When You Return

Course Transfers

If any courses taken on exchange have not yet been evaluated or approved for transfer back to UM, students should bring back as much course material, assignments, and outlines as possible. This information can be used to help the evaluation process.

Transcripts & Grades

Students need to ensure that the host university will send a copy of their transcripts to the exchange coordinators at the UM. The grades earned while on exchange will be converted to UM equivalents and will be applied to the student’s GPA.


Students are requested to fill out an evaluation on their exchange term. Information from these evaluations will be used to better prepare future students for their exchange experiences. Evaluations will either be mailed or emailed to students following the end of their time on exchange.

Reverse Culture Shock

Students often experience difficulty re-adjusting to being home. One way of helping ease the process of readjustment is to continue their involvement in international programs and activities. IC plans events and workshops to help students make the most of their exchange experiences even after their return.

Photo Contest

The World WISE Resource Centre organizes a photo contest each year to showcase the international experiences of UM students. Photographs will be exhibited in the Gallery of Student Art in University Centre.

World W.I.S.E. Ambassador Program

Keep your international experience alive by becoming a World W.I.S.E. Ambassador.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to share their experiences with other students, receive training, and help us promote a multitude of international opportunities available to UM students.