Before You Leave

Passports & Visas

All students studying abroad are required to have a valid passport. Students should apply early as this can take a number of months. Passports generally need to be valid for a minimum of six months after the student plans to return home.

In most cases, students will need a document often called a study permit or a student visa. Students should contact the embassy of the country they are going to in order to determine which documents are necessary for their time abroad.

Pre-Departure Orientation

IC holds two pre-departure orientations each year. The orientations are geared towards students who are participating in UM exchange programs but are also open to anyone planning to go abroad for study, work, or travel purposes.

Some of the topics covered are: travel tips and safety, medical issues and health insurance, cross cultural adjustment, banking and financial matters, and general administration procedures for exchanges.

Pre-Departure Handbook for University of Manitoba

The handbook contains most of the information that is covered during pre-departure orientations. Students participating in the pre-departure orientation will receive a copy of the handbook as part of the registration cost.

The handbook also contains an ‘out of country checklist’ to help students make preparations for going abroad.

Click here for a copy of the Pre-Departure Handbook.

Paying Tuition Fees

Students going on exchange are still required to pay tuition by the UM tuition deadline. If students are unable to determine the amount of tuition owing they should contact their exchange coordinators.

Emergency Contacts 

Students need to ensure that they provide their exchange coordinators at the UM and at their host institutions with information on who to contact in case of emergencies. An emergency contact form is available at IC and in the Pre-Departure Handbook.