Expanding Minds...Broadening Horizons
Campaign for the University of Manitoba Libraries

It is a fact that every generation requires more advanced education than the one that came before. The ability to identify, evaluate and organize information is key to academic success and life-long learning.

The challenge faced by the University of Manitoba Libraries is keeping pace with new technology and information, while preserving and building upon our current collections. If our students are to compete with their peers in the new information society, they must demonstrate competency and knowledge. As a result, the University of Manitoba Libraries have spearheaded a development campaign to create an information and technology literate community. 

The four key areas for support in this $12 million campaign include:

  • $4.5 million to establish the Libraries' Technology Endowment Fund
  • $4.5 million to enhance the Library Acquisitions Endowment Fund
  • $1 million to re-furbish Archives & Special Collections
  • $2 million to complete the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library

We have currently raised approximately $1.4 million for Archives & Special Collections and renovations will be completed by December 2007. Our next priority is the Neil John Maclean Library, in celebration of their 10th Anniversary year, and have currently raised approximately $1.0 million.  

Please help us make this vision a reality. You gift can make an enormous impact on the 28,000 students and countless researchers that we serve daily. For more information, please contact:


Nicole Storozuk, Libraries Development Officer 
208-A Elizabeth Dafoe Library
(204) 474-8544


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