World W.I.S.E. Ambassadors Program

Looking for International Experience?

Imagine being able to put on your resume that you collaboratively planned major events on campus, raised public awareness about international issues, gained intercultural and leadership skills, attended professional and personal development workshops, recruited exchange students, and helped international students adjust to life in Canada all the while networking with key non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and different communities on campus.

How Does it Work?

Ambassadors will be expected to...

  • commit to a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer work throughout the year
  • be available for an interview between August 24th – August 26th
  • attend the World W.I.S.E. Ambassadors Orientation on September 7th
  • promote World W.I.S.E. events and programs
  • help plan major events such as World Opportunities Week and International Week
  • attend a minimum of four (4) professional and personal development workshops

Ambassadors will receive...

  • a letter of reference from the Director of the International Centre for Students
  • Co-Curricular recognition
  • skill building and professional development workshops
  • valuable networking opportunities

Your hours are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

How to Apply?

  • Submit a completed application form with a current resume
  • Participate in an interview 
  • Attend the World W.I.S.E. Ambassadors Orientation
  • Application Deadline: August 12th, 2016

Application Materials

    2016 - 2017 Brochure
    2016 - 2017 Application

Ambassador Profiles

“My time as a World W.I.S.E Ambassador has been unforgettable! This opportunity was a stepping stone that pointed me towards work I truly am inspired and excited by. It reinvigorated my motivation in school and connected me with others who share the same interests, and future aspirations.”

Natalia Ivaniv, 3rd year - Global Political Economy


“My advice for future ambassadors is don’t be afraid to suggest ideas. You can be creative and provide useful tips for preparing events. Rather than being quiet, by participating actively, you can develop yourself and get confidence.”

Hye Rin Kim, 3rd year - Accounting

“Intercultural competency is an essential skill for the Canadian job market these days. I found the possibility to improving that skill the most important part to the World W.I.S.E Ambassador Program.”

Alex Kondakov, Graduate Student - Political Studies

Application Deadline: 
August 12th, 2016 

Program Materials: