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Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader
A number of documents on the Libraries web site are in Adobe Acrobat format ("PDF files"). To view these documents, you need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your system. This software is available, at no charge, from the Adobe web site (

The instructions below will guide you through the process of downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat Reader (please read all the steps before following the link to the Adobe site, or print the instructions so you can refer to them later).

  1. Go to the Adobe Acrobat download page.

  2. In the Step 1 of 2 area, set appropriate options for language, computer platform, and connection speed (on campus you can select "broadband").

  3. In the Step 2 of 2 area, you can choose to download the full version of Adobe Reader or uncheck the box for a smaller basic version. Either version will allow you to open and view normal PDF documents.

  4. Click the Download button.

  5. You web browser may ask you whether you want to "Run this program from its current location" or "Save this program to disk". If it does, select "Save this program to disk" and click OK.

  6. A "Save Dialog Box" will appear. Select a location to save the Acrobat install file. It doesn't matter where you save it, but you should make a note of the place you save it, because you will need that information to complete the installation. Note: A suggestion is to save the file to your desktop that way you won't lose it.

  7. Click the Save button to begin downloading.

  8. When the download is finished, exit your web browser (select Exit or Quit from the File menu).

  9. Locate the Acrobat installation program (the file you just downloaded) on your computer. This should be on your Desktop.

  10. Start the installation program by double-clicking its icon.

  11. Follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to complete the installation. Make a note of the location where the program is installed.

  12. When Acrobat is installed, start your web browser again. Your web browser will now be able to open and print Acrobat files!

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