High Performance Computing Materials Research

The rapid advances of massively parallel computing, coupled with equally impressive developments in theoretical analysis, have generated an extraordinary growth in our ability to model and predict the behaviour of materials and to visualize the results. As a result, computational science is entering a new era that promises to revolutionize our understanding of materials, expanding our knowledge beyond that of idealized systems to touch the real materials that enrich our lives. HPC embraces all aspects of equipment, people, data, software and access capabilities and is essential to the needs of researchers in all disciplines. HPC facilities provide the researcher community with opportunities for inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary collaboration, facilitating research and innovation that would otherwise be impossible.

Examples of ongoing research: Computational chemistry, physics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics: magnetic materials, biomaterials, spintronics, polymers, soft matter, composite materials, microwave imaging

Participating Researchers:  Bridges, Gough, Kroeker, Schreckenbach, Southern, van Lierop, Whitmore