Before Submitting Your Thesis
Please read before submitting your thesis

Logging in to MSpace
You only need your UMNET user name and password to log into the MSpace thesis submission system.

Naming your thesis file
Your electronic thesis must be converted to a single unsecured (not password protected) PDF file.  The PDF file must remain unsecured for full text indexing and processing.  Name the PDF file as your last and first name.  For example:  doe_jane.pdf

PDF file properties: Title and Author values in your PDF file properties must match your thesis Title and Author, to check this, open your PDF file and click the Properties from the File menu.

Information to have on hand
You will be asked for the names of members of your examining committee, so you should have this information with you when you start your submission. If part or all of your thesis was previously published, you should have citations to those publications on hand as well.

Personal information and signatures
Your thesis should not contain any personal (home) addresses or telephone numbers. Any signatures on survey letters or forms for instance should be removed, blacked-out or whited-out.
Additional files
Media files (audio, video) and any other accompanying files must be saved as separate files and not embedded within the thesis.  Executable or program files must be virus-free.  These files may be added to MSpace with the PDF of your thesis.

MSpace License
You will be asked to agree to the MSpace license  before your submission can be completed.
Delay before your thesis appears on MSpace
After posting your e-thesis, it will go into the MSpace submission pool.  Your e-thesis will appear in MSpace only after a Graduate Studies staff member has reviewed your e-thesis and has accepted it.  This may take a few days or weeks, depending on their schedule.

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