University of Manitoba - Manitoba Institute for Materials - Steering & Strategy Group
Steering & Strategy Group

The Steering & Strategy group acts as the board of directors for MIM. The Steering Committee meets on a quarterly basis and is responsible for institutional oversight of the Institute including fiscal performance. The complete Steering & Strategy group encompasses broader user and stakeholder representation. The Steering & Strategy group meets semi-annually to provide the institute with long-term planning vision and strategic advice.

Steering Committee Members:

• Dr. Digvir Jayas (V-P Research and International) or designate (Chair)
• Dr. Derek Oliver (Director)
• Dr. Stefi Baum (Dean of Science),
• Dr. Jonathan Beddoes (Dean of Engineering)
• Dr. Norman Halden (Dean of The Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Earth, Environment and Resources)
• Sean McKay (external partner, Composites Innovation Centre)
• Ray Hoemsen (Red River College)

Strategic Development Committee Members:
• Dr. Douglas Thomson (Engineering)
• Dr. Mostafa Fayek (Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Earth, Environment and Resources)
• Dr. John Page (Science)
• Additional representatives to be nominated.