 Rick Suffield, Men's Basketball, Colour Negatives (without Coaches) October 26th, 1993
59 Hart Distinguished Speaker Series- Nursing October 1993
60 Dr. H. Keakes, Dr. D. Keakes- Music- Colour Portraits October 1993
61 Spit Team- Communication Systems October 1993

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