Operations & Facilities Management Group

The Operations Committee meets regularly to co-ordinate operational matters associated with the facilities managed by the institute. Day-to-day operations are handled by the Operations Co-ordinator and individual technical staff in consultation with the Director and the appropriate faculty supervisor. On a quarterly basis, the Facilities Management Group reviews operational processes, user accessibility and usage reporting structures for the facility as well as prioritization of maintenance and potential equipment purchases.

Operations Committee Members:

• Dr. Derek Oliver (Director of MIM, Chair)
• Jolly Hipolito (Operations Co-ordinator of MIM)
• Dr. Abdul Khan (Engineering Technical Support)
• Dr. Ravinder Sidhu (Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Earth, Environment and Resources Technical Support)
• Dr. Mario Bieringer (User Representative)

Facilities Committee Members:
• Operations Committee members
• Dr. Cyrus Shafai (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
• Dr. Can-Ming Hu (Physics and Astronomy)
• Dr. Lanre Ojo (Mechanical Engineering)
• Dr. Wen Zhong (Textile Sciences/Medical Microbiology)