Surfaces, Interfaces and Ultrathin Films

 The performance of many of the key materials that play a critical role in today's technology are dominated by the structure and chemistry of their interfaces. The properties of these interfaces are controlled by layers that can be as little as a few atoms or molecules thick. Our ability to understand the physics and chemistry of interfaces and, in turn, manipulate their properties will ultimately determine the direction of future developments in fields ranging from biotechnology to electronics. This interdisciplinary area will bring together researchers focused on the characterization and production of interfaces, both within materials as well as at surfaces, and it will stimulate development of the understanding and methodologies required to create the next generation of advanced materials and devices.

Examples of ongoing research: Electronic and magnetic materials, polymer structures, superalloys, environmental crystallization, liquid crystals

Participating Researchers: Bridges, Buchanan, Chaturvedi, Hawthorne, Oliver, Schreckenbach, Southern, Thomson, van Lierop, Wang, Whitmore