FEI Quanta 650 FEG

Environmental/Scanning Electron Microscope

FEI Quanta

Facility: Manitoba Institute for Materials

Location: Manitoba Institute for Materials

Access: Fee for service,  trained students/researchers & collaborative projects

Contact: Abdul Khan, Ravinder Sidhu

Quanta 650 FEG is a variable pressure field emission scanning electron microscope for high-resolution imaging (SE, BSE) and X-ray microanalysis with low-vacuum capabilities for really challenging samples and dynamic experiments. It can be used for characterization, prototyping and in situ analysis of both conductive and non-conductive solid specimens at low and high temperatures

Main features
Magnification: 16x-200,000x

Resolution: 1.2 nm in high-vacuum mode, 1.4 nm in ESEM mode (30 KV, SED)

Vacuum Modes: Three vacuum modes. High-vacuum mode (<6*10-4 Pa) for imaging and microanalysis of conductive and/or conventionally prepared specimens; Low-vacuum mode (10 to 130 Pa) for imaging and microanalysis of non-conductive specimens without preparation; and ESEM™ mode (10 to 4000 Pa) for high-vacuum incompatible specimens which are impossible to investigate with traditional EM methods.

Detectors: Equipped with 6 detectors for imaging and microanalysis under different vacuum modes

Stage options: Peltier Stage (-20°C to 60°C), Heating Stage (up to 1400 °C)