Complex Natural Systems
There is a pressing need to increase our knowledge on how and to what extent
waters, minerals and life interact. Many environmental and industrial processes are traceable using isotopes, isotopic ratios and trace elements, as such anthropogenic forcing can be distinguished from natural background. Work can be done to improve ore beneficiation, reduce energy costs and design new sequestration strategies. Ultimately the economic impact is the mitigation of environmental impact before the damage is done and the monitoring of global change.

Examples of ongoing research: Use of light and heavy isotopes and trace elements to monitor exchanges between the Earth`s crust, the hydrosphere and the biosphere, characterization and quantification of the distribution of trace elements in zoned minerals, crystal chemistry and structural crystallography; Use of isotope and trace element fractionation to understanding ore genesis and contaminant dispersal

Participating Researchers: Fayek, Halden, Hawthorne, Wang