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Breast Cancer

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University of Manitoba Department of Pathology
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Breast Cancer

My long term research program is based on identifying breast/breast cancer specific biomarkers and understanding the biological role of these markers in the progression of breast cancer from a localized disease to metastases. Our research efforts over the last few years have been focused on two molecules, claudin 1, and the human prolactin inducible protein/gross cystic disease fluid protein, PIP/GCDFP-15.


PIP/GCDFP-15 is an established biomarker for abnormal breast function. PIP/GCDFP-15 is abundantly found in the fluid of benign cysts of the breast and its gene expression has been detected in more than 90% of breast cancers. Currently, its role in breast cancer as well as in normal breast development is presently not known. Our laboratory generated the first transgenic and knockout mouse models to address the function of this protein. Recent studies from our laboratory show that the role of the PIP/GCDFP-15 protein is multifunctional and may have an immunomodulatory role.

Claudin 1:

We are studying the role of the tight junction protein, claudin 1, in breast cancer progression and metastasis. Tight junction proteins are localized in the membrane of epithelial cells, including mammary epithelial cells, the milk secreting cells of the breast. Most breast cancers develop from this cell type. Tight junction proteins are important for cell-cell interactions, regulating the transport of ions and nutrients between these cells. The breakdown of cell-cell interaction and a loss of tight junction proteins have long been associated with the progression of several cancers. However, such an involvement of claudin 1 in breast cancer has not been delineated. We are focusing on in vitro and in vivo approaches to address this question, as well as examining relationships between claudin 1 expression and tumour aggressiveness and patient survival in human invasive breast cancer cohorts.

Team Members

  • Anne Blanchard (Research Associate)
  • Xiuli Ma (Technician)
  • Arnold Chidalu Edechi (PhD student)
  • Amanda Moodie (Undergraduate Summer Student)
  • Nicole Rogalsky (Undergraduate Summer Student)

Publications since 2010

PubMed Listed Publication
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Research Funding

Since 2011, Dr Myal's research has been supported through operating grants from Natural Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC), Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Prairies NWT (CBCF), Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Manitoba Health Research Council (MHRC), and CancerCare Manitoba Foundation (CCMF).

Awards and Professional Service

2011 YWCA/YMCA Woman of Distinction Award
2008 Merit Award (2006) for Research, Scholarly Activities and Service, University of Manitoba (UM)/University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA)

Professional Appointments

1.Senior Investigator, CancerCare Manitoba, Aug 2010 - present
2.Director of Research , Diagnostic Services of Manitoba, 2008 - present
3.Chair, Operating Grants Steering Committee Diagnostic Services of Manitoba, 2008 - present

Editorial Boards

2011 International Scholarly Research Network (ISRN) Molecular Biology
Annals of Clinical Pathology
International Journal of Forensic Science and Pathology

Grant Review Panel

2013, Chair, Operating Grants Panel, Manitoba Health Research Council
2011 National Science Foundation (ad hoc reviewer)

Scientific Journal Reviewer

Breast Cancer
American Journal of Pathology
Clinical and Experimental Metastasis
Genome Biology
BMC Molecular Biology

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