University of Manitoba - Manitoba Institute for Materials - Technical Personnel / Facilities
Technical Personnel / Facilities

Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Tom Ward, Director
318 Parker Bldg    204-474-6110

Wayne Buchannon, Technician
520F Parker Bldg    204-474-6248

Geochemistry Laboratory
Supervisors: Mostafa Fayek & Norm Halden

Misuk Yun, Lab Manager
430 Wallace Bldg    204-474-8870

Geological Microbeam Laboratory
Supervisor: Norm Halden

Panseok Yang, LA-ICP-MS Lab Manager
359 Wallace Bldg    204-474-6910

Ravinder Sidhu, Electron Microprobe & SEM Manager
423 Wallace Bldg    204 474-9452

Geological X-Ray Laboratory
Supervisor: Frank Hawthorne

Neil Ball, X-ray Lab Manager
342 Wallace Bldg    204-474-8075

Mark Cooper, X-ray Technician   
417 Wallace Bldg    204-474-8869

Materials Characterization and Spectroscopy Laboratory

Ravinder Sidhu, Composites and Materials Characterization Facility Manager

Abdul Khan, Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Facility Manager

Materials Electron Microscopy Facility
Supervisor: Lanre Ojo

Mike Boskwick, Technician
E1-256 EITC        204-474-9243
Abdul Khan, Electron Spectroscopy and Microscopy Facility Supervisor
E3-155 EITC         204-474-6909

Nano Systems Fabrication Laboratory

Supervisor: Cyrus Shafai

Dwayne Chrusch, Fab Lab Manager
E3-487 EITC        204-474-8246
Daryl Hamelin, Technologist
E3-472 EITC        204-474-1522

NRC-IBD Spectroscopy Facility
Supervisor: Alex Ko
NRC-IBD Winnipeg

Prarie Regional NMR Facility
Supervisor: Scott Kroeker

Kirk Marat, NMR Facility Manager
313 Parker Bldg    204-474-6259
Terry Wolowiec, Technician
304E Parker Bldg    204-474-6259

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Supervisor: Mostafa Fayek

Ryan Sharpe, SIMS Lab Manager
240 Wallace Bldg,  204-474-7124