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Student Access and Projects
Graduate and undergraduate students can gain access to the instrument  through funded research (thesis) or class projects.  Examples of student projects include:

Undergraduate Projects:
Petrography and Geochronology of the Pele Mountain Quartz-Pebble Conglomerate Uranium Deposit, Elliot Lake District, Canada- Laura Bergen
In-Situ Sulfur Isotope Microanalysis of Sulfides from the Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba, Canada- Brigitte Harding
B and Li Isotopic Compositions as Provenance Indicators of Cu-bearing Tourmalines- Brandi Shabaga
Petrography and Geochronology of Uranium Minerals from the Huron Claim Pegmatite, Southeastern Manitoba, Canada- Ryan Sharpe
Uranium and Sulfide Mineralization from the Menqiguer Roll-front Uranium Deposit, Yili Basin, China- Laurren Shumsky

Graduate Projects:
Cenozoic Uraniferous Geothermal Systems and Biogenic Uraninite from the Sierra Pena Blanca, Mexico- Samuel Angiboust
Rocking the Continuum: A Geochemical Analysis of Palaeo-Eskimo Lithic Raw Material Selection Strategies at the LeDx-42 Site, Southern Baffin Island- Anne Hamilton
Using Hydrogen and Copper Stable Isotopes to source Turquoise- Sharon K. Hull
Method Development of three isotope sulphur using SIMS.  Application:  Definition of the Terrestrial Fractionation Line (TFL)- Camille Partin
SIMS oxygen isotope analysis of human dental tissues from Fidler Mounds (EaLf-3), MB:  mobility during Manitoba’s Middle and Late Woodland periods- Rachel ten Bruggencate