Scanning Auger Microprobe


Facility: Manitoba Regional Materials and Surface Characterization Facility

Location: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering EITC E1-222

Access: Fee for service & trained students/researchers & collaborative projects

Contact: Abdul Khan 204-474-6977 or 204-474-6909

JEOL JAMP 9500F is a Field Emission Auger microprobe for surface analysis. It can be used to analyse the surface contaminants, corrosion failures and oxide and other layers on the surface. It uses a hemispherical electrostatic energy analyser (HSA) with a multi channel detector for Auger analysis. JAMP 9500F allows high resolution surface image observation in SEI and BSE imaging modes. Auger spectrum, Auger line profile and Auger image analysis can be performed on metallic and non metallic samples. This instrument can perform depth profile analysis for layered materials such as semiconductors and coatings using ion etching. Auger analysis on non- conducting materials is also possible due to low energy charge neutralization ion gun. Auger microprobe is also equipped with Oxford EDS detector for EDS analysis.

Main features

  • 5 nm SEI resolution at highest performance
  • 10 nm probe diameter for Auger analysis at highest performance
  • All elements in the periodic table except hydrogen and helium can be detected
  • The depth of analysis is in the range of 2-5 nm
  • Specimen stages to accommodate variety of sample sizes


line Profile

Auger line scan over a sputtered silicon oxide surface

Auger Map

Auger map of boride particle in Ni base super alloy