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Dr Shantanu Banerji
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Email: Dr Shantanu Banerji M.D. FRCPC

Mutations in cancer

Structural changes or mutations in cancer genes have been identified as one of the causes of cancer. Common examples include gene amplification of the ERBB2 gene in 30% of breast cancers, EGFR gene mutations in 10% of North American lung cancer cases, and KIT mutations in occurring in over 70% of cases of a particular sarcoma subtype known as gastrointestinal stromal cancer. These mutations are particularly significant because they have led to the development of 'targeted' therapies, where a drug is designed to stop the growth of cancer cells with the specific gene abnormality, while sparing normal cells. This leads to therapy that not only prolongs survival, but reduces the toxicity of therapy.

After completing my clinical training, I conducted a research fellowship in Boston where I helped discover new potentially targetable genes in breast cancer including mutations in ERBB2 and a gene rearrangement involving AKT3 and MAGI3. The latter is the first examples of a targetable fusion gene in breast cancer.

The goal of my laboratory at the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology is to identify new gene targets in cancer using next generation DNA sequencing technology. We aim to characterize the rates of specific cancer associated mutations in the Manitoba population using resources like the Manitoba breast cancer and lung cancer tissue repositories. We also analyze cancer tissue obtained from patients being treated at CancerCare Manitoba to try and identify targeted therapies that may be more effective for their cancer treatment. This is essential as we move towards more personalized therapy for all patients with cancer.

Team Members

  • Cheryl Peltier (Technician)

Publications Since 2010

PubMed Listed Publications
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Book Chapters

Banerji S, Ande SR, Maddika S, Banerji V, Rashedi I, Owens NW, Zuse A, Schweizer F and M Los. Peptides and peptidomimetics as cancer therapy sensitizing agents. in: "Sensitization of Cancer Cells to Chemo/Immuno/Radio Therapy." edited by: B. Bonavida; Humana Press, Inc.


Akt inhibitors for treating cancer expressing the MAGI3-AKT3 fusion gene. Application No. PCT/US2012/043609. Applicant: The Broad Institute, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, National Institute of Genomic Medicine Mexico.
Co-inventors: Matthew Meyerson, Shantanu Banerji, Gad Getz, Kristian Cibulskis, Michael Lawrence, Alfredo Hidalgo Miranda, Claudia Rangel Escareno, Alex Toker, Kristin K. Brown.

Research Funding

2016 - 2018 Principal Investigator - Assessing biomarkers of small cell lung cancer drug resistance using surrogate in vivo disease models
CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Operating Grant - $120,000

2014 – 2015 Principal Investigator – Developing a comprehensive lung cancer mutation detection platform
Dr. Paul H.T. Thorlakson Foundation Fund – $26,946.00

2014 – 2015 Principal Investigator – Use of next-generation sequencing to detect fusion oncogenes in lung cancer.
Diagnostic Services of Manitoba - $12,106

2014 – 2015 Principal Investigator – Validation of WWTR1 as a therapeutic target in dedifferentiated liposarcoma.
Manitoba Medical Service Foundation - $25,000

2014 – 2015 Co-Investigator – Oncogenic driver of lung cancer among Canadian Inuit: a retrospective histological and molecular analysis (PI – Glenwood Goss, The Ottawa Hospital)
The Ottawa Hospital

2013 – 2014 Co-Investigator – Lung cancer outcomes for patients taking androgen deprivation therapy (PI – Marshall Pitz, CancerCare Manitoba)
CancerCare Manitoba Foundation - $28,601

2013 – 2014 Collaborator – A phase II study of PX-866 in patients with glioblastoma multiforme at time of first relapse or progression
National Cancer Institute of Canada – Clinical Trials Group - $21,000

2011 – 2013 Principal Investigator – New Investigator Start-up Funding at CancerCare Manitoba and Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology
CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

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