Exchange Resource Request Form

The purpose of this form is to request the creation of a resource (a room, a piece of equipment, or a shared calendar) for the University of Manitoba's Microsoft Exchange Email system.

Requester's Information

** Requester should be a representative for the unit they are requesting a resource for.
Department Name:

Resource Information

Room - meeting/conference rooms/labs/etc
Equipment - laptops, projectors, phones, etc..
Shared calendar - a calendar that can be shared with people

Room #:
Street Address:
Postal Code:
Phone number:

Additional details/special request (optional) **

** Examples of additional details of which can be include are:
- User permissions (which users should be allowed access to the resource requested).
- The user requesting the resource will be defined as the owner/manager. If a different user should be listed as the owner/manager, it can be specified here.

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