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Our students have had so many great adventures and experiences that we felt we needed a way to get the word out about all of the amazing things U of M students are doing internationally. The (be)World WISE Magazine features stories on students who have gone abroad through a range of programs including student exchanges, internships, travel study courses and even independent travel.

(be) World W.I.S.E. Magazine Archive:

World Opportunities Week (W.O.W.)

WOW is held each Fall. During this week there are a variety of travel, work abroad, service learning, internship, and exchange presentations. Faculties and organizations that offer these opportunities visit the UM campus to showcase the ways students can get involved in global activities and gain international experience.

W.O.W. 2016 takes place from October 31 - November 4, 2016

  • Click HERE for more details.

World W.I.S.E. Ambassador Program

Looking to internationalize your resume? World W.I.S.E. Ambassador volunteers can customize their experience according to their own interests and goals, have the opportunity to attend workshops and visits to international centres and NGOs in Winnipeg, and will gain international work experience. Volunteers will merit a certificate and letter of recommendation at the end of the year.

  • Click HERE for more information about the World W.I.S.E. Ambassador program.

Nahlah Ayed Prize for Student Leadership and Global Citizenship

Each year, two cash prizes are awarded to U of M students who have exceptional leadership skills, demonstrate good global citizenship, and participate in activities that help bridge the local and the global.

  • Click HERE for more information about the Nahlah Ayed Prize for Student Leadership & Global Citizenship.

Badili Mtizamo: A Service Learning Project in Tanzania

(Presented by the World W.I.S.E. Resource Centre and CPAR)

Through this 5-week service learning project, students will be introduced to Africa and community development work, and will be challenged to think critically about their place in the world while gaining skills working in a cross-cultural environment.

  • Click HERE for more information about the Badili Mtizamo service learning project in Tanzania.

Students Without Borders Internships

Students Without Borders (SWB) lets students select their own learning experience and offers them the opportunity to work in a developing country and apply theoretical concepts to real work, contributing in a tangible way to real developoment projects. Up to 5 challenging SWB internships with local organizations in Malawi, Peru, and Vietnam have been reserved for qualifying U of M students.

  • Click HERE for more information about the Students Without Borders internship opportunities.

Annual Global Colours Photo Contest

Students who have crossed cultures are invited to share their experiences through their photographs during our annual photo contest. Images are exhibited in the Gallery of Student Art and prizes are awarded to the winning photographers. View the winning entries and learn more about the Global Colours Photo Contest...

Global Issues Discussions

Scheduled throughout the year are discussions and presentations on a variety of globally related topics by local and visiting speakers.

Information Sessions

Find out about specific international opportunities at various information sessions throughout the year. Sessions highlight upcoming opportunities to work, intern, volunteer, and travel abroad.

World WISE e-Newsletter

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