Chairs and Professorships

Canada Research Chairs:

Research Chairs:

  • Dr. Eric Bibeau, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Alternative Energy
  • Dr. Christine Q. Wu, NSERC/MCI Industrial Research Chair in Heavy Ground Vehicles and Transportation Equipment

Distinguished Professors:

  • Mahesh Chaturvedi, Mechanical Engineering
  • Frank Hawthorne, Geological Sciences
  • John Page, Physics

Rh Award Winners:

  • Song Liu, Interdisciplinary Research, 2011
  • Francis Lin, Interdisciplinary Research, 2010
  • Wen Zhong, Natural Sciences Research, 2010
  • Johan van Lierop, Natural Sciences Research , 2009
  • Cyrus Shafai, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2005
  • Scott Kroeker, Chemistry Research, 2005