MMC Posters and Abstracts

Poster Abstract Information

The updated Abstract booklet is now available HERE

Submitted registration forms will be collected and organized by Jolly Hipolito. This information will be used to create unique name badges, poster abstract booklets and for catering arrangements. Registration for attendance and registration for poster presentation will be found on the same form, however the poster presentation registration section will only appear if you indicate that you will participate in the poster presentation competition. To complete your registration form, click here!

Registration deadline is April 26, 2018

Your listed program will be used to divide the posters into competition categories, if you prefer not to be included in the poster competition, do not fill in this section. The advisor's name will be used to prevent conflict of interests for poster judging and to assist others in obtaining more information.


Please note there are a limited number of poster boards available! This year we will be using 4' by 8' tack boards and expect TWO posters to fit on each side, please abide by the dimensions below.




 Poster Preparation, Presentation and Judging Details

Location: EITC Atrium

Criteria for posters


  • Maximum width: 46 inches (3.8 feet)
  • Maximum height: 46 inches (3.8 feet)
  • There will be two posters on each side of the board, please stay within the above dimensions.


The poster should include work done in the last year.


Please see the program for up to date details.


The posters will be reviewed by multiple judges. During the first round, the judges will review the posters alone. Multiple judges will rank each poster and a shortlist will be developed for a second round of judging. In the second judging round, the shortlisted presenters will be asked by the judges to give a brief (180 second) summary of the poster – the time limit will be strictly applied.
Each poster will be scored in three categories:

    • Presentation: effectiveness of visual and verbal communication
    • Clarity: methodology and impact of work
    • Quality: control/reproducibility of results

The best presentations will be invited (regardless of category) to compete for an additional cash prize. In the spirit of recent popular thesis presentations by the University of Manitoba’s 3MT® and PhD Comics’s 2 Minute Thesis Contest, the participants will be given 180 seconds to present their poster to the entire conference and an independent judging panel. The presentation will take place with the poster projected onto the lecture theatre screen and the time limit will be strictly enforced.

Please come prepared and bring your poster in a printed format and electronic format (e.g. USB key).

Please note there are a limited number of poster boards available.